Sanders Campaign Ends, Stocks Surge – Passover and Holy Week in Pandemic – plus, Manufactured Home Investor, Stock Insights

DowJones4.08.2020ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesBroaderMarketSnapshotHad Senator Bernie Sanders (VT-I, but self-described Democratic Socialist) succeeded at winning the Democratic Party nomination, he would have been the first Jewish candidate to win a major party nomination. But the announcement that Sanders has ended his campaign today makes former Vice President Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee.

That makes for a decent segue into key religious holy days.

Today is the first day of the Jewish Passover. Passover and the Christian Holy Week are inextricably interwoven. If there is one thing that is periodically bubbling in the background of headlines and news report is how the coronavirus pandemic as it relates to people of faith.

People’s faith often informs their business ethics and other decisions. Furthermore, the COVID19 outbreak has caused millions to turn to or explore faith-related questions.

On a day when the markets broadly rose again, that will be our featured focus tonight.


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Every weekday night that the stock markets are open, we provide headlines from left-of-center CNN followed by right-of-center Fox Business. It is sometimes surprising how much We share closing tickers and other related data courtesy of Yahoo Finance, and more. 5 to 10 minutes reading this MHProNews market report every business night could save you 30 minutes to an hour of similar reading or fact-gathering elsewhere.

Perhaps more important, you will get insights about the industry from experts that care, but also dare to challenge the routine narrative that arguably keeps manufactured housing underperforming during an affordable housing crisis.

Deepa Kumar quote from from the thought-provoking video documenatary, Shadows of Liberty.


The Whatever side of the left-right divide you are on, this quote by President Obama is quite right. That’s true in political news. But there is something similar with respect to manufactured housing news and reports. We sift through the facts and figures to provide insights found no where else in MHVille.


Dan Rather quote from the compelling video, Shadows of Liberty, posted on the linked page below.
Understanding media bias is useful to sifting through possibly hidden agendas. We are mindful of the ancient and tested principle of separating the wheat from the chaff.

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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business

  • GM, Ford and Chrysler are in survival mode
  • In this Sunday, April 5, 2020, photograph, a long row of unsold 2020 Odyssey minivans sits at a Honda dealership in Highlands Ranch, Colo.
  • The auto industry is facing one of its biggest crises in history
  • LIVE UPDATES Wall Street rallies on coronavirus optimism
  • Fed (temporarily) takes the shackles off Wells Fargo, freeing it to help small businesses
  • JetBlue to consolidate number of airports it serves
  • Amazon halts its shipping service that competed with UPS and FedEx
  • Opinion: Here’s how we can get more masks for health care workers
  • Geico giving credits to customers due to coronavirus-related drop in driving
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods is furloughing most of its 40,000 employees
  • What to know before you ‘break the glass’ on your 401(k)
  • The conspiracy linking 5G to coronavirus just will not die
  • Tyson Foods Inc. Ball Park brand beef franks are arranged for a photograph in a refrigerator in Tiskilwa, Illinois, U.S., on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. Tyson Foods Inc. is scheduled to report third quarter earnings on August 3.
  • Meat plants are shutting down as workers get sick
  • TORONTO, April 3, 2020 — People line up with a social distance to enter a Costco warehouse store in Toronto, Canada, April 3, 2020.
  • Are you a first responder? You can cut the line at Costco
  • Here’s how many people watched ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix
  • Airbnb hosts struggle to pay the bills due to mass cancellations
  • Grocery stores turn to robots to stock shelves
  • Verizon cuts back in-home internet repairs
  • Funerals are the latest part of life to move online
  • Their baby is in the hospital. They can only see her via an app
  • Sony unveils its new PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense
  • People are holding video game graduation ceremonies
  • Microsoft gives details about its Xbox Series X
  • Sony reveals technical specs of the PlayStation 5
  • Even though esports are already online, the pandemic is still creating huge challenges

Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business

  • IRS speeds up coronavirus check printing, delivery ahead of schedule
  • For anyone needing to adjust their direct deposit information, the IRS will be providing that option by the end of the week.
  • Fed minutes reveal strategy to tackle coronavirus economic destruction
  • S&P exits bear market after Sanders drops out of race
  • Market facing ‘extreme reckoning’: experts
  • Wells Fargo eases cap for small biz loans
  • How many Americans haven’t paid April rent
  • Nordstrom forced to shut down HQ
  • Govs eye pandemic exit strategy as cases near peak
  • Mortgage applications plummeting
  • Full list of businesses still open
  • Companies hiring for work-from-home jobs
  • Why we can’t let government become shareholder in American companies
  • Coronavirus antibody test could be the key to reopening the economy
  • Delta blocks middle seats for coronavirus prevention
  • How one state determines who gets a ventilator and who doesn’t
  • US shale producers survival at stake in looming oil-price talks
  • Bezos questioned after firing warehouse pandemic protest leader
  • Ivanka Trump tells FOX Business how private sector is stepping up
  • Sanofi CEO says ‘everybody gets access’ if hydroxychloroquine effective
  • Why Target delivery workers are asking you to boycott the company
  • Crops across US fall victim to virus
  • How deadly is coronavirus in US compared with other countries?
  • Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ roars to top of streaming giant’s ratings
  • 1949-2020
  • Linda Tripp, Clinton-Lewinsky whistleblower, has died at 70
  • Potential virus treatment from Japan getting first US trial in this state
  • FOX Business to host virtual town hall with top White House economic adviser
  • Tyler Perry’s coronavirus act of kindness helps seniors
  • Joe Namath: Controlling coronavirus ‘most important’ for NFL, college football season
  • Celeb chefs unite in coronavirus pandemic to feed hungry, help restaurants
  • LISTEN: Brady on whether he should get bigger cut of new team’s treasure
  • Coronavirus hurts tennis players already struggling to pay bills: Patrick Mouratoglou
  • Former Facebook chief advises Zoom on security, privacy
  • Biden: Economic damage from coronavirus crisis could ‘eclipse’ Great Depression
  • Broadway extends coronavirus shutdown through June
  • Coronavirus pushes McDonald’s same-store US sales down 13% in March
  • Coronavirus stimulus checks won’t be enough, says one-third of Americans
  • Oil rallies ahead of Russia, Saudi meeting on price war
  • Zoom hit with class-action lawsuit
  • WATCH: Stifel CEO says government did great job providing virus stimulus
  • Steak-umm emerges as unlikely coronavirus misinformation watchdog
  • Loeffler: ‘Targeted’ fourth coronavirus stimulus package may be needed
  • ‘Strength in numbers’: Online retailers banding together to raise virus relief
  • Coronavirus prompts GM to make 30,000 ventilators under $490M Defense Production Act contract
  • The strikingly large number of Americans unable to work from home
  • Amazon extends return window during coronavirus crisis
  • WATCH: Feeding America CEO reveals where giant Bezos gift is being spent
  • Senate Democrats propose whopping pay raise for these workers
  • The world’s 10 richest people right now
  • Super-rich throwing money around in bid to buy ventilators for at-home clinics
  • WHO’s coronavirus response prompts Trump to consider hold on funding
  • GEICO joins other insurance companies in discounting premiums
  • Former Fed chief Bernanke makes dark prediction about impact of virus crisis
  • EXCLUSIVE: Gold-mining giant’s coronavirus strategy honed during Ebola outbreaks
  • Panera Bread expands offering to meet coronavirus demand surge
  • Disney World may add this health precaution when gates reopen, says Bob Iger
  • WATCH: Should I be investing right now?


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Strong business ethics will help you attract people who fit your company culture and relate to your business, thereby ensuring that you have trustworthy employees working for you. Your employees will respect your company only when they feel they are respected by you, which again boils down to the trust factor,” says an article entitled Why Business Ethics Matter.

That fits a quote MHProNews has previously cited, shown below, that comes at the issue from a different vantagepoint.

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In the 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, the ideal of ethical business practices is understood.



That sets the stage for the following thought-provoking concepts.



Passover 2020 begins the evening of Wednesday, April 8 and ends on the evening of Thursday, April 16. It is “the major Jewish spring festival which commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery,” and “Passover or Pesach is a major Jewish holiday and one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays,” the later per Wikipedia.



Holy Week began on Palm Sunday 4.5.2020 to 4.12.2020. Jesus celebrated the Passover with the apostles on the Christian Holy Thursday. Passover is the feast of Unleavened Bread, while the Christian “Last Supper” or Lord’s Supper” utilized unleavened bread. That tradition of sanctifying unleavened bread is still practiced by several Christian faith traditions, including Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans and others.



Stop and think. If the principles found in the 10 Commandments were being more earnestly lived in the world today, would this nation and some 180 other countries and territories be suffering from this pandemic? The short answer is no. Let’s look at known facts. If the local and national authorities in China had been honest about the early cases of the COVID19 outbreak, the pandemic would have been stopped before it started. The failure to “not bear false witness” – failure to tell the truth – is near the heart of what followed.



The irony is that the argument can be made that honesty in business, in politics, in economic or other matters would be more profitable, not less profitable.

‘But it’s a dog-eat-dog world. You can’t live in that kind of idealistic way.’ Really? Look at what the dog-eat-dog mentality got Europe, North Africa and much of the Pacific Rim during World War II. Tens of millions died.

Look at what godless communism produced, tens of millions of more deaths.

The case can easily be made why the commandments are more relevant now, not less. But that begs the question, can we know if there is a God? Is having faith reasonable or mere fancy?



The PBS Crash Course series looks at the arguments for and against the existence of God. While imperfect, it is insightful and for many is useful because it is entertaining. As a brief observation, the counterarguments used in this video are red hearings. Distractions, not relevant to the core topic.




Perhaps one of the simplest proofs for God’s existence is the notion that from nothing, nothing comes. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first, the acorn or the oak tree? Those point to the existence of a superior being that has always been and always will be.




The stills are from the PBS video above. It is a teaser for those who haven’t already watched it. There is more wheat than chaff in the PBS video. It is informative and educational.




What the philosophical arguments don’t immediately answer this. Presuming God’s existence, which faith is the truth faith? That’s a relevant discussion too. But that’s not the focus today, which is simply to honor the beliefs that are being celebrated and have been for thousands of years. That fact in itself is pretty impressive when you think about it, isn’t it?

Much of what is wrong is that we don’t ask what is right.




See the related reports for more on the tragic consequences of not having faith as a central element of life. For all believers, blessed holy days.

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