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Democrats Biden-Harris vs Republican Trump-Pence Post-Election Battles – Historic Opportunities


Much of the mainstream media, including ‘conservativeFox News has “called” the election results in favor of the Democratic ticket led by former Obama-era Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris (CA-D). Some outlets add several paragraphs into a given report that their report that it is ‘possible’ that charges of election fraud by President Donald J. Trump, his surrogates, legal team, and supporters have a ‘long shot’ of ‘overturning’ the election results announced by big media and backed by big tech and big money.

On the political left and among “never-Trump” or “Establishment Republicans,” there are plenty of voices that say it is ‘time for President Trump to accept the results,’ ‘put on his big boy pants,’ and ‘move on.’ There are ‘unnamed sources’ that claim that the president’s son and law Jarred Kushner and wife Melania Trump are also saying, it is time to call it quits, and exit gracefully. But that later claim may prove to be just as accurate as the New York Times calling their infamous ‘anonymous’ op-ed of #resistance by a ‘Trump-Administration senior official’ which recently was revealed to be anything but a close advisor or senior official. That turned out to be Miles Taylor, who lied on camera on CNN about the matter, and more recently admitted that yes, Taylor is ‘anonymous.’



This analysis won’t litigate the claims of election fraud that Trump supporters are understandably relying upon. Nor will this article dig into how big tech plus larger mainstream media outlets, increasingly being joined by Rupert Murdoch owned Fox News, are to be questioned for their agendas and motivations. Detailed reports with evidence and several examples on those important election-related-issues are linked above and below.


What this post aim to accomplish is the headline. Is there a historic opportunity, a possible silver lining to the apparent dark cloud that hangs over the Election 2020’s yet to be certified electoral races?

Here is the outline for that case. Let’s over-simplify to make the points.

  • First, there are broadly two possible outcomes to the claims of election fraud. There are – or are not – enough serious examples of election fraud that could overturn the claims that the Biden-Harris ticket are the presumptive winners. A smattering of however-valid examples that are not sufficient in number to change the ‘projected’ outcome of voting in a given jurisdiction won’t help President Trump and his supporters.  There has to be enough evidence to change the ‘projected’ outcome. More on that in the reports linked above.
  • Second, presuming for discussion’s sake that former Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich’s assertion to right-of-center Newsmax that this election has the hallmarks of “timehonored tradition” of ‘Democratic election fraud’ is apt, then Team Trump and down ballot Trump supporting Republicans have a historic opportunity. How so?
  • For years, candidate-turned President Trump along with numerous people across the left-right divide have complained about a ‘rigged system.’ That ‘rigged system’ is arguably economic, political, media, legal, and governmental includes a ‘deep state’ that puts their hand on the scales. Concerns raised by conservatives as well as progressive journalists, such as Glen Greenwald, that this election and the pre-election run-up were months of what some call a ‘PSYOP’ or ‘Psy-Ops’ fit the ‘rigged system’ notion. Exposing just how rigged the system is has huge potential upside for Trump supporters.
  • Fourth, for fence sitters and those afraid of the fight, when is there a better time for such a battle? For instance, while white evangelical Christians broke widely in favor of Trump-Pence, AP VoteCast says that President Trump narrowly won that similar demographic among Catholics by a 50-49 margin. Other religious and ethnic groups could be examined too, but that Catholic one bears scrutiny. For example.
  • Fifth. Biden is a ‘nominal’ Catholic. Or, as legendary football coach Lou Holtz, a Catholic ETWN personality and someone who spoke at the Republican Convention last summer put it, Biden is a “Catholic in Name Only.” That turn of a phrase by Holtz is an allusion to the term RINO or Republican in Name Only, or DINO – Democratic in Name Only. When the Catholic Church holds strong official views that are pro-life, for marriage and family issues, on religious liberty, for school choice, how is it possible that almost half of Catholic voters fail to hold to their own church’s teachings in their voting? Despite formal statements by Pope Benedict XVI and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) statements on these issues, if AP-VoteCast is correct, then there is a lot of work to be done by Catholic bishops, priests, and instructors. That’s a serious problem, but an opportunity in disguise on several levels.
  • Sixth, President Trump has reportedly turned out more voters than any other incumbent president. He has brought a more diverse group of people into the GOP (Grand Old Party or Republican Party). The numbers of Hispanics and Blacks who voted for Trump-Pence and down-ballot Republicans are reportedly at the highest level in decades. More women got elected to Congress as Republicans this year. These are hopeful signs of the future for their party (note: MHProNews’ leadership and this writer are political independents). Will the GOP lightly toss aside the leader who made such historic gains possible?
  • Seventh. During President Trump’s elections, Republicans have arguably expanded their ‘map.’ They have won in districts that previously went Democratic. That, by the way, may be seen as anecdotal evidence that President Trump and his supporters have arguably been the victims of some level of voter fraud. The future of the GOP may be Trumpism’s brand of “America First” and American Workers and small-business favoring policies.
  • Eighth, when the economy pre-COVID19, and the post-partial shutdowns economic recovery have been much like what Team Trump said they would be, that argues for his economic policies of tax and regulatory cuts. Will Americans lightly take higher gas and utility prices, which would be the logical outcome of a Biden Administration? Will voters likely accept a slower wage growth that occurred during the Bush-Cheney years or the Obama-Biden years? Will voters accept the thinly veiled move toward ‘defunding the police,’ or more socialist policies?
  • Ninth, public polling is increasingly being shown to be a tool for what President Trump has called ‘voter suppression’ and what Republicans say are efforts to shape opinion rather than reflect opinion. How is it possible that the margins in various state-level polls were so routinely and sometimes wildly wrong, and always against President Trump and Republicans? A few anomalies, that may cut both ways, okay. But when they routinely go the same direction time and again, i.e. favoring Democrats, that raises red flags and serious questions.
  • Tenth, if Gallup is correct, some 56 percent of the voters – post-pandemic – said they were better off in 2020 than 4 years before. CNN reported in 2019 that President Trump would likely cruise to re-election, barring some unforeseen event, which the Wuhan, China originated pandemic provided. On foreign and domestic policy fronts, the Trump Administration made historic gains. The notion that he ‘had no plan’ and that he was a ‘chaos president’ were arguably just part of the nearly non-stop smear by his opponents. Those opponents have included RINO or Establishment Republicans as well as all those on the political left.

One could go on, but let’s boil the above down to some simple points.

The claim has been made that big tech, big media, and big money – the later perhaps with tactic support from Communist Chinese interests – clearly backed Biden-Harris. If Greenwald, or former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Ric Grenell and others are to be believed, ‘deep state’ actors ran a campaign unlike any other. Namely, they largely hid their candidates Biden and Harris from voters. The oligarchs that purportedly pull the levers behind the Democratic leadership focused on spending billions of dollars smearing President Trump. While posturing being ‘for the little guy,’ the Democratic Party leadership is arguably for those big guys with big bucks, big media, and big tech interests.

For instance, while posturing supporting minorities by mouthing claims such as ‘black lives matter’ – a statement which almost no one disagrees with – as opposed to supporting nonprofit groups – e.g.: Black Lives Matter, the BLM organization. BLM leaders and their website have clearly stated positions that are pro-Marxist/Socialist, against traditional family values, de-fund the police, etc. Moderate Democrats have decried the ties with Socialist and ‘de-fund the police’ as among the reasons that they lost numerous seats in the House, instead of gained them.

The reason that millions can be swayed by simply claiming that evidence and arguments useful to President Trump and his supporters are ‘conspiracy theories.’ They include, but are not limited to, the notion that a big lie style narrative has been spun by much of mainstream media and amplified by big tech for years. But these point to what insiders say are deep state, PsyOp style efforts.
Image credit, Wikipedia.



A Historic Picture

The point of the above rundown is this. Team Trump is creating a new GOP, just as Ronald Reagan began to remake the Republican Party during his campaign and time in office. The Republican brand did quite well under the leadership of former Congressman who became House Speaker, Newt Gingrich (GA-R) and his “Contract with America.” The Bush-Cheney years frittered those hard-earned wins by Gingrich and his colleagues away. President Trump and pro-Trump Republicans have been earning them back, despite unprecedented negative media, unfair advantages arguably delivered by big media, and billions in spending by their political opponents.

The victories by Republicans in hard-fought Senate races in KY, SC, and Maine, despite record amounts of Democratic spending. At the state and congressional levels, Republicans gained, they didn’t lose. It is thus absurd to dismiss what Senator Lindsey Graham has called the “Red Wave” of 2020, after months of media and polling that claimed that a ‘blue wave’ was coming. Graham said on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show today that he sees a real scenario where Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina end up going for President Trump. It will then come down to allegations of misconduct in Pennsylvania, where allegations of misconduct abound.

But others in media say that more wins are possible.

Graham’s statement to Kilmeade today doesn’t consider allegations of misconduct and known errors in Michigan and other battleground states. Breitbart, Newsmax, The Epoch Times, and a host of conservative media are NOT calling the race. Many credible voices are saying that this is far from over.

  • If every legal vote is counted and every illegal or bogus vote is tossed, that is a valid election outcome.
  • Let’s suppose that the legal process plays out, and President Trump – and perhaps some additional down ballot Republicans, like MI Senate Candidate John James – ends up winning. Then the pressure for utterly secure and fair elections could reach critical mass.
  • Greenwald’s argument that other nations hold rapid and often uncontested elections is worth pondering. If others can, why not the USA?
  • The point that Nigel Farage in England has made, that mail in ballot fraud has occurred there too, should be examined in how that’s handled going forward in America.

MHProNews has documented for years problematic impacts on our part of the affordable housing industry caused by specific players in big tech, media, and the billionaire class.  When Warren Buffett bluntly said that there is class warfare, and that his class is winning, take that seriously. Our research on how ‘castle and moat’ plus attempts at manipulating information have been deployed in our industry arguably have their national corollary.  The only serious effort to debate that topic resulted in verifying and strengthening our stance.

Many of these people are also Biden-Harris supporters. Whatever the final outcome of the 2020 contest – which is still very much in doubt and could end up going to President Trump and his GOP allies – are Americans to think that a possible Biden-Harris Administration would be much different in their treatment of the oligarchs that put them in office than the Obama-Biden Administration treated those same big tech, big media, big money backers?

Apply that to the nation at large. In making specific requests for insights from other professions, MHProNews has heard some similar concerns from independents in those arenas. Given how corporate structures work, a relatively few numbers of people could issue an instruction, and then ‘training’ within an organization could make up the difference needed to create problematic outcomes in business, media, politics, and more. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s sobering reality that has evidence to support it.

Rephrased, there is an evidence-based debate to be had that big media, big tech, and the several in the billionaire class have been in de facto collusion if not actual complicity in an effort to tilt elections.

Among the silver linings? As a potential “Biden-Harris Administration” start making their pronouncements, as leaks from freaked out Democratic lawmakers saying that this 2020 race revealed the opposite of the blue wave claimed, and growing evidence of possible election manipulation and fraud could lead to new safeguards.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the ‘debate’ process in this country also needs to be revisited. While 30 second to 2-minute answers to questions may yield interesting soundbites for video or audio, they are not a valid example of actual debating that informs voters. Further, when 3 of the 3 actual and proposed moderators for the 2020 Presidential debates turned out to be Democratic supporters, that too undermines the credibility of that platform.

Let’s draw to a close by paraphrasing a point that Senator Marco Rubio made. “All Democrats are not socialists, but most socialists support Democrats.’ That is not about bashing Democratic supporters. This is about a call to accountability for those who may have manipulated voters and votes. That purported problem harms rank-and-file Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike.

Finally, the Soviet-like call for punishing President Trump and his supporters from the left for daring to challenge the Establishment are reasons for them to leave no legitimate stone unturned to see to it that this 2020 vote is properly resolved and following legal challenges, certified. When there are so many possible ways for votes to be manipulated, that harms trust in the system. When certain voices on the left are calling for lists and action to punish President Trump and his supporters, that’s not only dangerous, it is all the more reason for the 45th President and his backers to back him.


Summing Up

Election integrity is an important issue, but is clearly not the only important issue. Dark forces have been accused by credible voices of colluding to rig the system against the vast majority of the American people. That must be resolved too. Is there any reason to think that Biden-Harris, which benefited from that dark alliance, that they will challenge it and clean it up? That’s so unlikely that its absurd.

Obama-Biden could have resolved these issues during their 8 years in office. Obama-Biden didn’t have a de facto coup of deep state insiders that dragged their administration down, as President Trump experienced his first three years in office. With all of the opposition, plus big tech, big media, and big money opposition, the Trump Administration has made historic advancements.


That fight to unrig the system must continue. Thankfully, there is every reason to think that Team Trump will do precisely that in the weeks ahead. It is not over. The proverbial fat lady has not yet sung.

Stay tuned for what could be in time be seen as a dark grace.


It may be ugly for a while. But it can be ugly lancing a boil too. It is only after a boil is lanced, after the pain, puss, and blood are dealt with, that is when true healing occurs. After years of what voices across the left-right divide has said is a ‘rigged system,’ isn’t this the time to examine how that has been rigged? And isn’t this also the time to insure that the system is unrigged? This fight is not over. It is only warming up. A historic opportunity awaits.



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