“Terrified” – Federal Judge Robert Mariani, Appointed by President Obama, Orders Closure of Manufactured Home “Trailer Park”


Robert D. Mariani is a District Judge that “President Barack Obama nominated Mariani on December 1, 2010,” according to Ballotpedia and other sources. About 100 residents of the Neville Mobile Home Court in Salem Township, PA recently learned that their community, often errantly referred to as a “trailer park” by mainstream media, is going to be closed by Judge Mariani’s order. One resident said that they are “terrified.”

BRCTV13 framed it like this. “A federal judge has ordered the closure of a trailer park in Wayne County. Neville Mobile Home Court in Salem Township was ordered to close down by April of 2021. Owner, Nancy Neville has until next year to comply. This comes after she allegedly failed to abide by a 2012 order over the park’s defective sewer system.”

Would it be scary to you if you were 81 years old?” said resident Rich Kinsley, who said that it felt like a blindside blow.

We didn’t expect it at all and we [the residents of Neville MHC] are all basically in the same boat.” Absent further action, he and others could be forced to leave the place he called home for 45 years. “If this park closes where do you go?” He added “And not only that do they think this people have unlimited funds why do you think they live here.”

The community management and residents appear, from media reports, to have a good working relationship. The owner said that she is working to protect her residents and avoid the closure.

Kinsley said that the case goes back to about 2012. “There was a problem with the sewage and they did what they need to do to fix that.”

About 100 people live in Neville Mobile Home Court in Salem Township. All residents just found out this week, a judge has ordered the trailer park to close.

And not only that do they think this people have unlimited funds why do you think they live here.” Kinsley explains the ruling dates back to 2012 when a faulty sewer system was ordered to be replaced.

WBRE/WYOU-TV Eyewitness News said that the community owner Nancy Neville has until April 2021 to comply with the order.

I don’t want to move! And on the other hand I can’t. I absolutely can’t!” said Kinsley.


Local media didn’t mention by name President Barack H. Obama appointed federal Judge Mariani, but a check by MHProNews of the case details revealed the judge’s name.  

It was too quick of a decision to make. Number one, if he [Judge Mariani] really cared about the people in the park he would have looked for a different alternative,” said Kinsley.

Both local news stations appeared to show visuals that Kinsley has a “Trump Pence 2020” sign on his homesite.

Neville’s attorney said, “We are hoping to have an interim resolution in place within the next thirty days to protect these individuals pending either the conclusion of the appeal or a permanent abatement of the environmental issue.”

It was never an issue ever since I lived here. I’ve never smelled it, you know anything like that, never,” said Shirley Cox, one of the residents. Cox has reportedly lived at the community for nearly a decade and wants to stay.

We all need to band together right now and support Nancy [Neville, the community owner] and support each other and try and get this park to stay open because we have no where to go,” said Cox.


Neville said she plans to do whatever she can to keep her tenants here and continue to fix the issue at hand. Reports indicate that improvement have been made, but that those improvements were not deemed acceptable by the court.

Neville’s attorney has appealed the decision, which is shown below. Additional case history details are linked here.

According to Leagle


ROBERT D. MARIANIDistrict Judge.

AND NOW, THIS 15th DAY OF JUNE, 2020, for the reasons set forth in this Court’s accompanying memorandum opinion, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT:

  1. Plaintiffs’ First Amended Motion for Contempt (Doc. 77) is GRANTED IN PART AND DENIED IN PART as follows:
  2. Defendant Neville’s Mobile Home Court, LLC, is hereby in contempt of court for failure to comply with the terms of the 2012 Consent Order and Agreement (Doc. 24) by failing to install a new or replacement sewage system.
  3. On or before, but no later than, April 1, 2021, Neville’s Mobile Home Court, LLC, shall cease all operations of the mobile home court and shall cease all rental of spaces for trailers.
  4. Plaintiff’s request that the Court assess penalties against Defendant for failure to meet the time limits imposed by the COA and for damages incurred in the amount of $79,000 is DENIED.
  5. Within 30 days of the date of this Order, Plaintiffs may file a motion for attorney’s fees against Defendant.”




MHProNews plans to monitor this case, which appears to be part of a broader ‘anti-manufactured home’ community pressure and closure pattern.

Endangered – University of Texas Study of Manufactured Home Communities


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