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Humans have a remarkable ability to adapt to their environment. Don’t believe it? In Wisconsin or states up north, temperatures at night during this time of year can plunge well into negative digits. There, in Canada, several northern American states, nations near or north of the Arctic Circle, tens of millions have successfully lived for centuries.

By contrast, nearer to the earth’s equator, desert and hot climates have millions living successfully too. Adaptation is evident in every terrestrial environment.

But environmental adaptation is not the only measure of the human ability to figure out ways of surviving or even thriving.

These headline and related issues above and that follow impact our profession and all others. Let’s see how.

Just a few decades ago in Communist China serious poverty and hunger were widespread in the wake of the communist takeover and implementing their Cultural Revolution, Socialist, and Communist central planning. But by adapting their system away from strict communist economic methods and moving toward state dominated fascism, they ‘evolved.’ China’s leaders became richer as a billionaire class emerged.  Most of their growth was funded by American and Western investments and favorable global trade policies. Never mind that China’s brutal government  caused the death of over 50 million of their own people after their birth, plus aborted tens of millions of additional souls before their birth. Muslim Uyghurs? Persecution of Christianity? Communist efforts aimed against Tibet’s monks or the Falun Gong? Massive air pollution? All of those human rights issues, environmental concerns, Communist China’s massive militarization, and Big Brother spy society are apparently easy for investors to turn a blind eye when big profits are involved.

That is another example of humanity’s ability to adapt. That adaption can include rationalization and/or just looking the other way.






By 3.24.2020, after weeks of alarmist reports from some of the same scientific, epidemiological experts and news sources that weeks before were downplaying COVID19’s risk, scientists and medical experts convinced President Donald J. Trump to call for a 15-day emergency shutdown of so-called ‘nonessential‘ operations. Recall that the goal of that 2 weeks was to “Flatten the Curve” so as not to overwhelm hospitals? 10 months later, several Democratic run jurisdictions and some Republican ones like Maryland are still restricting human behavior. Should they be? Some pointing to thoughtful data, say not.



Opposing COVID19 Handling

Sanjeev Sabhlok, Australian public official, from his resignation letter for why he opposed their government’s handling of the COVID19 outbreak. Sabhlok’s thinking mirrors several aspects of the Great Barrington Declaration by thousands of medial and public health professionals, as these pull quotes from the video below will reflect.


Despite data that contradicts the fearmongering, despite constitutional limitations, the level of autocratic-technocratic control today would have seemed unimaginable in December 2019. Weeks and months of “follow the science” propaganda spewed by often self-contradictory claims have contributed to more suicides, more drug abuse and alcoholism.  People who were hopeful for their future in December 2019, due to the highest levels of personal income and lowest unemployment in generations succumbed to  layers of exaggerated claims. The fear mongering, as the illustrations from Australia reflects, flattened the economies of almost every nation on earth, save a notable exception. Communist China, where the Wuhan plague originated.


Sabhlok and the video below are not arguing that the outbreak is fake or that it is not potentially lethal. Rather, using the data, he demonstrated that the risk is far less than the Spanish Flu, thus it is not a ‘pandemic’ in that sense. He said the risk is more akin to the Asian Flu, a point MHProNews and MHLivingNews made last spring 2020.
California’s handling of the pandemic was more severe than Florida, where the economy has by comparison largely been left alone with the obvious health cautions made. Over 1 million have signed a recall petition of California Gov Gavin Newsome.


Women and men can be convinced, pressured, persuaded, or propagandized in changing and adapting.





We are approaching a year since the Masthead published “The Party is Over, So, What’s Next?” We now know several aspects of the answer.


The featured image includes several metaphorical items. It can be seductive – but dangerous – to believe certain things. A mask, among other meanings, is used to project a false face, often used by actors. The eye conveys vision or understanding, which that woman and the mask partially obscures. The wall can stand for the harsh reality that sets in when illusion and the hard facts meet. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/masthead/the-party-is-over-so-whats-next/

A ‘new normal’ exists.





The goal posts for when once free people can return to a more normal life keep getting moved.



Founding father, diplomat, farmer, slave holder, and third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson literally penned the draft of the Declaration of Independence. In it, Jefferson wisely observed that mankind was disposed to suffer so long as evils are sufferable.

Specifically, he said – “Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

Jefferson freed some slaves before and upon his death. Because of arguably weaponized history that fails to teach nuance or then-contemporary realities that often pushed people in directions they did not want to go, many do not realize Jefferson inherited his slaves and worked to ban the trans-Atlantic slave trade. More broad-minded than some in the cancel culture might think, Jefferson is said to have sired offspring with a black woman. The offspring of Jefferson were slaves too. The debt system at the time ‘compelled,’ say Jefferson apologists, to keep him from freeing all of his slaves. Learn more about those details at the download linked here.

That noted, why is it that predatory male behavior is tacitly celebrated in Hollywood and tolerated for decades at major network news organizations?

There are numerous photos of former President Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein’s plane, Epstein’s “pimp” or “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell, and allegations of sexual misconduct. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/arrest-indictment-of-ghislaine-maxwell-jeffrey-epstein-madam-returns-bill-gates-warren-buffett-gates-foundation-donald-trump-bill-clinton-others-to-sexual-predator/


Or why is it that the purported Vice President Kamala Harris’ enemies say she slept, lied, and connived  her way to the top? Her ex-lover Wille Brown said last summer Harris should not be picked for the VP slot by candidate Joe Biden. Now, Harris’ step-daughter is reportedly getting the benefits of a contract with a firm with “IMG Models, a firm with deep ties to the Democratic Party,” said Nation and State. “IMG is part of an entertainment conglomerate run by Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, the former Obama chief of staff, and Patrick Whitesell, a prolific Democratic donor who contributed more than $150,000 to Democratic candidates and committees in the 2020 election cycle.” The IMG website touts its international presence with offices in “New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan, and Sydney.” Will ties to Communist China emerge too?

The ‘first and second families’ that claim to be President and Vice President of the United States are hip deep at least in alleged corrupt and immoral behavior. Tens of millions hate that pattern. But at least now they are tolerating it. Isn’t that adaptation?




Who benefits from canceling the Keystone XL pipeline? Try Communist China, where President Alleged Biden’s son Hunter still has business interests. Biden family partner Tony Bobulinski said that “the Big Guy” (Joe) gets ten percent of what he described and others have described as corrupt and conflicted deals.




Who else benefits from the Keystone cancellation? Try Saudi Arabia. Russia. Venezuela. Iran. Two of those four nation’s Biden and Harris called out during their campaign for their supposed corruption. Better hypocritical double standards than no standards at all?




But there is more rewards and punishments, if one pays heed to the Washington Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti, “resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and founding editor of the Washington Free Beacon.” Per Continetti in a new op-ed, “Leave aside, for the purposes of this discussion, the relative merits of Biden’s executive actions. (I disagree with almost all of them.) Focus instead on their distributional effects, not on individuals but on sectors of the economy, on regions of the country, and on the donor bases of the two parties. The image that comes to mind is of swarms of dollars changing course midflight: a mass migration of subsidies, spending, and incentives from the GOP coalition to the Democratic one.”






That was a point MHProNews made with respect to the Keystone EO that rewarded Buffett’s brand while punishing workers and simultaneously is poised to make the nation more dependent on foreign energy, while driving up energy costs. That will hurt the poor and lower incomes the most. More hypocrisy and contractions from the leaders that claim to be for the little guys while they benefit billionaires and the donor class?









Black Lives Matter (BLM), says Biden-Harris. But aborting black and minority lives by the millions is okay? Look at where Biden-Harris supporting Planned Parenthood clinics are. Do not forget that Planned Parenthood foundress Margaret Sanger was a racist who believed in eugenics.



The list of hypocrisy is nearly endless. While brings us to Tina Toon, and her emailed observation about the GameStop/Reddit Revolt/Robinhood controversy.



Tina Toon  “Let The People Trade?”

Robinhood was designed to appeal to the millennial generation of stock traders. With its slick design, commission free trades, and trendy catchphrases, (Let the people trade), Robinhood claimed it was all about ‘democratizing finance’ by making it simple.

Unfortunately, when it came to their own customers buying the heavily-shorted company GameStop, Robinhood decided to start stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich.’ The rich hedge funds, that is.

If they can rig the markets, they can rig the elections, the courts, the state legislatures, the media, the science, and so on.

Every lie is being revealed.

We should all condemn the actions of Robinhood, but more importantly….some of these big shots need to go to prison for the stunt they pulled on Thursday.

—The GrrrTeam


Ben Garrison’s latest ‘toon to MHProNews came with this brief explanation.


Next Toon:

Ben’s Cartoon “Gamestop Grabs Their Shorts”


The markets are rigged, just like our politics.

Thanks for playing—you lose!

In this instance, the little people have won—even if GameStop is forced back to Earth. What the millennial generation has shown us is just how corrupt and rigged the stock market really is. My hat is off to them. Seeing them win a battle against a powerful and corrupt financial system sure does help morale.

The bad guys can lose and that brings hope.

—Ben Garrison

Read the Entire Post at GrrrGraphics.com



Quote from a 1996 interview with Jerry Brown. The concerns over a ‘rigged system’ are not new.



The evidence of massive corruption is not limited to America. It is international. There has long been struggles in various city-nation-states and places around the world, from Hong Kong, to Hungary, from England to Australia, from Brazil to France and Poland of nationalists pushing back against the globalists.

Those globalists have been at work for at least a century, as Democratic President Woodrow Wilson, as the historic highlights of widely decried-as-a-racist machinations reveals. Do not take our word for it, google or DuckDuckGo each of the following topics, and see for yourself that there is reams of reporting on each of these themes. Note that each of these is dressed up as a good thing. But keep in mind that the policies regarding COVID19 and the Great Reset are also dressed up as good things too.

  • The League of Nations
  • Federal Reserve System (Created by Federal Reserve Act, which opponents decried as a boon to bankers long sought in U.S. history)
  • Wilson signed The Revenue Act of 1913 on October 3, 1913. It “lowered average tariff rates from 40 percent to 26 percent. It also established a one percent tax on income above $3,000 per year; the tax affected approximately three percent of the population,” said left-leaning Wikipedia, which could have emphasized that it began the problematic trend away from tariffs to pay for the federal government and moved it toward income taxes. By 2019, PocketSense claims some 54 percent of the population pays income tax. That’s government creep over time.
  • Wilson arguably manipulated conditions and used the media to convince Americans to enter World War I. By shipping arms to Britain instead of staying neutral, as America had long done during European wars, it provoked the sinking of the Lusitania by a German sub. As the UK Daily Mail phrased it, the Lusitania was “the fastest liner in the North Atlantic – was being used as a weapons ship to break the blockade Berlin had been trying to impose around Britain…” Wikipedia says that the “RMS Lusitania was a British ocean liner that was sunk on 7 May 1915 by a German U-boat 11 miles off the southern coast of Ireland, killing 1,198 passengers and crew.” Just as war propaganda pushed by George W. Bush’s (R) administration led the U.S. to invade Iraq and then Afghanistan, Wilson used propaganda position himself as a peace leader to win reelection, and then stoking the fires with war propaganda to move America into World War I.

The system has been rigged to various degrees for a long time. But perhaps the good news, as Garrison put it, is that there are victories in the battle against “the bad guys” and “that brings hope.”

To solve a problem, one must first understand it clearly. Then, in a system like ours, as many people as possible should be mobilized to defeat the billionaire oligarchs that have taken over the Democratic party and some in the GOP too.

President Trump will not be on the sidelines long. With the announcement from President Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that the 45th President will be supporting the effort to retake the Congress in 2022, it is game on. Once the so-called sham-peachment is over, Katy bar the doors.

But until then, there is an occupying force in the White House that currently dominates Congress. There are battles ahead that freedom loving people should prepare themselves to confront. Because as Tina Toon said, as “Every Lie” is “Revealed” that can be the basis for a coalition that can end the manipulation of government by fascist-minded oligarchs.



Buckle up and stay tuned.

Since this report was published, several legal sources across the left-right divide have confirmed the validity of this approach. Will it happen? That is another question, but perhaps spreading the word will increase those odds. https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/masthead/leo-donofrio-writ-of-quo-warranto-legal-solution-to-election-fraud-potus-trump-vs-biden-path-to-stop-millions-of-jobs-vanishing-oligarchs-power-gra/


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