Dana M. Peterson EVP at Conference Board Nails Much of Inflationary Impact on Housing & Necessities-CNN Op-Ed; AoI Political vs Free Market Entrepreneurs – Analysis; plus, Manufactured Housing Stocks Updates


In a few days, I will lay down my official responsibilities in this office — to take up once more the only title in our democracy superior to that of president, the title of citizen.” – President Jimmy Carter’s Farewell Address, January 14, 1981, per Jimmy Carter Library. “Thoughtful criticism and close scrutiny of all government officials by the press and the public are an important part of our democratic society. Now as in our past, only the understanding and involvement of the people through full and open debate can help to avoid serious mistakes and assure the continued dignity and safety of the nation.”

What occurs on every rung of the economic ladder matters to our profession, and others too. Dana Peterson’s look at inflation and its impacts on housing or other issues, particularly among retirees and those with lower incomes is timely and insightful. She does not mention former President James “Jimmy” Carter, nor any other political figure or party, in her thoughtful op-ed. That is fine, as naming this or that politician or party may have caused the rejection of the letter on the CNN or numerous other news websites.

Peterson is the Executive Vice President & Chief Economist at the The Conference Board. The Conference Board website explains the origins of the 105-year-old institution like this.

JANUARY 1, 1916, THE CONFERENCE BOARD IS AN UNLIKELY SUCCESS STORY. Established during a prolonged period of economic turmoil, The Conference Board began life as a grand idea, not an institution. Prior to its founding, three tragic events led to widespread public condemnation of business: Los Angeles Times’ Plant Bomb (1910), Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (1911), and The Ludlow Massacre (1914). The business leaders most concerned about these events were Magnus Alexander, a prominent executive at General Electric and Frederick Fish, a Boston attorney who had been president of AT&T.”

So, big business leaders established The Conference Board in response to social unrest sparked by economic issues. It is useful to keep in mind that politics and big business have long gone hand in glove.

During the current period of economic and political upheaval, understanding Peterson’s background is also useful. Per her Conference Board bio, “Peterson is the Chief Economist & Center Leader of Economy, Strategy & Finance at The Conference Board. Peterson joins The Conference Board from Citi, where for many years she served as a North America Economist and later as a Global Economist. Her wealth of experience extends to the public sector, having also worked at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C.”

With those thoughts in mind, let’s dive into Peterson’s July 1, 2021 op-ed which was entitled: Inflation will hurt low-income Americans for years to come.” Following her fact- and evidence-laced op-ed, there will be additional information, MHProNews analysis and commentary in brief. That in turn will be followed by our other business-daily news and market features.

QuoteSignSymbol100x156Inflation will hurt low-income Americans for years to come.

By Dana M. Peterson

As consumer prices rise for food, energy, housing and a number of other goods and services, Americans are feeling the pinch. But lower-income families and retirees on fixed incomes will especially feel their buying power erode — not just in the short-term, but for many years to come, further widening the nation’s wealth gap.

To understand why, imagine a family earning less than the median wage of about $58,600 a year, pre-tax. Their after-tax income is even smaller, leaving less room for spending. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) 2019 Consumer Expenditure Survey, my own calculations reveal that families earning $50,000 or less annually, on average, spend anywhere from 110% to 340% of their after-tax income on rent, food and utilities each year. This means that many of these families are borrowing just to make ends meet.

By comparison, families with average incomes above $50,000 spend as much as 98% of their incomes (e.g., families earning $50,000 to $70,000) to as little as 62% (e.g., families earning $200,000 or more), according to my calculations using the BLS survey. Add in higher prices, and this could likely mean that low- and moderate-income families will need to depend even more on debt to meet basic needs.

Indeed, during the pandemic many low- and moderate-income families and retired persons received stimulus checks, and a portion of these checks were used to pay down debt. However now, as these checks have been distributed and likely already spent, consumer credit (i.e., credit cards, financing) is on the rise again. Moreover, forbearances on mortgage debt, utilities and rent payments are expiring soon, meaning these families will be less shielded from rising inflation.

It’s also important to keep in mind what these households are spending on. Families earning $30,000 to $70,000, pre-tax, spend one-third to one-quarter of their annual after-tax income on food, utilities and rent, according to my calculations using data from the BLS survey. For families making $15,000 to $30,000, the share jumps to 47%, and for families making less than $15,000, it reaches an outsized 116%. Families making more than the median, by comparison, spend between about 7% and 19% of their after-tax income on such necessities.

Rising prices squeeze lower-income families who are already spending a disproportionate amount of their income just to get by. Indeed, the cost of food at home was above its pre-pandemic inflation rate of 1% year-over-year for 13 consecutive months during the pandemic, according to my calculations using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), and at times exceeded 4% year-over-year. The annual inflation rate for meals purchased at eating and drinking places (e.g., restaurants and bars) leapt 5.2% in May, according to the BEA. Meanwhile, energy prices are rising and low housing inventories are constraining the home-buying market.

Inflation is also having a disproportionate effect on items that are not, strictly speaking, necessities, but still should cost relatively less. That eats up the already-small share of income that could be used to build wealth. For example, price inflation for new cars and light trucks was 3.6% year-over-year in May 2021, while the inflation rate for used cars and light trucks, which should be more affordable, is up an astounding 37.9% year-over-year in May, according to the BEA. Gasoline prices are up 56.7%, and car insurance is up 16.9% during that same time period, according to the BLS. These price increases put owning an asset that might be important for maintaining a job — a car, for example — virtually out of reach for many low- and moderate-income families.

But inflation doesn’t only hurt low- and moderate-income households in the short run. It inflicts further damage over the longer term by expanding the wealth gap. As these households are forced to spend more of their incomes on necessities, they have less money to allocate toward saving and investing. That means they miss out on the price appreciation of assets like stocks and bonds.

When households cannot save, they are less able to sock away money for big investments, like home purchases or education, that can create wealth down the line. Families earning more have greater bandwidth to save and invest additional income into assets, like homes, that can build wealth, even as prices for goods and services rise. Households that own stocks or a home, both of which have been rising in value throughout the pandemic, experience increases in their net worth that families lacking these assets do not. Indeed, since late June last year, stock prices in the S&P 500 rose by 39%, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices, and the median price of an existing home is up by about 23.6%, according to the National Association of Realtors. This widens the wealth gap.

Even before the pandemic, the wealthiest families had 170 times the wealth of the lowest-income families, according to Federal Reserve data from the Survey of Consumer Finances. Given rising inflation and greater valuations for assets that generate wealth, the gap between the most and least well-off Americans is widening.

Until the US economy fully reopens, the supply chain for goods is able to meet demand, and policymakers gingerly reverse some of the policies that are contributing to faster inflation, like stimulus checks and super low interest rates, lower-income families will be forced to tighten their belts and will fall even further behind their wealthier counterparts. ##



Additional Information, MHProNews Analysis and Commentary

The Academy of Ideas (AoI) was co-founded by “2 brothers from Canada. We are the sole producers of the content. We are not affiliated with any organization, corporation, or university,” says their website.

. On their exploration of the topic of wealth inequality, they frame the matter in this fashion. AoI says that the two types of equality that are promoted in contemporary society, namely economic equality, which is the call for decreasing the wealth disparity between the rich and poor, and equality before the law.”

AoI makes the case that “Equality before the law contributes to social stability as the actions of others become more predictable. Furthermore, if all people are subject to the same laws it is less likely that laws of an oppressive nature will emerge. Oppression tends to arise when a class of people gain enough power to elevate themselves “above” the law, so to speak, and are able to avoid the oppressive laws they enact on others.”

AoI says that: “To truly understand the wealth inequality debate, it is necessary to recognize that in an economy dominated by government intervention, such as exists today, there are two substantively different ways one can obtain large amounts of wealth – and only one is compatible with equality before the law.”

These two routes can be referred to as pure market entrepreneurship and political entrepreneurship. Pure market entrepreneurs earn their fortunes by selling new, better or cheaper products on the market and do so without any assistance from the government. In other words, a pure market entrepreneur’s ability to earn money is directly related to their ability to please customers. This is in contrast to the political entrepreneur whose success is based on their ability to lobby and influence politicians who then use the power of the state to assist the political entrepreneur in the earning of a fortune. The actions of political entrepreneurs are incompatible with equality before the law as they are granted privileges unattainable to others,” says AoI. As they routinely do in their periodic exploration of topics in roughly 15 minute videos, they cite various individuals who would often be regarded as experts, perhaps not unlike Peterson.

Citing “The 20th century economist Ludwig von Mises, in his essay “Profit and Loss”, AoI quotes him as saying the following.

The riches of successful [pure market] entrepreneurs is not the cause of anybody’s poverty; it is the consequence of the fact that the consumers are better supplied than they would have been in the absence of the entrepreneur’s effort. . .The standard of living of the common man is highest in those countries which have the greatest number of wealthy [pure market] entrepreneurs. It is to the foremost material interest of everybody that control of the factors of production should be concentrated in the hands of those who know how to utilize them in the most efficient way.”

AoI uses that from von Mises to explain that “in a free market, the largest fortunes are made by those who sell goods and services which improve the lives, not of an elite few, but of the much larger middle and lower classes. To quote Mises again:

The very principle of [pure market] entrepreneurship is to provide for the common man. In his capacity as consumer the common man is the sovereign whose buying or abstention from buying decides the fate of entrepreneurial activities. There is in the market economy no other means of acquiring and preserving wealth than by supplying the masses in the best and cheapest way with all the goods they ask for.” (Ludwig von Mises).”

AoI then ads this blindingly relevant insight to the discussion. “In contrast to the pure market entrepreneur who must satisfy the consumer to obtain large amounts of wealth, political entrepreneurs obtain their fortunes by using the power of the state. This is done in a myriad of ways, including subsidizations or bailouts which amount to transfers of wealth from the masses to the connected few, or the creation of regulations and laws, which benefit established firms at the expense of potential new entrants. A further blatant, but sometimes overlooked way that political entrepreneurs obtain their wealth is by using government to pass and enforce laws to ban the sale of entire classes of goods.”

The example those Canadian brothers provided with that paragraph above is quite different than the one MHProNews will suggest.

There is a potent nexus between the facts and concerns raised by the Conference Board Chief Economist Peterson and AOI in their distinctive, but still complimentary, analysis.  Namely, how inherently affordable manufactured homes can be a tool for creating more household wealth for retirees and those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder.

Peterson details the impact of political decisions that are routinely closely tied to the interests of what AoI called “political entrepreneurs.” Like Peterson, AoI does not name any party or politician in their respective articles. Thus, individuals can potentially approach their issues with less of a partisan view and perhaps with a more open mind.

AoI said: “To reiterate, the crucial thing to recognize is that unlike the pure market entrepreneur whose actions increase overall standards of living, the actions of political entrepreneurs make the majority of people worse off. Political entrepreneurs are not rewarded for their ability to serve the masses, but for their ability to lobby and influence politicians which greatly disrupts the wealth generating spontaneous order of a free market.”

This aptly describes what has been occurring in manufactured housing for decades, without ever naming manufactured homes. As Minneapolis Federal Reserve senior economist James A. “Jim” Schmitz Jr has written several times, manufactured housing has been hobbled by a combination of forces that he and several of his colleagues have called “sabotaging monopolies.” AoI’s observation is complementary. “Political entrepreneurs are not rewarded for their ability to serve the masses, but for their ability to lobby and influence politicians which greatly disrupts the wealth generating spontaneous order of a free market.”

It is market manipulation, by intermediate to high level influence peddling that has caused manufactured housing to be hobbled not only in the Warren Buffett led Berkshire Hathaway era of our industry, but decades before too. While it is more pronounced since Berkshire – and more recently, other big hedge funds and conglomerates have stepped into the manufactured home industry – nevertheless, Schmitz and company are correct.




The frustration of the free market system has occurred because of political influences. That in turn is accomplished by an array of tactics by the connected “political entrepreneurs” that AoI says “their ability to lobby and influence politicians which greatly disrupts the wealth generating spontaneous order of a free market.”

There are real world consequences to political policies. Those policies and messaging are often promoted precisely because of the impact it will have on categories and groups of individuals.

President Carter’s post-presidency has been widely hailed as that of a humanitarian Sunday school teacher. But Carter’s presidency created ‘stag-flation.’ Fast forward to our current inflation, Peterson is correct in saying that gas, groceries, housing, and other essentials hit those on lower or fixed incomes the hardest.

Are we to believe that the Biden-Harris team’s people do not recognize these facts? That would be an absurd belief. They have knowledgeable people that have access to history and information the same as Peterson, AoI, or MHProNews for that matter. Far more plausible, following the principle of Occam’s Razor, is to think that the current policies and media messaging are in place for specific benefits to a few despite the harm to the many.

People often say things that may be true to a point, but that they may or may not have lived themselves. That noted, President Carter thoughtful warned about a “disturbing factor in American political life” in his farewell address. He said that “private interests are protected.” That “tends to distort our purposes because the national interest is not always the sum of all our single or special interests. We are all Americans together — and we must not forget that the common good is our common interest and our individual responsibility.”

How is that common good achieved? AoI suggests that it is precisely by not giving political entrepreneurs their superior position that is de facto above the law.

Carter’s farewell address included a focus on “the pre-eminence of the basic rights of human beings.” This is a theme that the approach of July 4, 2021 should evoke. It is particularly important given that this is also the week that Communist Chinese celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of their party, which at its core placed party above the rights of over a billion of their own people.




Carter mentioned “National weakness — real or perceived — can tempt aggression and thus cause war.” That’s hardly new, but it is an important principle that he and President Donald J. Trump, along other leaders of both major parties, have cited. That weakness is not just military, it is economic. In the age of the COVID19 contagion, it is also arguably a sign of weakness that the Biden-Harris team have not robustly held Communist China to account. Because they have not done so, the threat of war is greater as yesterday’s report linked below outlined.




Carter hit a theme that virtually every American, save polluters, agrees upon. “There are real and growing dangers to our simple and most precious possessions: the air we breathe; the water we drink; and the land which sustains us.”

Those who hunger for freedom, who thirst for human dignity, and who suffer for the sake of justice — they are the patriots of this cause,” said Carter. While several presidents of both major parties were arguably mistaken in thinking that America could force other nations to follow our example, or act as the world’s cop, arguably the more powerful and less costly method is to lead by example. Protect our own interests, while being a beacon of light and justice to others.

Said Carter: “Ours was the first nation in the history of the world to be founded explicitly on such an idea. Our social and political progress has been based on one fundamental principle — the value and importance of the individual.” That is equality under the law, as AoI noted above.

Carter acknowledged the importance that thoughtful criticism, sometimes via the press, has to the American political process.  Evidence- and fact-based critiques are part of what this platform has deployed for years.

The former president said that “Our American values are not luxuries but necessities — not the salt in our bread but the bread itself. Our common vision of a free and just society is our greatest source of cohesion at home and strength abroad — greater even than the bounty of our material blessings.

Remember these words:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

This vision still grips the imagination of the world.” Two typos from the Carter library in corrected in that passage from the Declaration of Independence.

Since the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden, freedom has never been and will never be free. One president after another has at various times stressed the importance of moral and religious principles. While God can certainly be invoked for evil as well as good purposes, the ideal of a just and moral society should be able to shrug off machinations of the mere pretenders to justice.

Voices across the left-right divide have been warning about one policy pronouncement after another by the questionable Biden-Harris team.  This isn’t the first or last time this will happen in American politics. But the solution is to get to the root issues that cause vexing problems such as inflation, which is by definition caused in good measure by the artificial creation of too much paper and digital money.

Inflation is a kind of tax or negative impact on everyone, but it is the most pernicious to those on limited or fixed incomes.

AoI in that same article noted that: “Some may think that the existence of political entrepreneurs justifies taxes on the rich, but a much better solution would be to eliminate the ability of governments to enrich the political entrepreneurial class in the first place. For it is not the rich per se that are the problem, but the ability to get rich by using the power of the state instead of by serving the needs of others. Furthermore, increased taxation just puts more money in the hands of the very politicians who have proved competent at enriching their cronies, but inept at helping the poor and middle classes.” Quite so.

A free-market society, void of political entrepreneurs, would still have rich people and wealth inequality. But the important thing to recognize is that the disparity between rich and poor would be less obvious in a free-market society, than in a society where political entrepreneurs dominate,” reasoned the Academy of Ideas (AoI). Again, quite so.

Much of what is claimed in various plans and programs, which carefully unpacked, aim to benefit a political party and their backers. At present, that happens to be Democrats. To deny that reality is to deny the obvious. But at other times, big business interests have used Republicans too.  As political independents, MHProNews/MHLivingNews has long stressed just and moral principles vs. mere platitudes, however nice sounding the platitudes may be.

AoI cites this quote to conclude: “under economic freedom, even the poorest strata of society consume substantial and progressively increasing quantities of wealth. Thus, the inequality that prevails is not one of a contrast between those who are starving, half-naked, and living in hovels, and those who are fat, clad in furs, and living in castles, as is the case under feudal inequality, for example. Rather it is an inequality between those who are rich enough to drive Chevrolet or Ford automobiles, and those who are rich enough to drive Cadillacs or Rolls-Royces.” (George Reisman, Capitalism)

The solution to much of what ails America is the need to de-couple the grip of big business, big media, big tech from the levers of big government. Those who claim a need to pass new laws are by intent or accident arguably buying time for those connected elites. The time to press every form of legal accountability imaginable is now.


“Legitimate” – American Capitalists, Chinese Communists, U.S. Media, Education, Politics – ‘Mystery’ of Affordable Housing and Manufactured Housing Gone Awry – plus Sunday Weekly Manufactured Home Headlines Review

Facts matter, as Peterson’s sobering facts illustrate. History matters, because whatever has happened before can happen again. Numbers have been comparing the early months of the Biden-Harris White House with the stag-flation of the Carter Presidency, which ended up ushering in the eight years of President Ronald Reagan.

Within our system of government every American has a right and duty to help shape the future course of the United States,” said Carter in his farewell address. “Thoughtful criticism and close scrutiny of all government officials by the press and the public are an important part of our democratic society.” True.


Next, is our evening market report and related left-right headlines.

The Business Daily Manufactured Home Industry Connected Stock Market Updates.  Plus, Market Moving Left (CNN) – Right (Newsmax) Headlines Snapshot. While the layout of this business daily report has recently been modified, several elements of the basic concepts used previously are still the same. The headlines that follow below can be reviewed at a glance to save time while providing insights across the left-right media divide. Additionally, those headlines often provide clues as to possible ‘market moving’ items.


Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…

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Weeks before others in the mainstream media began to flash their ‘inflation warnings,’ MHProNews added first the top, then later the second notice above. When someone has even a basic understanding of the principles of economics, ‘inflation’ was predictable. The question is, will hyper-inflation follow? There are voices on both sides of that debate.

Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business = evening of 7.1.2021

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Headlines from right-of-center Newsmax – evening of 7.1.2021

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                          • NOTE: The chart below includes the Canadian stock, ECN, which purchased Triad Financial Services, a manufactured home industry lender
                          • NOTE: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).
                          • NOTE: Deer Valley was largely taken private, say company insiders in a message to MHProNews on 12.15.2020, but there are still some outstanding shares of  the stock from the days when it was a publicly traded firm.  Thus, there is still periodic activity on DVLY.
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It is now 11+ years and counting

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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested. But Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. Tamas has grown considerably since this photo was taken. 

By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for MHProNews.
Tony earned a journalism scholarship and earned numerous awards in history and in manufactured housing. For example, he earned the prestigious Lottinville Award in history from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied history and business management. He’s a managing member and co-founder of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and MHLivingNews.com. This article reflects the LLC’s and/or the writer’s position, and may or may not reflect the views of sponsors or supporters.


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