Born on the Fourth of July, Happy Birthday America – “America First” Fighting to Save the American Dream – plus Sunday Weekly Headlines Review


America First.” That’s as simple as slogan as “American Jobs, “American Businesses,” “Made in the USA,” “Law and Order,” and American People First are just common sense.  The American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance “to the Republic” are common sense views any American of any background can embrace.  “Equal justice under law” is about giving the common woman or everyday man of whatever color or creed their honest part of the American Dream.   What is wrong is giving superior rights, superior power to the financially, media, and politically connected. These issues are explored in one of our new MHLivingNews topics for this 4th of July.  See that further below.

Whatever someone’s background, the quotes below are just common sense positions for Americans of good will to hold.



The evidence found in reports like some of those linked in our  Sunday weekly headline recap reveals this insight.  The enemies of the American Dream are routinely leftist billionaires and their political/bureaucratic cronies. It is no surprise that the biggest beneficiaries of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic has been Chinese Communists and American billionaires. We have articles on both of those topics in our weekly fact and evidence-based reports in review, found further below. As evidence for that there are new quotes from Warren Buffett and his partner in Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger.

Who is experiencing the greater harm from inflation is among our headline issues explored below too.




It is natural to have a fondness for someone’s birthplace or home town. Similarly, it is natural to love your country. That means it is unnatural to hate your country. Those who preach hatred for America are either misinformed, misguided, or they have an agenda that routinely benefits the billionaire class that dominates much of the Democratic and some of the Republican Party too.

American isn’t perfect. But it is better than most – or perhaps any – other nation on earth. The evidence? When someone leaves their homeland, it is often for the USA. More evidence is this global survey, which puts America near the top of the happiest countries. Imagine how much happier Americans would be if not for the political, cultural, and media manipulation?


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There are many things we thank God for this Independence Day. Among the items we are thankful for this 4th of July is this. As one of the reports linked below reflects, while mainstream media – those that lean left and right – have taken a slide in visitors/traffic, MHProNews and MHLivingNews has held up and experienced growth.  The details are in the report on media shown below.

That tells us that people like you are responding to thoughtful content that lays out the facts, figures, evidence and then illuminates it with appropriate analysis and commentary.  We thank you, the legions that come daily, and our sponsors.  Note that they don’t set our agenda or analysis, we do.

Speaking of analysis, the State of the Manufactured Home Communities 2021 report and analysis are fresh, groundbreaking insights packed with new third-party generated research results. That’s below among so many other timely topics.

On MHProNews and MHLivingNews, we avoid making statements that are not backed up by evidence and verifiable facts. Perhaps for that reason, even people that do not like what we might publish nevertheless are regular readers. Who says? They and their circle do so.

We aim to keep evolving to meet the needs of our industry readers, third-party researchers, public officials, and others. Without getting kinky, there is not too many topics we shy away from that matter at either the granular or macro levels to our profession.

Don’t miss today’s postscript and video, Born on the Fourth of July

With no further adieu, let’s pivot to the headlines from the week that was.


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Postscript – Born on the Fourth of July

It has been 245 years since July 4, 1776. That makes today the 246th “birthday of America. NPR, citing federal data, said that “Just over 3.6 million babies were born in the U.S. last year [2020].” Statistically, that means that last year, there were about 9863 babies in the U.S. born on the 4th of July.



When this writer first watched Oliver Stone’s Born on the 4th of July, the impact was difficult to swallow on several levels. Stone is from the political left, something he does not hide. But for those on the political center or right, that does not mean that everything that Stone raises in a movie is incorrect. As with so much in America and around the world, the wheat must be sifted from the chaff. No doubt, Stone has weaponized aspects of history. At the same time, there are sobering truths that this sobering movie brought forward.



Successive Democratic Presidents, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Banes Johnson (LBJ), fed the growth of the Vietnam conflict. While Kennedy is much loved by many, LBJ is aptly seen by many as a manipulative racist that was the tool of the connected. But in truth, it is hard to find an American president in the modern era that has not been the tool of the elites that profited from conflicts in Vietnam and the Middle East.

The best antidote for misinformation is good information.  Some say that President Kennedy was mulling a pullout from Vietnam, just as some say that he was mulling a return to the silver and gold standard and a departure from fiat currency. All of these thoughts merit objective study.  What is certain is that the domino theory was not entirely wrong. For example, after the fall of Vietnam, Cambodia descended into a blood bath of Pol Pot’s communist hell.



But the tragedies of Cambodia and Vietnam does not mean that the U.S. had to send troops in to prop up the South Vietnamese government.




The U.S.A. has experienced the ebb and flow of the big financial, media, and economic elites strive to control ever more the U.S. economy. Warren Buffett is not wrong in saying that his class billionaire “won” to a significant degree.




Patriotism is good. But good things can be twisted and weaponized. It is not without reason that the Apostle Paul said “moderation in all things.” It is routinely true that too much food, drink, sex, drugs – whatever – is routinely harmful to a person, family, or society. Money is fine, it is necessary. But the inordinate love of money – that is the biblical “root of all evil.” Ideally, money is at the service of people, not the other way around.




The full President’s Advisor 1776 Commission report is found as a download linked here.


American patriots in a populist movement rose up and beat back the Robber Barons during the so-called Gilded Age. We are struggling against a new Gilded Age with New Robber Barons. But the problems are much the same. It is the problem of a monopoly of information, influence, money, and power.  The American Dream is worth fighting for, but for those who want to sit on the sidelines and do nothing, that risks handing over the nation to the very people who would subvert our liberties.





Until the final curtain of time falls, there is always more to come. Stay tuned.




Dare to be a person of faith (cf. Hab 2:4; Heb 10:38).”


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