Marketers, Leaders – What B2B Topics Attracts Manufactured Housing Industry Professionals?


Comparisons and metrics are among the tools that savvy professionals in all industries use. What follows should be understood through that lens. The significance of this data to our industry – and professionals like yourself – will be explained after presenting some key data.


As a preface, as previously reported at this link here per Codeless are some insightful data and trends. These trends should be carefully considered by business owners, leaders, and those responsible for marketing.

Some of these datapoints will shock marketers and readers, but it shouldn’t, for reasons you will see further below.


Latest Blogging Statistics and Trends in 2019:


  • The average blog post length is 1,050 words
  • The average word count of top ranked content in Google is between 1,140-1285 words
  • On average, only 18% of companies’ blog posts are over 750 words
  • Longer, in-depth blog posts generate 9x more leads than short ones
  • The average blog post takes 3 hours 16 minutes to write
  • Blog titles with 6-13 words get the most consistent amount of traffic and hits
  • 64% of B2B marketers outsource blog copywriting
  • Negative messaging can result in a 63% click through rate lift over more positive ones
  • Content marketing will be a 300 billion dollar industry by 2019
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing endeavors yet generates 3x the amount of leads
  • The median annual spend on content marketing in 2015 was $1.75 million for large companies
  • B2B marketers spend 39% of their budget on content marketing
  • Companies that implement content marketing strategies see 6x higher conversion rates than those who don’t
  • Content marketing produces 3x the amount of leads as traditional marketing
  • The demand and use of infographics has increased 800% in the last year
  • 78% of consumers trust your brand if you create more customized content


Given that data, is it any surprise that we get comments like these?


Quote al cole senior vp oxford bank and trust posted mhc md mhpronews com



With that backdrop, the following is from a June 2012 MHProNews emailed news update. At that time, we periodically published site data in our emailed headline newsletters.

May 2012 – New MHProNews Records!

  • Visitors = 115,539
  • Page Views = 698,615
  • Hits = 1,861,774

Keep in mind that those totals, at that time, where the runaway #1 in all of the manufactured housing industry. The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) had dropped providing their site statistics from their media/advertiser’s kit, due to our superior audience size.


Fast Forward to August, 2019

While there have been peaks and valleys, some months better, some times lower, the overall trend has been demonstrably one of increased visits, pageviews, and hits. The data, then and now, are per third-party Webalizer.

We have always covered thorny and embarrassing issues. But as we have dug deeper into the causes of manufactured housing underperformance.

To simplify some tech-talk, these are ‘referral paths,’ from one of 4 primary cPanels. As keen readers will note, #6 and #14 are both referral paths to the same story. To get the total hits on that article, you’d have to combine those totals.

As Neil Patel, a web-tech guy on the topic of “What You Can Learn from Referral Paths…” put it like this. “Referral paths can be messy, but they hold the key to the most popular tweets, influencers, and content for your business.”

One more point. There are multiple cPanels on MHProNews that can register traffic to the same post, report, or article. But candidly, these examples are from the a cPanel that has more hits on these issues.

For the cPanel in question, per Webalizer, these are selected examples:

Usage Statistics for

Summary by Month

Generated 12-Sep-2019 07:19 CDT”  The first box represents the rank of that example, the second are the hits, the third is an article or blog that is reflected by the referral path. Note that one article shown has two different referral paths that took it into higher rankings.

Article rank – Hits – Article or blog by Referral Path.









The above are from September 2019, data up to: Generated 12-Sep-2019 07:19 CDT.

The articles below are from August 2019. Keep in mind that because articles are published business daily, some are online longer than others. The same disclosures apply to the data below as above. For example, these are from the cPanel shown below as “New 2.” There are 3 other major cPanels that take these totals still higher.


Rank – Hits – article or blog by referral path.



As a reminder, all of the data referral path data above are ONLY from “New 2” shown below. Bear in mind that MHProNews has over 20,000 articles online, far and away the most in MHVille. Wondering which referral path is number 1?  Its obvious, the ‘home page,’ which is shown as ‘direct request.’


1360597– (Direct Request)


Those totals also mean that researchers or deep dive readers are going into ‘classic’ parts of the site, where so much of that content is found.



Visitors 465,278 – that’s Up 402.7% over May 2012.

Pageviews 1,852,506 – that’s Up 265% over May 2012.

Hits 3,278,442 – that’s Up 176% over May 2012.


Summing Up and Takeaways?

In no particular order of importance:

  • While we don’t specialize in ‘negative news,’ we do cover troubling topics that no one else in manufactured housing trade media covers in a like fashion. Keep the pull quote at the top in mind, “Negative messaging can result in a 63% click through rate lift over more positive ones.”
  • Other data plus reader comments tell us that most readers value the ‘follow the facts,’ ‘follow the evidence,’ ‘follow the money’ style of fact-checks and analysis found only in MHVille on MHProNews.
  • While our content has always been sincere, as we sharpened the root causes of manufactured housing underperformance it still continues to be industry-leading. When you are looking for expert understanding of manufactured housing, no other resource even comes close.
  • Some of this could be viewed in a narrowly self-serving fashion. It makes more sense for marketers to use MHProNews over any other resource.

That last bullet is backed up by clients such as the third-party metrics provided by Casey Mack and Legacy Homes, who said on the record what is captured in the animation below.

Yor Ad Here om manufactured home ProNews-MarketingMHProNewsGif

Because of how our content is structured, the vast majority of our audience attracts industry professionals, as Mack’s comment underscores. Our sources – plus third party metrics – tell us that companies of all sizes are routinely on our site. Investors are increasingly contacting MHProNews. We’re also getting more interaction with federal and other public officials, as third-party data from Webalizer and other sources as also reflected.

We’ll be the first to say that we don’t follow the AP or Chicago stylebooks. But we do utilize the guidance of the Society of Professional journalists by following the facts, evidence, reason, and the money trail. That’s why some older articles – see the classic data above – are so actively searched and read.


Evening Market Report

The evening market report has its own steady audience.  If you have or are pondering investments in publicly traded firms involved in manufactured housing, or want to see how those firms stocks are doing, that feature is a must.  Today’s feature has a cool interactive graphic that goes to one of the points that Casey Mack made above.  Note too that for years, we curate from across the left-center-right divide.  We do so with that ‘wheat and chaff‘ principle that can serve thoughtful professionals so well.


Snapshot, Animated Infographic – Third Democratic Debate Tonight, plus Manufactured Home Investment Updates

That’s food for thought for industry leaders and marketers alike.  Nothing in MHVille even comes close, as other evidence reveals.

Donglissontriadfinancial darrenkrolweskidatacompmhvillage 6thanniversarymhpronews com
These are previously provided comments, but sources tell us that they are still accurate.


A related report is below the byline. The kind of exclusive content that draws readers like a magnet is also further below.

To learn more, click here and here. Thanks for making and keeping us number 1.

This is the industry’s healthy addiction – potent insights you won’t find anywhere else. That’s a wrap on your first episode today of manufactured housing’s runaway most-read “Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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