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Anyone can allege anything. To heck with hyperbole or he said, she said. It’s evidence, documents, money trails, trend lines, and common-sense reasoning that are among the elements that ought to be considered by thinking professionals.

While most of manufactured housing’s bloggers, or other publishers, are blatant Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington kiss-ups, the Daily Business News on MHProNews has investigated issues and asked the penetrating questions that most others were unwilling to ask.  If others knew, why didn’t the openly say, and give evidence, as we have done on MHProNews and MHLivingNews?

‘Allegations,’ yes, because in America a person, organization, or business is considered innocent until proven guilty, enters a plea, or into a civil settlement agreement.

The elements of the case for rigging the manufactured housing market has been systematically laid out in dozens of articles, so now it is time for next steps.  It is time to act.

The Invitation – 3 Session Special Tunica Event

Thursday afternoon March 28, 2019. Location in Tunica to be announced, because the response indicates that we need a larger meeting room than was originally anticipated.

Standing Room Only presentations organized by L. A. “Tony” Kovach and MHProNews.

Session 1. The header on the email below reflects some of those invited to session one at Tunica. If MHProNews, our documents, quotes from Warren Buffett, Kevin Clayton, Tim Williams, Nathan Smith, Richard ‘Dick’ Jennison, Lesli Gooch, Rick Robinson, and our other sources are wrong, let the fine folks at Knoxville and Arlington and their associates debunk the clams.  They can bring their attorneys. We have offered an independent moderator, one that HUD can suggest.

They have the right to remain silent, but they also have the right to speak. We hope they will speak on the record, we will too.  If they can prove us wrong in public, that’s their right.  If we can demonstrate that the evidence is as we’ve suggested, it would only make sense for them to duck out once more.

These are some of those who have been invited to attend. We blocked out the specific email address, to respect their professional privacy. But the company or organizational names are shown on the above.

Time will tell if they accept or not. After all, they and/or their team mates will be in Tunica. Either way, the evidence will be laid out and discussed publicly. Attendees can ask questions at the end of that session. RSVP.

 Session 2 – Organizing a new, ethical, pro-growth post-production association.

This will be historic. Some manufactured home communities association broke from MHI in 2017, saying in their own words they were tired of MHI’s lack of performance. In 2018 they formally launched that new national trade group for community owners.

At MHI itself, the NCC was launched by a fairly small group of professionals.  The same was true for MHARR.

It doesn’t take hundreds of people to start this common-sense effort.  They are welcome to come, but it only requires the few, the forward thinking, those that see that the trend-lines can only end one way if corrective measures don’t occur.

That said, if early indications coming into MHProNews prove accurate, a far better turnout appears to be shaping up for next Thursday afternoon in Tunica. Are you coming from outside of the Tunica market area? RSVP and come.

Turnout for events promoted by MHProNews are routinely strong.

Session 3. Independent Producers of HUD Code Manufactured Homes. MHI members, MHARR members, and non-aligned builders are going to meet in this session.

To learn more as to why you would want to come, please see the new report, linked below.  It could pay rich dividends, even for now former industry professionals to attend. Read the article below to understand how.

Kevin, Tim, your buddies, and attorneys?  Will you grace us with your public responses to the allegations that so many have raised? Either way, the case will be made for those who come to Session 1.

Session 2 and Session 3 are solution and next steps sessions.  That’s manufactured home “Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use,” © Be among those who come and see. ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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