‘An Army of One’ Rush Limbaugh ‘Palace’ Residence Going on Market – Est Sales Price Equals Avg Cost of 1,564 New Manufactured Homes, Over 16 Times Size of New HUD Code Manufactured Housing – Insights


“Rush Limbaugh, America’s Anchorman and Doctor of Democracy,” is a quotation from the RushLimbaugh.com website and his vast estate is ‘quietly’ being put on the market for sale, says the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and other sources. For decades, Limbaugh ‘ruled’ the airwaves as the runaway number one rated radio talk show. When Limbaugh launched his talk radio program, he is at times described as a seemingly lone conservative voice in a media landscape dominated by left-leaning news networks and scores of similarly skewing newspapers and magazines. Now, the wife of the late media mogul is planning on putting his home up for sale. The estimated sales price would be equal to the reported average sales price of 1563.89 typical new manufactured homes. “The U.S. Census Bureau reports the average sale price of a new manufactured home was $111,900 in November 2021,” said the real estate section of USNews.com on May 4, 2022. Meaning, they home they will sell the residence equal in size to some 16.31 typical manufactured homes (new manufactured home 1471 sq. ft. avg, per Census Bureau and HUD Data in 2020) The report below, courtesy of the WND NewsCenter to MHProNews, might be framed against a New York Post report that stated the estimated value of the palatial Versailles style mansion on 2.17.2021 like this: “Rush Limbaugh, who died Wednesday morning at the age of 70, leaves behind a $50 million Palm Beach, Florida home for his wife, Kathryn.”



Want to live in Rush Limbaugh’s palace? Now you can for this not-so-tidy amount

‘It reflects the things and places he has seen and admired’

By Joe Kovacs Published July 17, 2022 at 2:26pm

WNDnewscenterLogoQuotePALM BEACH, Florida — Have you ever dreamed of living in the very home owned by conservative legend Rush Limbaugh in the oceanfront paradise of Palm Beach, Florida?

Now you can.

The Wall Street Journal reports Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, the wife of the late radio star, is quietly putting the 24,000-square-foot Versailles-style mansion on the market, with an asking price of $150 million to $175 million.

That’s a considerable price hike from the original purchase in 1990, when Limbaugh paid just $3.9 million. Since then, he acquired four adjacent properties, culminating in a 2.7-acre estate.

Rush Limbaugh died in February 2021 after a very public, year-long battle with Stage IV lung cancer.

The home was featured briefly in Zev Chafets’ biography about Limbaugh titled “An Army of One,” as the author noted how the broadcaster largely decorated the property himself.

“It reflects the things and places he has seen and admired,” Chafets wrote.

“The house had a vast salon meant to suggest Versailles,” he wrote, “and a massive chandelier in the dining room was a replica of the one in New York’s Plaza Hotel.”

His book also says the main house is packed with seven bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, along with a two-story library inspired by North Carolina’s Biltmore Estate which included wood-painted walls and “cherubs dancing on the ceiling.”

First Lady Melania Trump applauds gallery guest Rush Limbaugh after presenting him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom during President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020, in the House chamber at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. (Official White House photo by Andrea Hanks)

Rush was an avid golf player, and the property contains a putting green, hundreds of feet of oceanfront property as well as a swimming pool and 24-hour guard station.

The Daily Mail reports: “Real estate has exploded in the Palm Beach area since the beginning of the pandemic, with sales totaling tens and hundreds of millions of dollars for the likes of Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison.”

“The potential valuation of $175 million, if achieved, would break Ellison’s $173 million record for real estate sales.”

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Additional Information Includes More Facts, MHProNews Analysis and Commentary in Brief

Right or wrong, Limbaugh in several ways is seen as being closely aligned politically with the policies of another Florida resident, the toppled 45th President Donald J. Trump. Because of his media clout on talk radio, television, and as an author, he was occasionally mentioned on MHProNews.

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Some other reports that mentioned Limbaugh in the contexts of political and health battles as well as his passaging away are linked below.


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On talk radio and beyond, Limbaugh’s name is invoked by rivals and admirers, including those calling in who obviously miss the man widely credited with ‘saving’ AM radio and establishing the news-talk radio format.

Limbaugh’s ties, such as they were, to manufactured housing are not the focus here. Rather, this is a change of pace report that provides this timely tip for all professionals. A single committed person can have a significant impact on a profession, industry, and nation. Limbaugh and Trump on the right are examples of that which find their counterparts on the left in names like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, and so on.






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Our son has grown quite a bit since this 12.2019 photo. All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested in our manufactured housing industry related concerns. But Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States, bottled water, and other goodies.

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