Markets “Craving Certainty” Again, Are “Deep State” & Media Reporting Hampering Business?


With the Dow closing last week near where it began the month, Russell Investments Senior Portfolio Manager Douglas Gordon believes uncertainty is the biggest headwind affecting investors right now, says CNBC.


We’ve kind of seen the markets go sideways a little bit. I think it’s a case where the markets are craving certainty, and we don’t have that. We don’t have that with respect to monetary policy,” Gordon told “Trading Nation.”



And, we have a little bit of uncertainty obviously on the fiscal policy side or at least on the [Trump] administration side,” Russell’s senior portfolio manager added.

While not directly addressed by left-of-center CNBC’s report, part of the roiling of the markets at times during the past year has been directly related to political drama and mainstream media reports.

Daily Business News readers may recall, for example, last year when ABC News’ Brian Ross mistakenly stated a report about so-called ‘Russian collusion’ with the Trump campaign in 2016, markets tanked hundreds of points, until a correction of the flawed report was later issued.

Weaponized, “fake news” has been claimed by both the left and the right, especially since the 2016 Democratic and Republican conventions. A recent Media Research Center report claims that 91 percent of ABC, NBC, CBS news report in a recent monitoring period was biased against President Trump.

To help busy industry professional readers and investors sort through media bias, the report by a Canadian news outlet is provided regarding the headline grabbing controversy surrounding the firing of Andrew McCabe.  The north-of-the-border CBC video provides a reasonably balanced view from both sides of the political aisle.

As MHProNews reported several times during 2017, Democratic supporter and Harvard Law professor, Alan Dershowitz, has told media on both sides of the left-right media divide that what the president is accused of doing is not criminal.

Further, after over a year of investigations, there is no evidence of so-called collusion, even though there was apparently enough evidence that Russian’s attempted to interfere with the election to bring several indictments.

The hypocrisy and contradictory nature of many reports is startling for informed analysts, because nations around the world meddle in each other’s foreign affairs. Some may recall the rancor, for example, when then-President Barack Obama weighed in on an approaching Israeli election, or on Brexit before the vote.

While it isn’t always easy to sort out accurate facts, from fake news, spin or total fiction, MHProNews will continue to periodically provide insights to help the industry and investors grasp the realities.  That’s “News Through the Lens of Manufactured Homes, and Factory Built Housing.” ©

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