SEC Hits Cavco Industries (CVCO), Attorneys Sound off on 2020 Trump-Biden Election Fraud Allegation Controversies, plus, Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

DowJones12.02.2020ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesBroaderMarketSnapshotA Wells Notice is a notification issued by regulators to inform individuals or companies of completed investigations where infractions have been discovered,” said Investopedia on 11.11.2020.

The Cornell University Law website definition is more pointed: “A “Wells Notice” is a letter sent by a securities regulator to a prospective respondent, notifying him of the substance of charges that the regulator intends to bring against the respondent, and affording the respondent with the opportunity to submit a written statement to the ultimate decision maker.”

It will be recalled that Joseph “Joe” Stegmayer recently left Cavco Industries. He was previously the subject of a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). When Cavco (CVCO) announced that subpoena, Cavco’s stock tumbled. A corporate insider called the matter a debacle.”




More recently, another corporate executive has stepped down, as Cavco has reportedly spent millions of dollars in legal and special insurance costs as they prepared for the next phase of the SEC investigation.


Cavco Industries, SEC Issues Notice to CVCO – Plans Enforcement Action Against Cavco’s Dan Urness, plus Joe Stegmayer Insider Trade History, More Insider Insights

Quoting from a Cavco Industries (CVCO) 8K filing on 11.24.2020:


Item 8.01 Other Events.

SEC Investigation Update

QuotationMarkQuoteMarkMHProNews“Cavco Industries, Inc. (Cavco, or the Company) is providing an update on its involvement in the ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation being conducted by the staff of the SEC’s Los Angeles Regional Office involving trading in the securities of other public companies directed by the Company’s former Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Stegmayer, which the Company first disclosed in November 2018. Since that time, the Company has disclosed, among other things, its ongoing cooperation with the SEC staff, the departure of Mr. Stegmayer and the completion of an independent investigation of the Audit Committee of the Company’s Board of Directors, whose results were shared in early 2019 with the SEC staff, the Company’s listing exchange and its auditors. On September 25, 2020, the Company also disclosed that it had begun settlement negotiations with the SEC staff in connection with this matter, though not pursuant to any formal recommendation.

On November 20, 2020, the SEC staff issued a Wells Notice to the Company in connection with its investigation, noting its preliminary intent to recommend a related enforcement action against the Company. A Wells Notice is not a formal complaint or adjudication, or a finding by the SEC of any wrongdoing by the Company. The Company’s discussions with the SEC staff on a possible settlement are ongoing, and it remains hopeful that an agreeable resolution can be reached in the coming months.”


MHProNews contacted Joe Stegmayer as well as Cavco’s media contact directly, to see if they would answer a simple question. Did Stegmayer also get a Wells Notice?  Since Stegmayer has departed the firm, Cavco would not be obliged to include that in their 8K filing.

Neither Stegmayer nor Cavco’s crisis media relations professional offered a comment.

As MHProNews has periodically reminded readers, Stegmayer remained on as the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) chair following the “debacle” disclosure.


Uploaded February 18, 2019.



On this date and time, no mainstream media site had any news coverage of this latest development at publicly traded Cavco.

Mainstream media and trade media each of a role to play in providing useful information, when they are doing their respective jobs properly.


As MHProNews recently reported, “It is not over.” See that below, but note that there is more reporting on Cavco ahead, stay tuned.


It Is Not Over; Cavco Industries Update, plus Manufactured Housing Investing, Stock Updates

 MHProNews will continue to monitor and report as warranted.  With the Cavco portion of our headline addressed, the feedback from various attorneys that have been involved in the manufactured housing industry in various capacities regarding the 2020 Trump-Biden election controversies will be our featured focus tonight.  For newcomers, the featured focus follows the quotable quotes, left right headline bullet summaries for today, and two of our three market graphic summaries.

One more notice. Economist and prolific author and media personality, Walter E. Williams, has died. Some of his quotable quotes are shown below. May Walter Williams rest in peace.


 Quotes That Shed Light – American Social, Industry, National Issues…






Understanding media bias is useful to sifting through possibly hidden agendas.




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Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…


Featured Focus –
Where Business, Politics and Investing Can Meet

SECHitsCavcoIndustriesLogoCVCOlogoAttorneysSoundOff 2020TrumpBidenElectionFraudControversiesPlusManufacturedHomeInvestingStockUpdates

As millions know, the 2020 presidential race is still being contested. Some attorneys involved in our industry, some for decades, provided their legal take on the state of the post-election efforts by President Trump.

All of the comments are as provided by the sender, without edits. One lawyer that might be described as a POTUS Trump supporter simply said,

  • It’s over.”

Another attorney wrote this regarding the various legal challenges:

  • Off the record-this outcome is already certain-the challenges never had a chance of success b/c there were never any material facts to support it. Just smoke & mirrors. No need to add to the chaos.”

An attorney with a Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) connected operation sent these comments to MHProNews.

  • A month ago six million more votes were cast for Biden than Trump.  Some of the states were close, but not as close as last time.
  • Trump lost, using pretty much the same process that elected him in 2016.  The majority believes the process was fair and all courts, including courts with republican judges, concur.
  • For our industry, Biden’s platform is good news.  Higher income for our customer base is a good thing.  And the prospect of $15,000 down payment assistance for our customers is a good thing.  When our customers win, we win.”

There are those who would dispute those bullet points, but they and the other comments shown are the views of the sender, not MHProNews.

A widely known attorney humbly sent this statement.

  • I have not focused on this enough to make an intelligent comment.”

That certain is fair enough.

The following attorney said he wanted his first name used in his comments to MHProNews. He emailed the following. But later, “on second thought,” he asked that his name not be used and that he be referred to as “a conservative 40+ year litigation attorney.”

  • Tony, my personal view (not on behalf of the firm) is that these multiple election challenges are an embarrassing train wreck – read the Pa. Federal Court opinion by the Trump appointed Justice  describing the meritless, incompetent effort of the Trump campaign to void 6MM votes w/o any material evidence of fraud! If it continues he will seriously damage the Republican Party for years to come. He needs to ‘man up” & accept the result w/ some class w/o delay.”

Last for now are these thoughts from a longtime industry lawyer, who as his comments reflect, has practiced law for years.

  • Having had first-hand experience with courts, judges, and they way that they view the world, I’d say — unfortunately — that the chances are slim to none, despite the fact that there is a valid constitutional argument regarding changes to the voting laws in key states that were not made by the state legislatures which constitutionally have the sole power to make any such changes.”

For those who were looking for legal corroboration of their hopes for a Trump victory, not one of those comments provide that encouragement.

Bomb from Trump Admin AG Barr – No Widespread Fraud – Examined, plus Manufactured Housing Investing Stock Updates

But as the last comment reflected, some made it clear they would prefer four more years of a Trump Presidency, even though they are not counting on it.

Left-Wing Now This Demo 1 Minute Voting Machine Hack, Black Friday State Biz Reports, Bartiromo-POTUS Trump Interview Transcript, plus Manufactured Housing Investing, Stock Updates

That said, the above and the following should be taken as counterpoints from attorneys fighting the fight that stand as a different vantagepoints to the beliefs quotes above.

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