Billionaire COVID19 Profiteers Seek to Silence Critics, “Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste”


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Critics must be silenced for billionaires to keep profiting from pandemic

By controlling the media, billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates can prolong a crisis indefinitely while they accumulate unprecedented wealth and power over humanity.

 By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

February 17, 2021 (CHD) — On Feb. 15, the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post published a Feb. 11 Associated Press article applauding the censorship of those who criticize the government’s pandemic response policies.

The lockdown has netted Bezos $70 billion since its start. If you are Bezos, a permanent lockdown is a goldmine.

Bill Gates, meanwhile, has made $20 billion from the lockdown he previously war-gamed and then cheer-led. His strategy has included emasculating the independent media — the most likely sources of the sort of vigorous journalism that might otherwise scrutinize his self interest in the polices he helped successfully engineer for the rest of us.

Gates used millions in grants to transform the once proudly unbridled The Guardian into his personal newsletter. With $250 million, he purchased immunity from criticism by news operations like the BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde and the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Gates also made large contributions to charitable organizations affiliated with news outlets, like BBC Media Action and the The New York Times, according to an August 2020 investigation by Columbia Journalism Review. He similarly disarmed NPR and Public Television by making them reliant on his support. In exchange, these outlets shield his sketchy projects from critical scrutiny.

Gates is arguably the world’s biggest vaccine maker. As its largest contributor, Gates controls the World Health Organization which, according to Foreign Affairs, makes no significant decision without consulting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He similarly exercises dictatorial authority over an army of quasi-governmental agencies that he largely created or funds: Path, GAVI CEPI, Unicef etc. These agencies have demonstrated their power to turn the globe into a captive market for Gates’ vaccine enterprise.

Meanwhile, Gates’ Big Pharma partners use their $9.6 billion in advertising expenditures to dictate round-the-clock pandemic panic and drum up blind support for highly subsidized, shoddily tested, zero-liability vaccines that prevent neither transmission nor death.

The mainstream network news shows, including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox have put COVID Terror, Vaccines Salvation and the obligatory shaming of dissidents on a 24-hour loop with each segment (and I use this term in every sense of the word) with pharmaceutical advertisements.

These outlets have turned their weekly talk shows into fawning hagiographies for Gates’ regular satellite tours in which credulous, obsequious Sunday morning talk show hosts lob softball medical questions to a billionaire with no public health training.

Nobody ever asks Gates or his mini-me, Tony Fauci, why they chose to spend tens of billions in taxpayer dollars on speculative vaccines and zero dollars investigating the many off-the-shelf, off-patent medications that have demonstrated extraordinary success in the hands of private doctors — medications that might have ended the pandemic a year ago.



The media, which has enabled this global hostage crisis, is arguably the most consequential criminal enterprise in human history. As Rahm Emmanuel observed, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Gates and Fauci have demonstrated that by controlling the media, billionaires and their government cronies can prolong a crisis forever and accumulate unprecedented wealth and power over humanity.

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The video above is of a specialist testifying on issues that should raise concerns that the COVID-19 ‘crisis’ is being mishandled in ways that profit a few at tremendous cost to society and millions of Americans and others around the world. That video is in English. The video below was not part of the news-analysis by Kennedy above, but it is arguably quite related. In that video, several other medical professionals buttress claims made above.  The ‘official’ position is not universally held. Indeed, there is a range of thousands of medical and scientific professionals who disagree with aspects of official federal policies. 


Additional Information, MHProNews Analysis and Commentary

This article was posted on LifeSiteNews with the permission of the Children’s Health Defense nonprofit that has Robert F. Kennedy Jr., J.D., as it’s leader and respected attorney. Kennedy and LifeSite have each been banned by aspect of the major social media platforms. Kennedy was booted from Facebook owned Instagram and LifeSite’s videos were banned from YouTube.  While each organization has its own respective focus, they are in their own ways challenging an “Establishment” that is dominated by billionaires and their corporate interests.

Media” in this sense is not only mainstream news operations, such as those that Kennedy named above. It is also those Tech Titans that operate Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Some months ago, MHProNews featured dozens of personalities involved in mainstream news, academia, and entertainment. Some signed onto a joint statement, others made ones of their own. Each shared their experiences and views on just how problematic so-called news, media, education, or even entertainment have become. If someone does not fall within a narrow band of acceptable discussion, then the forces of “cancel culture” and/or the media operations themselves move in to attempt to silence them. They are from the left of center, but is what right-of-center Chris Plante calls limiting freedom of speech and freedom of reach.

One example is this pull quote from a group of 150 that signed onto a document that decried this limiting of free speech. Most if not all were from the political left.



Kennedy is a self-proclaimed lifelong Democrat. Kennedy’s father was the assassinated former Senator Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy. Bobby served as his brother and President John F. “Jack” Kennedy’s attorney general. It is fair to say that the Kennedy family understands both wealth and political power. They have seen both from the inside. A related deeper dive that deals with those issues published today on the Masthead is found linked below. It’s focus are third-party views on related insights. In brief, they tend to support the notion that Robert F. Kennedy’s thinking on numerous issues are based on sound evidence and reasoning.




Note that Robert F. Kennedy Jr reportedly met with President Donald J. Trump. The discussion focused on children’s health, vaccinations, and such. That does not imply that they became allies. Indeed, Kennedy sometime after that meeting referred to President Trump as a “bully.”

As those who follow voices on the political or social right know, there has been a hue and cry regarding tech censorship for some time. Like Kennedy Jr., Greenwald has not proclaimed himself in the Trump camp.




The pushback against left-leaning news outlets, such as those the bulk of those that Kennedy’s observations and warnings above happened to mention, is what causes the rise in “conservative” media. Indeed, what gave the late Rush Limbaugh his raison d‘être was precisely the pushback against what conservatives have long viewed as a larger leftist media.




But in the questions and concerns from voices across the left right divide is this. There are now ample contemporary evidence, as well as historical examples, that specific individuals who often have significant wealth, media influence, and thus power have manipulated the system in their own favor.

Kennedy limited his criticism to Gates and Bezos, both of whom are among the wealthiest individuals in the world.


Quote from a 1996 interview with Jerry Brown. What was seen by some then is even more visible today.

On our MHLivingNews website in articles like the one above, or on MHProNews from reports like the one below, we have documented similar concerns as political independents. Like Kennedy, we documented our sources, as each report reflects. Perhaps that is why those reports keep getting accessed in significant numbers months after they were first published.




Not Just Taking Advantage of a Crisis…

The case could be made that the powers that be, the so-called Establishment, string pullers or “STRIpPers” manipulate millions into faux battles against each other through a misuse of money, politics, businesses, and information. An uber-class of overlords exists. Some of these are quite well known, others lurked more in the shadows. That they apply the Rahm Emanuel/Saul Alinsky concept of “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” may miss the point that they can also manufacture a crisis almost at will.


The Great Barrington Declaration questions the wisdom of the handling of the COVID-19 “crisis.”




That is an international group of medical and scientific professionals. So it is not only in the use that there are skeptics, there are examples of global concerns.

These are intelligent people. They are not risking their respective reputations for nothing.

They are bucking the global elites, many of whom are found right here in the U.S.

It is arguably an error to slam or mock someone on the left or right just because they are on the left or right.

What these examples above reflect is this. Creating, exacerbating, or sustaining a crisis can and does benefit a few. It is not that wealth is per se evil. But when the love of money and power take root to the point that individuals are just cyphers, pawns, and tools, it is apparent that something must be done.

Part of that is what Kennedy and others are doing. Speaking up in an evidence-based and well reasoned manner that can open minds and win hearts.



But what follows is not always quite as clear. See the report linked below and others upcoming for more.




In conclusion, the point here is not that left or right does not matter. Rather, it is that people are being manipulated by misinformation. Having Americans divided is a bonus that helps the Establishment achieve their goals. What is noteworthy is that the same billionaires are routinely connected to these issues. Those same billionaires are impacting our profession too, but also the nation as a whole. This is a pattern that should not be ignored.



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