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Two nights ago, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Office took the unusual step of publishing a denial of a mainstream media report by BuzzFeed News that had the talking heads on TV, radio, and in print astir for 24 hours.


Harvard law professor emeritus, Alan Dershowitz – a Democrat and civil libertarian – once more explained Friday night on Sean Hannity’s show why these fake news accounts are grounded in nothing of substance.  It goes back to the need for discernment.  That’s a point which independent, award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson has preached and is reported on at the link here.


Full Measure’s Sharyl Attiksson’s media bias chart is useful in sorting out the agendas behind various headlines and news sources.  See a recent report and Ted Talk video, linked here.


That Fox video embed code with Democratic-supporter Dershowitz is not yet available.  But another one from attorney Mark Levin – who was anti-Trump for quite some time – also discusses the same issues, references Dershowitz’s comments, and is posted below. This latest episode started by BuzzFeed raise issues that have and will continue to impact the manufactured home industry, all other professions, and society at large.


As important as that is, it is not the focus of this commentary that tees up our Sunday Morning weekly headline news report recaps.  Manufactured housing specific reporting is our emphasis again today.

As If…Wishful Thinking and Fake News vs,

Fact, Evidence, and Reason


As If?

As if George F. (F?) Allen would be the best tool in the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) shed to defend the Arlington, VA based trade group – as well as some of their largest members – was laughable.  But give “F” Allen credit.  At least he tried, and did so publicly.  As weak as “F” Allen’s effort may be, it is provided in full among the reports linked below, so you can decide for yourself how effective it is at defending Clayton, Cavco, MHI, et al from the mounting evidence of scandals.

Both Allen and the BuzzFeed stoked dramas have a few thinks in common. An arguable lack of objectivity, standards, or even common sense. Both rely upon an audience that may wish or hope that what the source says is true. Both cases involve the vast difference between evidence and reason, and everything else a matter of wishful thinking or a denial of reality.

Neither Kevin Clayton, nor Tim Williams, or Warren Buffett have disputed their own words or documents that have recently been reported at this link here. No conspiracy theories, evidence, documents, and direct quotes taken in context.  The sources have been given repeated opportunities to debunk or explain away the evidence.  Silence. That’s their 5th Amendment right.

So, having “F” Allen, MHI, or certain state association surrogates attempt any red herrings or head-fakes just reveals that they have no valid explanation, which implies that the linked evidence above is compelling.

Evidence, concerns, and allegations of market manipulation aren’t just in the past. They are in the here and now, and more are planned and underway for the days ahead. MHI – and some state associations – are part of that purported collusion. They are doing so despite MHI’s own published antitrust guidelines, linked here.

It’s been about a year since Richard ‘Dick’ Jennison, MHI President and CEO, cancelled at the Louisville Show “at the last minute” his presentation on the Trojan Horse of the so-called “new class of homes” and related. Jennison apparently didn’t want to be publicly questioned by MHProNews, or by anyone else in the audience that read MHProNews, and were provided a list of questions to ask during the Q&A.

They can hide, but only for so long. Because the trend lines, truth, and evidence keep drip, drip, dripping out.

You can trust George F. (F?) Allen, or not, when he says there are no conspiracies to find. But who beside aptly named “F” Allen spoke about conspiracy? We re-published evidence from the sources in question. Let people like Allen – who continues to ducks from his own controversial practices that created negative news in the mainstream media for the industry, see the linked report on the Masthead below – use head fakes. If Allen, MHI or their surrogates had a real, logical argument, why don’t they make it? Why don’t they do so in public, at Louisville?

What are they afraid of? What are they hiding from?  Do they fear the reaction of the crowd, if they realize that they’ve been duped by people they count on to represent their interests?


The Evolution of these Issues

In fairness to the current power structure behind MHI, this is not a new phenomenon.  Rather, sources suggest it has arguably taken on new twists and turns.

Danny Ghorbani, photo credit, the Journal.

Danny Ghorbani, a structural and civil engineer, is a former Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Vice President and the Founding President and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR).  He is a 51-year veteran of the manufactured housing industry, who has represented all aspects of the industry in Washington, D.C., including, but not limited to, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, communities and developers, and has managed two national manufactured housing industry trade shows.  He is currently the Senior Advisor to MHARR.

Reached by MHProNews, Mr. Ghorbani stated on the record that:

From my personal experience, at any given time, the largest manufacturers tend to dominate that Association — i.e., the Manufactured Housing Institute. The same principal may well apply at the state association level.”


The Most Fireworks?

This upcoming event might be the most controversial Louisville Show in years.

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With no further adieu, here are the recent reports, plus the headlines for the week that was, January 13-20th, 2019.

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