What Are Manufactured Housing Industry Professionals Focused On?


The first and most obvious answer is their own business interests.  That’s the entirely natural answer to the headline question above.  But the question seeks a deeper response, one that asks – what topics or issues are attracting professional reading?  Because what a professional read says much about where an individual’s focus is.

No one in the industry has publicly challenged the claim that MHProNews is the runaway most read, and with good reason.  You are already on the most visited, most reader-engaged trade media in manufactured housing today, and #1 for about 9 years of the past decade. 

Generically, when a visitor comes to MHProNews, they can begin by landing on a ‘category’ or they can go to specific articles. 

  • The MHProNews home page,
  • then the Daily Business News, and
  • the publisher’s Masthead blog are the three top read categories, in that order. 

From the home page, a reader can select from dozens of recent articles and posts-at-a glance.  The approaching new MHProNews format will be similar in that respect, but visually more attractive, with added features and changes.

With that noted, let’s look at the top dozen read articles, as of 5.18.2019 at 07:10 CDT, per Webalizer.








Let’s note that the article above has not been online as long as some of the others.  So, by month’s end, it may catch or surpass several others.




The same point about the Clayton/Monopoly video interview needs to be made about this topic, linked above.  That went live just a few days ago.  It won’t be surprising if it continues to rise in the top dozen.


The article above merits a different type of comment.  As noted further above, a reader can simply click on ‘the Masthead blog,’ and that article would be the top one viewed.  The site statistics, rephrased, don’t make it entirely clear how many read that specific article, plus others who go straight to the Masthead.  It is worth noting too that while publisher L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is posting fewer times monthly on the Masthead, those articles are tending to get more read that days gone by.



The baker’s dozen would include the following.


Rope-a-Dope – Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act, Mom, Dad, & You – Masthead L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

There may be no one analogy that is entirely precise enough to make the point that the promoters of the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act purportedly hoped to accomplish with their bill. All analogies limp at some point, but those disclosures made, let’s begin with the ‘rope and dope metaphor’ from boxing.



MHProNews runs a variety of reader engagement checks, which include internal and external ones. 

For example, in the last few weeks, we’ve posted less on social media.  While total visits are down slightly, pages per visit have risen. Rephrased, some that come from social media may have only visited that linked page, but may not be among the more common readers who get into multiple articles per visit.

Some articles posted weeks, months, or even years earlier may still get high levels of engagement. For example, the article linked below is in the top 20 being read to the date and time shown in May.  Yet it was published years ago.


The “Mobile Home Militia” article is not far behind, yet it was published in March.


Several articles related to MHARR topics – or HUD Secretary Carson – or Legacy – are in the top 25, but this next one bears mentioning.


That report linked above was published almost a year ago, on June 1, 2018.  It is still as relevant today as then.  We don’t know from statistics alone, but perhaps others are sharing that with their comrades?  What we do know is that some who are telling MHProNews that they are exploring getting into the industry find that article of interest.

Professional readers read what they want to, and they follow – or not – the cross-links that catch their eyes.

What are some common themes in the above list?

•          Clayton Homes and concerns over monopolistic practices.

•          Examinations of why the industry is underperforming.

•          The desire for company-specific information – Clayton, Skyline-Champion, Nobility Homes.

•          Warren Buffett related.

•          MHI and MHARR related issues.

·        Shipment data and related facts are routinely highly read.

•          Last, and not least, fact checks of claims by Kevin Clayton, Joe Stegmayer, and George Allen, among other industry personalities.

Without going to deeply into the tech behind ‘multiple cPanels’ and multiple data-sets that need to be aggregated to obtain a complete snapshot, from just the top 2 cPanels, as of the date and time shown – 5.18.2019 at 07:10 CDT, per Webalizer –  there have been over 1,070,161 pages viewed.

That’s a lot of hunger for information, insight, and knowledge.

At that pace, there will be over 1.8 million pages viewed during the month of May. Keep in mind, that our industry has about 75,000 people, per one MHI estimate, and that many of those are line workers, grounds keepers, or doing other work that may not find this site of high priority.  Rephrased, the majority of the industry’s decision makers, influencers (e.g.: admin, office managers) or aspiring stars are on this site routinely. 

As a plug – and notice to B2B industry focused marketers – given our banner ad structure – that’s thousands upon thousands of opportunities every day to get in front of an industry focused targeted professional audience – plus the typical reader is reading multiple articles daily enhances that reach.  That’s very different than just once a month, or once a quarter, etc. chance to maybe be seen.  For other marketing or business development related – click here.

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