Largely Pro-Biden Washington Post Expose Big Errors in Biden-Era Fed COVID19 Policies that Impacted Housing and Businesses, Including Manufactured Home Industry, Millions of Current and Would Be Homeowners


The left-leaning Washington Post and other sources are cited in what they apparently see as ‘breaking news’ on Biden-era policies regarding the supposed prevention and treatment of COVID19. These are important issues of interest to manufactured home professionals and virtually all others, because a million-plus Americans reportedly died of COVID19. But it also matters because federal health policies during the declared pandemic impacted smaller- to mid-sized businesses, jobs at every level, and thus the incomes of millions were disrupted or lost. Some 2 ½ years after federal health officials announced “15 Days to Stop the Spread” and the associated lockdowns, social distancing, and other policies, publicly traded manufactured home companies are still routinely stating the past and ongoing impacts of COVID19 policies on their businesses. What happens at factories or in land-lease communities often creates ripple effects throughout the manufactured housing industry. But there are other reasons this information from the Washington Post matters which will be explored by MHProNews after these two interrelated reports that are provided herein. Because what these two news reports reveal confirms what some said early on with respect to the treatment of COVID19. Namely, that the novel “Sars Cov 2” mRNA treatment, which was relabeled as a ‘vaccination,’ was not as effective as claimed against stopping the spread or preventing the contraction of COVID19. Also, the handling of Ivermectin is examined, a possible low-cost treatment of COVID19 that worked in other nations but was smeared by U.S. public officials. Those official pronouncements against Ivermectin were in turned mimicked by much of mainstream media. Those who took a different view on these topics in 2020 or since were often throttled or censored by social media and the tech giants, who followed the narrative created by public officials that included controversial Dr. Anthony “Tony” Fauci. Note that Fauci is said to have millions of dollars in stocks in the companies that federal health authorities ‘regulate’ and which benefited from the mRNA and other ‘treatments’ that are now being exposed as follows.


I. From the WND Newscenter to MHProNews is the following report which will be followed by a related topic.


Washington Post busts ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ narrative

‘Majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series’

By Art Moore Published November 23, 2022 at 2:59pm

QuoteMarksLeftSidePresident Biden repeatedly has scolded Americans who choose not to take the experimental mRNA COVID shots under emergency use authorization, charging they are responsible for a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

On Wednesday, however, the administration’s reliable media ally, the Washington Post, reported “a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.”

The report came a day after Biden’s top health adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and his COVID coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha, declared the data “overwhelmingly” show the effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing hospitalization and death.

See Fauci’s remarks:

Jha said that if people “get their updated vaccines” – the omicron-specific bivalent that was not tested on humans and failed the animal test – and get treated if they have a “breakthrough” infection, “We can prevent essentially every COVID death in America.”

See Jha’s remarks:

The Post reported the latest data show 58% of COVID-19 deaths in August 2022 were from people who were vaccinated or boosted.

Some argue that with 68% of Americans fully vaccinated, a higher percentage of the unvaccinated are dying.

However, aside from the controversy over how COVID deaths are designated, the insurance giant Kaiser Permanente – which is also a health-care provider – commissioned a study that found the triple-vaccinated were more likely to be infected with COVID-19 and more likely to suffer severe illness and die from the disease than the unvaccinated.

CDC and U.K. government data confirm the vaccines rapidly lose protection against severe illness or death while posing risks.

Further, a long-term study by the prestigious British journal The Lancet that followed up on participants in the Moderna and Pfizer trials found the vaccines had no effect on overall mortality.

An analysis of CDC data by Dr. Meryl Nass found vaccinated Californians had a higher rate of hospitalization than those who were unvaccinated but had prior immunity. And the data showed Californians and New Yorkers were three times more likely to develop COVID than those who had prior immunity and were unvaccinated.

The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons posted a Twitter thread with numerous recent studies that also show negative efficacy resulting from the shots.

Last month, the New York State Supreme Court, finding that “being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19,” ordered the reinstatement of all New York City employees who were fired for not being vaccinated for the disease.

President Biden – who was infected with COVID-19 in July after receiving four shots and promising the vaccine would prevent infection – urged all Americans to get the booster in an Oct. 29 briefing, claiming it’s “incredibly effective.” However, the bivalent vaccine failed CDC Director Rochelle Walensky. And a preprint study by a prominent virologist at Columbia University found that the new booster produces fewer antibodies than the original vaccine. ##


MHProNews note: the above report is arguably the metaphorical flip side of the coin of the report that follows. Because the COVID19 ‘jab’ was supposed to be ‘the’ treatment approved by federal officials to stop the spread of COVID19. That bogus claim is now belied by one of the key media sources that originally embraced the narrative of federal public health officials that included Dr. Tony Fauci.

More on the analysis and impacts of this following the report below which was also provided by the WND Newscenter to MHProNews.



FDA claims ivermectin ‘horse dewormer’ smear only a ‘recommendation’

Physicians sue agency for interfering in their treatment of COVID patients

By Art Moore Published November 23, 2022 at 9:27pm

QuoteMarksLeftSideIn a lawsuit by three doctors accusing the FDA of interfering in their treatment of COVID-19 patients with ivermectin, a lawyer for the agency insisted that urging people to “stop” taking the medicine was merely an informal recommendation.

The fact that the “recommendation” – which included mocking the drug as “horse dewormer” – prompted hospitals and pharmacies to ban its use for COVID-19 doesn’t mean the FDA bears any responsibility, contended Isaac Belfer in a hearing in federal court in Texas.

“The cited statements were not directives. They were not mandatory. They were recommendations. They said what parties should do,” Belfer said Nov. 1, Epoch Times reported.

Attorneys for the physicians, who included Dr. Paul Marik, cited three online posts by the FDA, including a tweet, featuring a photo of a horse, saying: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

The tweet linked to an FDA web page titled “Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.” On a separate page, the FDA stated: “Q: Should I take ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19? A: No.” A subsequent tweet said: “Hold your horses, y’all. Ivermectin may be trending, but it still isn’t authorized or approved to treat COVID-19.”

Ivermectin – which has been a safe and effective, Nobel-prize-winningFDA-approved treatment for many diseases – can be prescribed for COVID-19 by a physician “off label,” and 93 randomized controlled trials confirm the reported success of many physicians around the world.

The FDA attorney Belfer contended the FDA merely was declaring “why you should not take ivermectin to treat COVID-19.”

“They did not say you may not do it, you must not do it. They did not say it’s prohibited or it’s unlawful. They also did not say that doctors may not prescribe ivermectin.”

Belfer emphasized: “They use informal language, that is true. It’s conversational but not mandatory.”

However, an attorney for the physicians, Jared Kelson, told the court the FDA’s argument doesn’t explain the language it used: “Stop it. Stop it with the ivermectin.”

The FDA’s actions “clearly convey that this is not an acceptable way to treat these patients,” he argued.

Kelson said that if the government “is going to label ivermectin a horse medicine or a horse dewormer and promulgate the idea that it is only for animals, then the natural correlation is that doctors who prescribe it are horse doctors or quack doctors, which has played out.”

The FDA, he said, has effectively maligned “a common drug that has been used for a very long time and has been dispensed in billions of doses.”

The government has moved to dismiss the case, contending the plaintiffs lack standing because the stated injuries can’t be linked to the FDA.

Kelson argued otherwise.

“It’s one of the most famously safe drugs in the history of human medicine. And when people did exactly what the FDA said to ‘Stop it. Stop it with the ivermectin,’ I don’t understand how that would not be traceable back to the FDA,” he said.

The lawsuit charges the FDA interfered with the doctors’ practice of medicine, violating the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and other laws. It asks the court to prohibit the FDA from issuing guidance on whether ivermectin should be used to treat COVID-19. U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Brown, a Trump appointee, has said he would rule “as quickly as we can for ya’ll.”

Marik – as chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School and director of the intensive care unit at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital – began using ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients in 2020. However, after the FDA’s statements, the medical school told him to remove his ivermectin protocol from its web pages. And Sentara cited the FDA in a memorandum instructing hospitals to stop using ivermectin against COVID-19.

Marik sued Sentara last fall, arguing argues Virginia’s Advanced Directive statute gives hospitalized patients the right to choose what treatment they receive as long as a doctor determines it to be appropriate.

The statute does not say “as determined by the hospital,” the complaint said, it expressly states “as determined by (their) attending physician.”

Ivermectin, touted as a “wonder drug” in the Journal of Antibiotics, was shown in both in-vitro and in-vivo studies long before the COVID-19 pandemic to have strong antiviral as well as antiparasitic properties. In the spring of 2020, ivermectin was on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines and has been administered to refugees entering the U.S. Significantly, a June 2020 study found ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in-vitro.

Driven by science and evidence?
In a Wall Street Journal op-ed on ivermectin in July 2021, David R. Henderson, a research fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and Charles L. Hooper, asked “Why Is the FDA Attacking a Safe, Effective Drug?”

“If the FDA were driven by science and evidence, it would give an emergency-use authorization for ivermectin for Covid-19. Instead, the FDA asserts without evidence that ivermectin is dangerous,” they write.

They point out that at the bottom of the FDA’s warning against ivermectin is this statement: “Meanwhile, effective ways to limit the spread of COVID-19 continue to be to wear your mask, stay at least 6 feet from others who don’t live with you, wash hands frequently, and avoid crowds.”

Henderson and Hooper ask: “Is this based on the kinds of double-blind studies that the FDA requires for drug approvals? No.”

Henderson was senior health economist with President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers. Hooper is president of Objective Insights, a firm that consults with pharmaceutical clients. ##


Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary in Brief

While these topics have partisan implications, facts, evidence and applied common sense are not per-se partisan. Those who blindly follow whatever ‘their party’ says will from time to time be proven mistaken in such loyal trust. The now increasingly questioned COVID19 narratives during the Biden regime era (D) are perhaps as impactful to the U.S. than then was the so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) official narrative that later proved to be false under President of the United States (POTUS) George W. Bush (R). Both of those men demonstrably were ‘establishment’ candidates, pressing the interests of Big Pharma (in the case of Biden) or the military-industrial complex in the case of POTUS Bush.

This recalls a truism expressed by the #3 House Democratic leader, Representative James “Jim” Clyburn (SC-D). Anything that has happened before can happen again. That lesson of history is proverbial pure wheat from a source that like others must have the wheat separated from the chaff.

As was noted at the top of this report and analysis, the American housing market, and the U.S. economy more broadly, have been seriously disrupted by COVID19 and how it was handled.

So too were our political processes, with numbers of key elections in 2020 and 2022 being run by mail though a bipartisan commission dubbed the [ex-President Jimmy] Carter (D)-[James] Baker (R) on election integrity warned years ago that many of those same procedures being used in recent elections are subject to voting fraud. Some of the same Democrats who decried just a few years ago the use of certain voting machines have since come to embrace and defend them in the 2020 and 2022 election cycles. These linked reports below are about that Carter-Baker Commission report in 2005.

QuoteMarksLeftSideThe Carter-Baker Commission, 16 Years Later: Voting by Mail › event › carter-baker-co…

Baker, III, co-chaired the Commission on Federal Election Reform, which produced a report on the U.S. electoral process and recommendations on maximizing ballot …

Conference Report — The Carter-Baker Commission: 16 … › peace › democracy Letter from Jimmy Carter and James A. Baker, III. As co-chairs of the 2005 bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform, we wrote an…PDF of their research report is linked here.



Exploiting Weaknesses in Markets and Systems

Recall the words of William “Bill” Gates III about Warren Buffett and “Warren’s” ability to find weaknesses in markets which he turns to his own advantage. There are weaknesses not only in markets that can be exploited, but there are also vulnerabilities in public processes that can be exploited, as the last several years have revealed.

There have been those who early on questioned much of what was being said about the handling of COVID19.

Just months ago, millions were doubtlessly shocked as Dr. Deborah Birx, who along with Dr. Fauci became the medical ‘face’ of the COVID19 response, admitted that they essentially lied about their claims that the treatment would ‘prevent’ those jabbed from contracting COVID19. Per large and small mainstream media outlets, like the Clark County Today on 7.25.2022, noting that Fauci himself contracted COVID19. They then cited Dr. Deborah Birx: ‘I knew shots would not prevent COVID ...’ Specifically, Birx said “I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines …” That being so, what was the point of spending billions of dollars on these ‘treatments’ if they would not do what was claimed?

The job of the news media, in theory, is not to merely mimic whatever an administration of either major political party happens to say. Media isn’t just a press release service for public officials, corporations, nonprofits or others. A key function of authentic media, per the American Press Institute (API) is to hold those with authority, power, and influence to account for their actions and inactions.

Similarly, it is not the job of a trade organization to merely go along, or even to merely politely disagree with the pronouncements and dictates of public officials.

The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) largely stayed silent on the handling of COVID19, other than to note – as did MHARR – that manufactured housing was an ‘essential business.’ By contrast, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) established an entire segment of their website that for months on end was the first item visible to a visitor of their website. Those COVID19 pronouncements by MHI tended to mouth public policy.

Now, in hindsight, as even the Washington Post and others are revealing what some suspected or reported months or years earlier about the disconnects between the claims about public policies, that included COVID19 mandates, lockdowns, and the like. That similar pattern of behavior by MHI with respect to COVID19 should be called into question.

But unlike the Washington Post, which through this recent report obliquely was de facto admitting to post reporting oversights and errors, MHI rarely comes out publicly and admits that they erred at all. Yet it should be obvious that MHI has years of such errors, because MHI claims they want this or that policy to be put in place. But 14 to 22 years after the positive enactment of legislation that has not yet been properly implemented on the biggest issues facing the industry, one might think that MHI would at least come clean and admit past errors, and then pivot toward policies that will fix what’s gone wrong.

But is that in fact what’s occurred?  Hardly.

Why where MHI leaders so flaccid in the face of COVID19 policies that were being questioned by reputable people who held a contrarian view to what public health officials were saying?

Numbers of those officials were cited here on MHProNews in near-real time. Both the proponents and opponents of U.S. COVID policy were explored time and again by MHProNews/MHLivingNews. Why didn’t MHI do something similar?

MHI pays attorneys to monitor MHProNews’ articles. Well-placed sources that seem reliable have informed MHProNews to express the point that MHI board members and senior staff leaders are among the thousands of routine, daily manufactured home industry readers. Even if MHI’s ‘leaders’ somehow missed the reports of those who questioned or were arguing for a different approach to handling the COVID19 outbreak, it should have been obvious that they could have found those reports cited in depth here.  Some examples of those from 2020 and since follow. That begs several questions. What responsibility does MHI and their leaders have for mostly mouthing federal health pronouncements that have over time proven to be incorrect? Are they potentially liable, as some industry insiders have alleged?

U.S. Economic Hit by COVID19 in Photos, MHVille Implications, plus Doctor Sara Kayat on “Herd Immunity”
This is one of several early reports on the topic of COVID19 published on MHProNews. It is dated March 31, 2020. It was March 16, 2020 when public health officials during Trump’s time in office declared 15 days to slow the spread.  Put differently, there was medical and scientific community push-back from early on that later proved to be correct, though it was mocked at the time by public officials, censored by big tech, and largely suppressed by much of mainstream media.
This statement is revealing. A parasite feeds on its host. Bill Gates admits he thought ill of Warren Buffett. But they got together on numerous business, nonprofit, and political levels. Clearly, whatever held Gates back he overcame. What he didn’t say in this quote is that Buffett changed. There is an inference that Gates learned from Buffett and embraced that parasitic business model.
These plans will routinely benefit the billionaires and the corporate interests behind the Civic Alliance nonprofit and other groups that big business, big media, and big tech deploy along in concert with Iron Triangle or ‘Deep State’ allies.
On February 28, 2020, weeks before the first 15 days to stop the spread was announced, MHProNews was sounding the alarm.

Illusions, Collusions – “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” – “Never Let a Serious Crisis Go To Waste” – Gates, Buffett Massive Money Grabs?


The article above was posted on 3.14.2022. The one below was published on 5.23.2020. They were apparently years ahead of much of mainstream media. But they also made points never raised by MHI and/or their blogging and trade publishing mouthpieces.


Pandemic Becomes Billionaires’ Bonanza! Bezos, Buffett, Gates, Zuckerberg, Ellison Wealth Surges $100s of Billions in 2 months, says Institute of Policy Studies & Forbes – Report

This article was published on the MHProNews Masthead on 4.14.2020 – about 2.5 years before the Washington Post item cited above.
Published on 5.6.2020 and still relevant, as are others from MHProNews posted on this page. Just doing basic research and fact checks revealed insights that have stood the test of time.
Almost exactly two years ago, on 11.27.2020 and still relevant is this Great Barrington Declaration report, linked and shown below. Doctors and scientists questioned COVID19 policies then and they have been proven correct over time.

These issues impacted consumers, not just industry pros. MHLivingNews made that clear too.

On September 13, 2020, this linked report was uploaded. It points to some of the same people involved in the WEF and the Great Reset. But it also shows how those plans impact the lack of affordable housing, including the lack of manufactured housing, here in the U.S.
This was uploaded onto MHProNews on 5.19.2020, which was first posted on MHLivingNews. Reports like this report still turn up in some Google searches on the topics covered that might have been brought forward by MHI and/or their leading brands. That noted, at least industry members can count on MHProNews seeing more than one side of an issue by coming here and reading the contrarian viewpoint and their clearly cited sources. Note, this linked report is still relevant.

But others beyond MHProNews/MHLivingNews in the manufactured home industry ‘trade media’ – competing publications and bloggers – also tended to merely go-along with MHI’s advice, and thus ‘official’ federal pronouncements. By contrast, there were numbers of times that MHProNews provided news reports, starting in the spring of 2020 as the first lockdowns went into effect that questioned the wisdom of that approach.


That may have initially occurred during POTUS Donald J. Trump (R) time in office, but the policies were nevertheless apparently flawed. Another revelation of late is that Dr. Birx, and obviously others, deliberately lied to President Trump in order to get their preferred policies put in place.



MHProNews has applied the principle of separating the wheat from the chaff with respect to public figures like POTUS’ Bush 43, Obama, Trump and now PINO Biden. While the glory of the good should always go to God, there is a value to this publication and our attentive readers for being consistently correct in questioning authorities of whatever party. After all, HUD’s own researchers admitted that for 50 years politicians of both major parties have been promising solutions to the affordable housing crisis while they have failed to implement the steps needed. That type of outrageous pattern isn’t being highlighted by mainstream media or others in the MHVille trades, but it has been in reports like the one linked below on MHLivingNews. What are we the people paying trillions of dollars annually in taxes for anyway?


Additionally, it is now increasingly known that POTUS Trump was apparently sandbagged by ‘his own’ administration in the health and intelligence realms, among others. Doctors Deborah Birx and Fauci have admitted that they deliberately misled POTUS Trump.  The implications of that and the balance of this report are manifold, but a few will be briefly examined.

  1. The terms “deep state,” “the swamp,” “the Iron Triangle,” and the “revolving door” between regulators, corporations, and elected officials are increasingly coming into focus. While what is being learned is troubling for those who want an authentically free society, the revelations are also useful in as much as it exposes just how manipulated and corrupted the American system has become. As an anecdotal example, this writer was at a dinner a few months ago that was attended by two Nigerian priests. One of them at our table commented, ‘Who would have believed that there was so much corruption in the U.S. government?’ That was both a polite slam against his own nation’s government, but was insightful as to what has been revealed here in the U.S.
  2. The weaponization of public agencies and officials. Certainly, there have been times that members of both major parties have ‘weaponized’ – i.e. improperly used – some federal agency, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).
  3. By accident or design, much of what is occurring in federal and/or state policies happen to benefit larger firms at the expense of smaller ones. They happen to benefit the donor class, which supports Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans, while eschewing support for those who embrace the interests of the working class, middle class, typical retirees, and others.

When someone scans the headlines on Bing on a routine basis, Trump often comes up and in a negative fashion. Bing is a Microsoft product. MSNBC is a combination of Microsoft (MS) and NBC. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owned dozens of local and regional newspapers for years. They had an NBC executive on the Berkshire board. The connection between advertising dollars, other media connections, and the donor class in the U.S. (and in manufactured housing). Follow the money, and see who the status quo benefits and who it harms.

This statement is revealing. A parasite feeds on its host. Bill Gates admits he thought ill of Warren Buffett. But they got together on numerous business, nonprofit, and political levels. Clearly, whatever held Gates back he overcame. What he didn’t say in this quote is that Buffett changed. There is an inference that Gates learned from Buffett and embraced that parasitic business model.





Not everything is a matter of manipulation. Not everything is some deep, dark, sinister conspiracy. But it would be foolish to deny the examples of genuine manipulations and conspiracies when the evidence is staring the public in the face.





Some years ago, a federal official told MHProNews that much (not all) of the federal budget acts as a funnel whereby some agency gets money that may be channeled to specific special interests and their corporate pursuits.  To learn more, see the linked reports herein. Because as the late Ronald Reagan quipped to make a revealing point, ‘I’m from the government and we are here to help.’ If so, why are some of the biggest problems this country has faced for decades are no better than they were prior to the launch of often costly initiatives? The truth is hiding in plain sight for those who take the time to look, absorb, and then act on the information that they gleen.##

Danny Glover quote from the fascinating video documentary, Shadows of Liberty, you can stream it. See the video and associated report at this link here:


‘Partners in Crime’-50 Groups Target Warren Buffett Ally Bill Gates ‘Part of Creating the Very Problem You Name’-Want NY Times, AP, Media to Report Evidence; plus MHVille REITs, Stocks Update

22trillionspentwaronpovertyheritageposteddaillybusinessnewsmhpronews 2
When the status quo is merely accepted, instead of thoughtfully questioned, several things can occur. The system has had a stacked deck for years, as the Arianna Huffington’s book reminds us. How effective has the system been for the masses of Americans? If the system isn’t working as advertised, isn’t it time to plan for healthier changes?

Who’s Right? Climate Claims-DOE Slam ‘Mobile Homes’ 1100+Scientists-World Climate Declaration Say CO2 ‘Essential to Earthly Life’-Decry ‘Solutions for Nonproblem’ Led by Grant$; plus MHStocks Update

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Our son has grown quite a bit since this 12.2019 photo. All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested in our manufactured housing industry related concerns. But Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States, bottled water, and other goodies.

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