On the Eve of the Midterms, Closing on Willie Horton? Plus, MH Market Updates

CNNmoney11.5.2018ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsMarkets rose, but they’ve been bouncing around pre-midterms through much of October.  This past weekend, several of the Sunday talk shows featured the booming economy.  It was a surprising pivot from media outlets that have kept mum of the economic boom in roughly 21 months of President Trump’s administration. With a booming economy – recently rated by an international monitor as the best in the world – mainstream media voices are asking, why is the economy not getting more emphasis by Team Trump? Why are they closing instead of what Democrats and left-leaning media decry as a Willie Horton style theme?


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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • PERSPECTIVES I worked for the FBI. The mid-terms could be hacked, but here’s the bigger threat
  • Tesla cuts price on Autopilot upgrade
  • Lowe’s is closing 51 stores
  • FedEx is hiking rates again
  • 7-Eleven hops on the self-checkout bandwagon
  • NBC and Fox News pull Trump campaign’s racist ad
  • Facebook pulls Trump ad as well
  • ‘Boycott Amazon’ is trending in Saudi Arabia
  • The mystery around Amazon HQ2 continues
  • Amazon offers free shipping on all holiday orders
  • Investors too optimistic about US stocks, and Millennials have too much cash
  • How the economy is playing in five close House races
  • Inside the battle over San Francisco’s homeless tax
  • How narcissistic CEOs put companies at risk
  • Oil drilling is on the ballot
  • 20181105-colorado-energy-ballot
  • Voters will decide on new safety and environmental regulations for Colorado
  • Iran is still exporting oil as sanctions deadline passes
  • Will Exxon’s oil production keep shrinking?
  • Saudi Arabia has ‘no intention’ of repeating 1973 oil embargo
  • How the shale oil revolution made the U.S. the world’s number 1 oil supplier
  • Applebee’s is betting on stress eaters, and it’s paying off
  • Starbucks’ red and green holiday cups are back
  • Chick-fil-A is trying to get into your home
  • Dunkin’ is serious about high-end espresso
  • Panera wants you to know exactly what’s in your bread
  • Big Tech and the midterms: The scary thing is what we still don’t know
  • The drastic rise of America’s news deserts
  • Social media giants beef up election security
  • Facebook promised to fix political ads on its platform. It hasn’t
  • Twitter took down thousands of accounts that discouraged voting in midterms

Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Amazon HQ2 to be split evenly between two cities: Report
  • Stocks mixed on eve of midterms as tech lags
  • Lowe’s to close underperforming stores in US, Canada
  • Former GE CEO will get this much severance
  • Verizon to reorganize business segments[overlay type]
  • Verizon to reorganize business segments
  • Amazon: The Bezos Behemoth
  • Free shipping promotion could cost Amazon big bucks: Moody’s
  • Amazon HQ2 search: Where Bezos’ private jet has traveled most
  • Amazon drops free-shipping minimum for all customers
  • Trump’s Iran sanctions: EU plans for workaround
  • Iran sanctions had ‘enormous’ economic consequences: John Bolton
  • IRS increases retirement contribution limits for 2019
  • The most livable mid-sized cities in America
  • Franchising fast food restaurants isn’t as profitable as you think
  • Looking to sell your home? Top advice from the ‘Property Brothers’
  • Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia take political stances before Election Day
  • Maxine Waters will ‘grind down’ Trump’s deregulatory efforts: Jeb Hensarling
  • Midterms and marijuana: These 4 states will vote on legal pot
  • Here are the best credit cards for cash back deals
  • Subaru and Toyota to recall more than 400,000 vehicles
  • Inside the jobs report and why it did not disappoint
  • Microsoft is getting ripped off by China, losing $10B in profits

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The die is almost cast.  The pundits and talking heads in 36 hours will be talking about why the results of the midterms.  The panels will ask, why did it go this way instead of that way?

Many now are saying that the market turbulence has been pre-election jitters.

Investors like certainty.

As part of the agenda media, CNBC tonight has a video that says that investors should “hope” for a split House and Senate.  They have a pundit that says that investors should want the GOP in charge of the Senate, and Democrats in charge of the House.  That’s one view.

Some normally anti-Trump media outlets this past weekend surprisingly praised the economy, and then asked: why isn’t the president spending more time talking about the economy than about immigration? Why did the GOP roll out an ad that even Fox News said they would not run?

A new GOP backing ad is being compared to the controversial Willie Horton ad from the late 1980s. That ad, by the way, worked. This is what a CBS affiliate in Boston, a clearly anti-Trump outlet had to say.  They include some clips of the controversial video, which features an illegal immigrant who killed cops, and said he wants to kill more.


What follows below is the controversial Willie Horton ad that some say helped sweep the George Bush to victory over Michael Dukakis.  Note that YouTube says that this ad was not run by the GOP or the Bush campaign.  The “Infamous attack ad from 1988 U.S. Election against Michael Dukakis. This ad was ran by the National Security PAC, not directly by the Bush/Quayle campaign,” is how it was described.

Perhaps the Willie Horton ad would not have been described as racist if Willie had been Anglo, but the principle applied.  That’s water under the bridge.

The illegals coming into the U.S. aren’t white. Is it really racist to show clips of a courtroom video?

Immigration is a strong motivating issue for millions of GOP voters.  It is unclear if this ad will have the effect that it aims for, because it is being discussed by mostly negative news analysts in a mostly negative way.  Fox News won’t run it.

That said, a few observations from those who have observed a number of Trump rallies in 2018.

  • The economy is discussed in some detail at rallies.
  • Health care is discussed, including the GOP position that pre-existing conditions will be protected.
  • Veterans’ health care is a talking point.
  • The “right to try” law is discussed.
  • Defense and foreign policies are rally topics too.
  • All of that is framed in the context of “promises made, promised kept.”
  • On immigration, it is one of the issues that gets voters motivated.

Texas has studied the immigration issue.  Literally hundreds of thousands of crimes in that state are committed by illegals.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety: “According to DHS status indicators, over 270,000 criminal aliens have been booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011 and October 31, 2018, of which over 182,000 were classified as illegal aliens by DHS.”

This writers is someone who came to the U.S. legally.  Our publisher is the son of 2 legal immigrants, who applied and waited for years to come to America.

The immigration question is often morphed into something that it shouldn’t be.  Laws exist for a reason.  Immigration laws exist for a reason too.  It is unjust and unsafe to allow people to enter the nation without vetting. It is unsafe for those making the journey.  It is unsafe for citizens on both sides of the border.

Will the president’s gamble pay off on the immigration issue pay off?  In about 36 hours, we’ll know more. For other topics, from an industry perspective, see the related reports, linked below.

Related Reports:


The following are not the only purported purveyors of monopolistic moats, manipulating misinformation, or harmful policies and practices. But they are a good start. The companies listed ought to broken up under federal antitrust laws. Not regulated. Broken up. Don’t worry, the world didn’t stop when the AT&T monopoly was broken up in the 1980s, America benefited.

Who Gets Credit? Latest National Data, Including Wages, Salary Jump Decade’s High-VIDEOS, Plus MH Market Updates

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