Progressive Journalist Greenwald Rips Facebook, Twitter, Mainstream Media on VP Biden Reporting, Facebook Co-Founder Donates Millions to Biden, plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

DowJones10.20.2020ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesBroaderMarketSnapshotPulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald blasted much of the mainstream media’s “cone of silence” for failing to report on The New York Post’s expose last week that revealed Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukraine and China and the connection to his father, then Obama-Administration era Vice President Joe Biden.

The left-of-center Washington Post has reported that Biden has 4 homes, some of which qualify as a ‘mansion.’

Biden’s wife Jill is a professional, but not likely to be able to earn the money needed to make “lunch bucket Joe” on his government salary plus Jill’s earnings sufficient to afford four homes. That raises concerns that Biden has been enriching himself in some form or fashion by trading on his office.

The emails include evidence that kickbacks of these foreign influence peddling schemes flowed back from Hunter and his associates to Joe Biden. Rephrased, it is emerging as a case of multi-million dollars in corruption.



Is there a single journalist willing to say with a straight face they believe the emails relating to the Bidens are either fabricated or otherwise fraudulently altered, but the Bidens just aren’t saying so? There has to be some limits to your willingness to go to bat for them,” said Greeenwald.



The left-of-center USA Today said “The DNI said emails purportedly from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden are not tied to Russian disinformation. But the FBI is investigating.” The right-of-center Washington Times said: “Director of National Intelligence [DNI] John Ratcliffe said Monday that the emails from a laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden…”

The Washington Post is a left-leaning media source, clearly in the Biden camp. Which makes their spotlighting of Biden’s real estate holdings all the more telling. To see this full size, click here.

Fox News tonight is reporting that that a source at the FBI confirms that they do indeed have the laptop.  That source says it is not Russian disinformation.  Rephrased, the laptop – and presumably the emails and photos – are the real deal.

Left-of-center CNBC tees up their view of the race and its impact on the markets like this.


But the argument can be made that pre-pandemic, the Trump economy was far outperforming the Obama-Biden economy.  Who says? Data from left-of-center CNN and right-of-center Fox Business.

Back to the VP Biden “October Surprise,” FBI has reportedly been in possession of the Hunter Biden laptop emails for over a year. Why have they been silent?

The Biden campaign has not denied that the emails are authentic. When a CBS News reporter asked former VP Biden about the allegations, he issued a harsh non-denial by slamming the reporter for asking the question.



I know you’d ask it,” the Obama-era VP Biden fired back. “I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

Right-of-center Fox News has said that a pair of emails have been confirmed by a party in that email thread with Hunter Biden. Rephrased, at this point, there is more evidence to support the authenticity of the emails from the New York Post. Additionally, there is the odd lack of a denial by the Biden campaign, which is relying instead on surrogates that claim – without evidence – that it might be “Russian disinformation.”



This local Fox affiliate does a good job of summarizing the various issues and perspectives.



Near the heart of all this drama’s lack of wider knowledge in the general public is the point Greenwald made. That’s why limiting social media on these issues, when the margin between this or that candidate winning in a given state may only be 1 or 2 percent is so big. It is entirely possible that this withholding of information is the hinge on which the election outcome may pivot.

Beyond the claims of tech-media bias, perhaps the biggest challenge for the Trump campaign is arguably high negatives and the perceptions created after 3 years of purported disinformation which included U.S. law enforcement and intelligence. Indeed, those high negatives are no doubt due in part to that purported bias.



That tees up our featured focus, which is the Facebook and ‘big tech’ side of this rapidly evolving saga.


Quotes That Shed Light – American Social, Industry, National Issues…










Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business

  • Out of work
  • Railroad tracks run through the center of town, as seen on September 15, 2020 in Shamokin, PA. Many pollsters have labeled the state a “swing” state, key to the victory plans of both Republicans and Democrats in the 2020 presidential elections. Judging from political  yard signs It is evident that support for President Trump remains very strong in the rural and post-industrial counties, especially in former coal mining regions of Pennsylvania. (Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)
  • 3 key swing states have higher unemployment than the national average
  • Netflix shares fall after it reports slowing subscriber growth
  • Berkshire Hathaway fined for alleged Iran sanctions violations
  • Analysis: A CNN reporter went to two QAnon events. Here’s what he found
  • The oil industry is firmly backing Trump over Biden
  • GM to invest $2 billion in Tennessee factory for electric vehicles
  • New Photoshop tool could help fight fake images
  • Abigail Disney: Elizabeth Warren is right to call out Disney’s bad behavior
  • Allbirds launches its first line of sustainable apparel
  • Yes, you can still get a raise in a pandemic … if you play it right
  • Soon you won’t need a box or even a label to make a return via FedEx
  • Apple pulled its speakers off its store, but Logitech isn’t worried
  • Rush Limbaugh says his lung cancer is terminal
  • Jeffrey Toobin suspended from New Yorker, on leave from CNN, after he exposed himself on Zoom call
  • Trump administration sues Google for alleged anticompetitive abuses in search
  • A first look at the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro
  • This car just smashed through speed records at 316 mph

Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business

  • Facebook co-founder helps bankroll anti-Trump ad blitz
  • Zuckerberg: Facebook will restrict less content after US elections
  • Former WeWork CEO reportedly loses out on $185M consulting deal
  • Coronavirus relief deadline looms, deal before Election Day remains slim
  • Trump says he wants a bigger coronavirus relief package than Pelosi’s $2.2T proposal
  • Biden’s tax plan could create rates as high as 62% for New Yorkers, Californians
  • Sweden bans Huawei, ZTE from 5G, calls China biggest threat
  • Goldman Sachs execs can be deposed in gender discrimination lawsuit
  • Tesla sees mixed picture in California ahead of Q3 earnings
  • Impossible Foods launches in Asia, will develop plant-based milk
  • Former North Carolina waitress sues employer after sex tape circulates
  • Moderna CEO on COVID vaccine emergency approval
  • Uber founder turns real-estate mogul for ghost kitchen startup
  • Kohl’s to launch private-label athleisure brand
  • Facebook blocks 120,000 posts in fight against election misinformation
  • Marital status may result in extra $757 per month in Social Security
  • Bob Murray retires as board chairman of US coal giant
  • Elon Musk can help save the human race but first he has to understand this about Mars
  • At these prices, Procter is a gamble
  • JCPenney CEO says company could exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy process before the holiday season
  • 2020 presidential election ballots cast so far
  • Charles Gasparino: Investors downplaying impact of DOJ suit on Google
  • Why Wall Street might want a Democratic sweep in November
  • Justice Department files long-awaited antitrust suit against Google
  • Netflix halts production in New Mexico amid virus cases
  • Taco Bell brings back ‘steal a base, steal a taco’ promotion for 2020 World Series
  • TECH
  • Social media sites under pressure to get rid of ‘trending’ sections
  • Airlines are ready to replace quarantines with coronavirus testing
  • Yelp is paying young people $2,000 to ‘re-empty the nest’
  • CARS
  • Ford issues serious safety recalls for these vehicles
  • Coronavirus relief deadline looms, but odds of deal before Election Day remain slim
  • Trump goes against Senate GOP, calls for bigger stimulus than Pelosi
  • TECH
  • Lockheed Martin drone tested by the British Army
  • TECH
  • SpaceX’s Elon Musk thinks there could be alien life in these two spots
  • What’s in the Senate GOP’s slimmed-down stimulus bill?
  • FOX Business enhances portfolio tracker, real-time market data

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Fox Business reported today that Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is one of several major contributors from the tech sector who contributed to a last-minute push to flood the airwaves with television ads aimed at defeating President Trump in November’s election.

Moskovitz contributed at least $22 million during this time period, per Fox Business. That was in addition to the $1 million that FEC records show he gave to Future Forward in July.



In the 45 days between the beginning of September and Oct. 15, Moskovitz and others donated a total of $66 million to Future Forward, a pro-Biden super PAC with a strategy focusing on TV spots late in the election season, according to Vox’s Recode.




Additionally, there is a history of big tech supporting the Obama-Biden administration. As antitrust suits are being launched and/or are near go, it should also be noted that Google, Facebook, and other tech giants largely got a pass for 8 years.


“Antitrust is important…monopolies…major threat to our economy,” Nick Tomboulides, plus Manufactured Housing Investing, Stock Updates


Such facts puts the phrase, the system is rigged into a whole new light.


“some of the largest companies in the country fear your power,” “evidence suggests…your company…used…power to harm…rivals”-Rep McBath, plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates


But such facts also help explain with President Trump is so hated by establishment players across the left-right divide.


‘Dawn of the New Middle East,’ says President Trump After Signing Peace Deal with Bahrain, UAE, Israel – Why It Matters – plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

The final presidential debate is this Thursday, Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST. ET reports that: “You can watch the debate across every major network on cable as well as streaming, with CBS, ABC, CNN, C-SPAN, Fox, Fox News, NBC, MSNBC and more all set to carry the program.” It could be — epic.

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