Manufactured Housing Institute Rapidly Responds (LOL) to MHProNews, plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

DowJones1022019ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesStocks have plummeted in the past two days. One could point to various data points that will be reflected in our left-right headline summary for some of the reasons. There are also clear concerns about Senator Bernie Sanders suspending his campaign due to a reported heart condition, which is likely to spark even more interest in Senator Elizabeth Warren among “Bernie” backers. Warren, as we’ve previously reported, is someone that Wall Street reportedly ‘fears.’ But tonight, our focus is on something that may seem insignificant. Or is it? Let’s look at the Manufactured Housing Institute’s (MHI) rapid reply to our request for information, which will be our featured item for this evening.


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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business.

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  • LATEST UPDATES Stocks finish at 5-week low
  • America’s factories are getting crushed by Trump’s trade war, not the Fed
  • Trump blames Fed for poor manufacturing report
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  • Microsoft teases new foldable phone and unveils AirPods rival
  • This kite could harness more of the world’s wind energy
  • The teens of TikTok are taking on US school shootings
  • Opinion: Many Americans are about to feel the burden of Trump’s tariffs
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  • Amazon and Walmart are now racing to reduce plastic pollution in India
  • McDonald’s new paper straws aren’t recyclable — but its axed plastic ones were
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Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business.

  • Delta: US airlines facing ‘serious harm’ – Delta said that new U.S. tariffs placed on Airbus planes “will inflict serious harm on U.S. airlines” and impact its profits.
  • Stocks plunge amid volatile session, Dow closes nearly 500 points lower
  • Trump: Impeachment talk hurting Americans’ retirement plans, stock markets
  • Several people dead after horrific ‘Flying Fortress’ crash
  • Home Depot co-founder on Sanders: ‘What the hell has he done for the little people?’
  • Varney: Bloodbath in Hong Kong will make it hard to close China trade deal
  • California utility company makes chilling admission about wildfires
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Tonight’s Business/Market/Political Impact Spotlight –

See Lanham notice, linked here.

On one level, this is somewhat amusing, as the headline at the top reflects (LOL). While it is a modest item on the one hand, it is reflective of several more significant issues that are troubling.

First the facts, then the analysis and takeaways.

Having waited a week to see if MHI would update their own website with their own new executive committee, which they had not as of early afternoon. Here is what the prior MHI Executive Committee composition looked like.


The satirical logo is used in part to poke with a lighter touch at a serious topic. As some have framed it, there are white hat companies at MHI, and black hat companies.


So, MHProNews’ publisher decided to send them a message this afternoon. It read as follows.


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Within hours, that page was updated.


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Here is the before, above and the after, below.


To see this full size, click to download and then open.


But there is still what appears to be a glitch on that page, which MHProNews brought to their attention late this afternoon.




MHI’s Performance?

MHI for some time used the ‘clout’ claim posted above.  The collage below was one of several MHProNews fact-checks that seems to have resulted in their claim of ‘clout’ to have faded. Wonder why?

From a column written by Lesli Gooch for MHI in MHInsider.

MHProNews, as well as the more modest sized rival trade group, the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) hammered away at MHI for their lack of effort on promoting the enhanced preemption clause of the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000. The reason that matters was explained by Mark Weiss, J.D., President and CEO of MHARR in the quote that follows.



Rephrased, if that enhanced preemption provision of existing federal law were being fully implemented, manufactured housing could rapidly open up markets for sales that today retailers and developers are de facto being improperly bared from selling homes. That may bear repeating. Sales could rapidly rise if MHI used their claimed clout to cause HUD to enforce the enhanced preemption provision of federal law. So what possible excuse could there be for not doing so?



Put differently, is more sales the short term goal, or is their short term goal more consolidation?  How does that impact stockholders that may not want a long-time horizon?




Under Pressure, MHI Pivots “HUD Must Implement and Enforce its Enhanced Preemption Authority”


That said, MHProNews floated the notion that MHI would not necessarily seriously promote what they said they were calling for – which so far, has proven accurate. Indeed, MHI voted against a proposal during a MHCC conference call that would have put them on record as seriously, or not, supporting enhanced preemption. More on that is linked in the text/image box above, but with added details in related reports further below.

On items smaller – like accuracy of information with others or on their own website – or more serious issues that impact manufactured home retailers and communities, MHI for years has behaved in controversial ways. That will be part of an upcoming special, which may be published as soon as tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Why does this matter to industry investors?

Because several publicly traded companies arguably should do or know by now how MHI fails to do what their own stated claims are on their website. That’s not clearly disclosed as part of Investor Relations packages.

There are several reasons that MHProNews and our sister site believe that Clayton Homes, which with their fellow Berkshire Hathaway brands arguably dominate MHI, and MHI itself should be the focus of new federal probes. See reports linked here, here, here, and here, among others.



It’s a tangled web. But ICYMI, a 600-word executive summary heavily laced with cross links is found at the report linked above. More to know, below, in the related reports. If it were not so serious, it would arguably be a bit like Keystone Kops.

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