Road to Zero Wealth, Fisking Prosperity Now, Institute for Policy Studies Report

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We can’t just be the party of redistribution of wealth … we’ve got to be the party of creation of wealth,” U.S. Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH) said recently on MSNBC‘s Morning Joe.

Yet Prosperity Now – formerly CFED – proposes just that – redistribution of wealth – in their latest position paper The Road to Zero Wealth.

Their study looks closely at an issue that many advocates across the political and economic spectrum agree upon. Namely, that blacks and Hispanics have been going backwards in their net worth for years.

On such a hot button topic in a post-Charlottesville America, MHProNews will do a focused “fisking” of this issue and report.


Note, the charts from their report have not been fact checked. Why? Because even if accurate, the fundamental premise of the report is flawed. Correct facts, with a flawed ‘solution,’ will only lead to a flawed outcome.

Are the shocking statistics that Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies presents a classic case of Mark Twain’s pithy saying – “There are lies, damn lies and statistics.”

Some of their reports and charts are fascinating from the following perspective. Progressives – even when well intended – have long pushed for certain policies, which have not produced the desired result. Yet, their technocrats are undeterred, and keep pushing revised versions of policies that have no historic track record for success.

Note the graphics in this post from their report have not been fact checked, why? Because accurate or not, the solution they propose is one proven time and again to be a failure, both here in the U.S. and abroad.  When the proposed solution is flawed, why bother double-checking other details?


As MHProNews and MHLivingNews has chronicled for years, CFED turned Prosperity Now is pro-manufactured housing, but takes some anti-MH business stances. Click the above to learn more.

A Solution Hiding in Plain Sight?

Unlimited immigration essentially dilutes the potential value of the law of supply and demand for American workers, says Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), who filed a bill for a plan that President Donald J. Trump supports.

The Daily Business News looked at that subject through the lens of manufactured housing, labor and business in a report found in the link above.

Cheap labor may sound good to an employer. But there are economic consequences to that practice, which harms black or Hispanic workers, as well as whites and other ethnic groups.  There are harmful consequences to trade, tax, and other policies that shift opportunities overseas, all at the expense of the American worker.

What can the valid justification be for taking from someone who honestly earned their income, and give it away to someone else who didn’t work for or earn that income? That’s contrary to the ideals that made America the most prosperous nation in the world. To see the full report, click the above.

What proposals such as this one miss is that the wealthy can always shift that wealth abroad, to a lower tax area.  What sounds good on paper, in practice, has not worked before.  Why would it work this time?

The U.S. dominates in wealth, but that percentage has been shrinking due to 50 plus years of flawed domestic, trade, and foreign policies. The nations that are now growing the fastest are those that have lower regulatory and tax barriers.  Low taxes and common sense regulations – such as anti-monopoly laws, are the historic and proven American Way. For MH commentary including the race issue, click here.

After more than fifty years of Democratic President Lyndon Banes Johnson’s so-called “War on Poverty,” there’s trillions more in federal debt. The poverty level is about the same.


Yet, free enterprise was already working to change poverty for people of all race, creeds, and colors. The intervention of socialism harmed, rather than helped. When China and Russia abandoned their socialistic economic model, and when we see the collapse of Venezuela in only about a decade of socialism, why would any thinking Americans entertain a system that is a proven failure?

The Progressive Playbook?

It is much the same as the elitists and technocrats who want to replace failed ObamaCare with failed single-payer healthcare.

Thomas Sowell, Ph.D. Economist, Thinker,
Collage credit, Wikipedia and 

The Solution?

Rev. Donald Tye hasn’t called for handouts.  Nor did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Both promote genuine equality of opportunity and an equal protection under the law.

Tye explained that public housing – an entitlement – often yields addiction. Ownership vs. renting or living in “projects” leads to integrity, a view he likens to those of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Dr. Ben Carson has pointed out that the typical homeowner has a $200,000 net worth, while the typical renter has only a $5000 net worth.  While Carson has spoken well of manufactured housing on occasion, it is unclear how well he truly understands the opportunity for wealth creation that manufactured homes which HUD regulates could provide to people of all racial and other groups.

This is why Tye has been an enthusiastic advocate for manufactured homes, and their use in urban, suburban as well as rural areas.

Ironically, Prosperity Now has on one level grasped the fundamental truth that manufactured housing could be a key resource for putting people of all backgrounds who are renters onto the path of home ownership.  But then, don’t they muddy their own water by taking a position for redistribution of wealth, which is a proven policy failure each time it is attempted?

Tye’s promotes what manufactured housing professionals who understand and believe in the enhanced preemption of the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 (MHIA 2000) like Stan Dye do (see the Dye video interview, above).

That solution is simple. It requires only enforcement of existing laws.  Allow the proper placement of HUD Code manufactured homes in urban area where infill opportunities exist.

Let the free market work, by enforcement of existing law.


The solutions proposed by Tye, Dye, MHARR or others are free market, limited government ones.

Tye has gone further in pushing for a proper understanding and implementation of constitutionally limited government, and a return to the fundamentals of faith that alone can protect a society.

Millions of people of good will believe in the progressive agenda.  But have enough followed the history of that agenda to its logical conclusion?  Do they see what Tye and others promote, the notion that labels are often used to “divide and rule” people?  Only a sincere seeking of truth, without bias or bigotry will provide the solutions that tens of millions yearn for in America today.


The selection of news stories or reports to analyze are always an editorial decision, even when it’s being covered in a journalistic fashion.

The reason that MHProNews and MHLivingNews have editorially spotlighted Kid Rock is that there’s potential for properly motivated, ehtical industry leaders to connect with someone

  • who is successful,
  • owns a manufactured home,
  • and celebrates those poor of all colors who own one too.
  • See that powerful, though salty, video by clicking the linked image below.


The solution for much of America does involve correct housing policy. Because that is what leads to wealth for most Americans.  Manufactured homes, properly shared, could be a solution for millions. ## (News, analysis, commentary, fisking.)

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