Beto Mania! Fox, MSNBC, CNBC Weigh-In 2020 Democratic Contender, plus Manufactured Housing Stock Updates

CNNmone3.18.2019ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsDoes Beto O’Rourke have a shot at being a big contender in 2020?” asked Fox News, which finds its answer from MSNBC which says Francis “Beto” O’Rourke raised a stunning $6.1 million in 24 hours, per the candidate’s campaign. If so, that tops the haul by Senator Bernie Sanders. On a day when the broader markets rose, most manufactured home tracked stocks did too, we will look ahead at what investors must ponder for 2020. Two videos on “Beto Mania” – one from each side of the left-right spectrum, plus some sobering concerns raised by left-of-center CNBC about what looks like conflicts of interest for former congressman O’Rourke.


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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • The horrors of Christchuch played out online
  • Here’s what Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can do now to stop terrorism and hate
  • How big are digital payments? See this $43 billion merger
  • Stocks have been flattish. Trading volume is extremely light. What are investors waiting for?
  • Foxconn to start production at Wisconsin factory by end of 2020
  • Saudi Arabia joins emerging market indexes, giving it access to billions
  • 30,000 job cuts and muddled strategy could doom Germany’s big bank merger
  • Lyft plans to raise over $2 billion in IPO
  • Warner Bros. chief steps down amid sexual misconduct investigation
  • This lighter helps smokers kick the habit
  • DraftKings looks to profit from legal NCAA Tournament bets
  • This fashion giant is under siege by imitators. Here’s why it’s legal
  • Content by LendingTree
  • Huge 15-year fixed rate drop. Could be last chance to refinance.
  • Alan Krueger, famed economist, dies at age 58. Obama, his former boss, says he made ‘people’s lives better’
  • Goldman Sachs says it must hire more women and minorities
  • Apple unveils new iPad Air and iPad mini
  • Washing of hands with soap under running water
  • Hilton is recycling used bars of hotel soap to save the planet
  • SPECIAL REPORT How to solve the world’s plastics problem: Bring back the milk man
  • This artificial leaf wants to help fight climate change
  • Coca-Cola promised to help fix recycling. Here’s how it plans to deliver
  • Yes Men don’t always win. When to say ‘no’ at work
  • TELL US WHAT YOU THINK What makes a great boss?
  • You’re a leader now. It’s time to start acting like one
  • 4 signs a company is a good employer for women
  • How to prove you have management potential, even if you’re not in charge

Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Tesla asks workers to volunteer to help deliver 30K cars: Report
  • Tesla Model Y gets Fisker Inc. rival
  • Tesla price hike imminent: What to know
  • Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman $500B lawsuit the tip of iceberg: Judge Napolitano
  • Trump pressures GM over Ohio plant closure, wants it ‘open now’
  • Marriott plans to open more than 1,700 hotels by 2021
  • Kirsten Gillibrand’s top economic priorities
  • US-China trade: How a deal with Beijing could be enforced
  • John Boehner flips on pot legalization: Fed laws ‘way out of step’
  • Best, worst cities for first-time homebuyers on a budget
  • WATCH: Piscopo on Trump ‘SNL’ slam: You don’t cut funny
  • Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara to step down amid sexual misconduct allegations
  • Cod fishery plummets to least valuable year since 1960s
  • Nike built Duke’s Zion Williamson customized shoe before return: Report
  • Azim Premji donates $7.5B to charity
  • Time is just right for moving more Americans from welfare to work
  • S. economy, manufacturing and oil boom proving socialist naysayers wrong
  • Kennedy: Bernie Sanders will ‘eat’ Beto O’Rourke for breakfast
  • Reed: We need more transparency in higher education
  • Amazon did not want to face Ocasio-Cortez: NY state lawmaker
  • Lyft IPO: Should investors steer clear?

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There are reports that a Reuters journalist who was doing a book on Francis “Beto” O’Rourke held back a potentially damaging report about the candidate during the 2018 Senate race against Senator Ted Cruz (TX-R).  That report claims that O’Rourke was part of a computer hacker group some years ago, in his mid-teens.  If so, ouch.

3 quick takes on the enthusiasm among some for Beto, first from Fox News, then from MSNBC.

Fox News on Beto mania.

MSNBC Morning Joe earlier today.

Then, some pull quotes from CNBC, that raised a different concern, but also tied to tech. Namely, that while 45 percent of his support came from small donors, the balance came from big donors, often tied with big tech.

  • O’Rourke – who announced Monday that he raked in a record $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his 2020 campaign – and several of his Democratic rivals have made it a point to distance themselves from corporate money. Likewise, perceived coziness with big tech could pose political risks with rising bipartisan calls to crack down on and regulate the industry.
  • During his shockingly close loss to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in deep red Texas, O’Rourke raised tens of millions of dollars, much of it from so-called small donors, or people who give $200 or less. As the Democratic former congressman touted his success among smaller donors, while rejecting money from corporations and super PACs, he also reaped the benefits from bigger-dollar donors, such as executives and employees from major tech companies such as AppleFacebookand Amazon.
  • Amazon’s top spokesman, Jay Carney, gave $1,500directly to the O’Rourke campaign. Carney previously served as White House press secretary to President Barack Obama, to whom O’Rourke has been compared. Brian Olsavsky, the company’s financial chief, wrote a check for $2,700 to O’Rourke’s 2018 campaign, which is the most an individual can give in an election. Amazon employees, overall, gave $75,751 to his campaign.
  • O’Rourke finished the 2018 campaign having raised $80 million, with 45 percent coming from small donors. The rest came from people giving more than $200, including important players at Facebook and Apple.
  • Chris Espinosa, who was designated Apple’s eighth employee after the company was founded in the 1970s, gave O’Rourke $2,700. Apple employees gave O’Rourke’s campaign just over $90,000 during the 2018 campaign.
  • Alex Stamos, who was Facebook’s chief security officer until August, also gave $2,700to O’Rourke’s campaign. Stamos told CNBC that he has not decided whom to support among the Democratic field. But he did say he is advising campaigns on cybersecurity in the wake of Russia’s interference and hacking during the 2016 cycle.
  • “One of the great benefits of not being a professional political operative is that I don’t have to pick sides 20 months before the general election,” Stamos said. “I’ve been trying to be helpful to multiple Democratic campaigns, and right now my focus is on helping them get their campaign technology stacks set up in a secure manner.”

It seems that campaign season barely took a pause to sort out who won the 2018 midterms, before gearing up for the 2020 cycle.  See related reports, further below.

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