Longtime NBC Anchor Tom Brokaw’s Stunning Impeachment Reveal, plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

DowJones10302019ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesWith the Fed cutting rates, Apple declaring they have over $200 billion in cash on hand, and GDP estimated as having slowed to 1.9 percent, none of those will be our feature tonight. Impeachment mania has seized the much of the news cycle, with barely a pause when the top two ISIS leaders will bagged, and California fires a distant second. With politics driving D.C., and often the markets, NBC’s former anchor Tom Brokaw’s insight will be our feature this evening.


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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business.

  • Mark Zuckerberg defends political ads
  • Facebook’s CEO adamantly supports the decision to keep running the ads on its platform
  • Facebook let a fake page posing as the Trump campaign run political ads
  • He’s running for governor to run false ads on Facebook. Now Facebook is stopping him
  • Twitter will stop accepting political ads, Jack Dorsey says
  • iPhone sales are in a slump. But other revenue streams keep growing
  • Fed cuts rates for the third time as US economy slows
  • Worried about a recession? America’s consumers say they aren’t
  • Deadspin staffers quit in solidarity with ousted editor
  • Facebook executive responds after inclusion of Breitbart, a site known for misinformation, in news tab sparks uproar
  • NBC News Digital staff announces plan to unionize
  • Why supermarkets are building ‘dark stores’
  • 3-underscored airpods pro
  • 4 things you should know about the AirPods Pro launching today
  • Guests hold glasses of beer during a reception following the official opening event of the Molson Coors Canada Fraser Valley Brewery in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, on Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019.
  • Molson Coors changes its name and will cut up to 500 jobs
  • Carlsberg is working on beer bottles made of paper
  • Craft breweries are changing South Africa’s beer industry
  • Bud Light maker says rival has top secret recipe
  • How a 500-year-old German brewery started an eco-friendly beer trend
  • How the maker of Skittles and M&Ms gets ready for Halloween
  • Watch how Skittles are made
  • Burger King is selling a ‘Ghost Whopper’ for Halloween
  • Chipotle’s $4 Halloween ‘Boorito’ deal is back
  • Here’s a grown-up treat: Chocolate beer
  • The new 760 Horsepower Ford Shelby GT500
  • Ford Shelby GT500 is track ready but road friendly
  • How the world’s largest candy company prepares for Halloween
  • See Apple’s new AirPods Pro
  • Here’s a first look at the new HBO Max
  • The United States Air Force announced its mysterious X-37B space plane landed on October 27, 2019, after 780 days in space.
  • Mysterious space plane lands after 780 days in orbit
  • Your home may not be a mansion. But you might still have to pay a ‘mansion tax’
  • How managers can work well together, even when they don’t agree
  • Lloyd Blankfein fears Elizabeth Warren wants ‘cataclysmic change’ for US economy
  • Why CEOs are paid so much
  • Woman with iPhone 5s checking all time his smartphone with internet connection. Internet addiction.
  • Apple warns some iPhone users: Update your phone or lose internet
  • This company turns emissions into fuel
  • Sony is shutting down PlayStation Vue live TV service
  • States ask internet search rival for evidence in antitrust probe of Google
  • Hong Kong falls into recession after a decade
  • Streaming wars scorecard: What to watch and how much it will cost
  • HBO Max goes ‘all in’ on its big genre-driven streaming bet
  • Deadspin revolts and editor fired over ‘stick to sports’ mandate
  • Taxing college athletes’ scholarships? Here’s how it could work
  • Burr hasn’t released details but the proposal has already raised a host of concerns.


Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business.

  • NCAA votes to let student athletes profit from their names, images
  • EXCLUSIVE: Wall Street warms up to Elizabeth Warren as she rises in polls
  • KEYSTONE SPILL: Pipeline shut down as officials work to contain oil leak
  • Ron Paul: Here’s the Fed’s latest bad idea, and why it’s none of their business
  • What you need to know about the Web.com data breach
  • The most dangerous cities for trick-or-treaters across US
  • Fed cuts interest rates for third time this year, but signals pause in easing
  • Twitter bans political ads ahead of 2020 election
  • Stocks rally to record as Fed’s Powell indicates rate hike not coming soon
  • Why filmmaker Oliver Stone is praising Vladimir Putin
  • This restaurant is offering wings for a quarter each, but there’s a catch
  • This airline is holding ‘Monster Sale’ with prices so low it may scare you
  • Kanye West made $115M in 2018, but still racked up huge debt
  • FedEx Ground manager accused of massive corruption
  • Taylor Swift lands in the middle of US-China firestorm
  • How Reagan library was protected as monster fire came within feet of property
  • Number of uninsured kids takes a surprising turn
  • Apple shares rise on strong quarter as AirPod Pro, Apple TV+ launch
  • ‘Shark Tank’ star O’Leary opens up on wife boating crash that caused death
  • Porn website offering free membership to anyone who does this
  • Is private equity to blame for health care price gouging?
  • Major US city takes big step toward banning this delicacy after outcry from animal lovers
  • Here’s your next great investment
  • UN climate chief says exploring options for hosting climate talks after Chile withdraws
  • Apple CEO’s handling of trade war has helped buoy shares, investors say
  • Attention Walmart shoppers! Streaming service Vudu for sale?
  • Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman says WeWork has ‘high probability of being a zero’
  • The American steakhouse isn’t dead, chef says
  • These are the most dangerous US cities for trick-or-treating
  • Animal startups making it rain cats and dogs as spending rises
  • More bad news for jailed pharma bro Martin Shkreli
  • Is it too soon for holiday shopping?
  • Facebook agrees to pay fine over Cambridge Analytica scandal
  • Congress torches Boeing CEO’s $30M salary after 737 Max crashes
  • Arena Football League’s future in doubt, suspends team operations
  • These are the most surprising causes of death in all 50 states: report
  • Chile drops out of hosting major global summit as riots shut down country
  • Melania Trump travels to South Carolina school to learn about emergency preparedness
  • Struggling cranberry farmers look to save business with Hail Mary to the sky
  • Varney: California wildfire chaos may bring the political change it so desperately needs
  • The last US president you’d suspect has a fragrance out
  • Here’s one of the most unexpected perks for fans if colleges pay athletes
  • Juul denies ex-executive’s claim that it sold 1M contaminated e-cigarette pods
  • Getting threats your Social Security number will be suspended? It’s a scam, IRS says
  • Trump’s Rust Belt revival is fading. Will it matter in 2020?
  • Rex Tillerson takes the witness stand at Exxon Mobil fraud trial
  • Smart bike locks: How cyclists and bike sharers are using tech to fight theft
  • Billionaire Harry Macklowe, ex-wife Linda feud over nearly $1B art collection
  • Is Jeff Bezos a men’s fashion icon? These sales figures say yes.
  • Women CEOs find double standards extend beyond the glass ceiling: Study


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Tom Brokaw’s Surprising Word for Democrats

Joe Concha, writing on the modestly left-of-center The Hill was one of a range of media that underscored former “NBC Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw on-air statement that Capitol Hill Democrats still don’t have “the goods” on President Trump with “the same kind of clarity” that the party did in the 1970s with Richard Nixon and that impeach probe.

Brokaw isn’t the first to say something like that, as there are a host of voices on the political right that say that the impeach probe is just another partisan hatchet job.

But when Brokaw said that to left-of-center MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Tuesday afternoon, it must have sent a shock wave through that studio, and beyond.

The big difference [between the Nixon and Trump scenarios] is … they [the Democrats] still don’t have what you would have the goods on this president in terms of breaking the law and being an impeachable target for them,” Brokaw told MSNBC’s Mitchell.

They’re going to start the process but they don’t have the same kind of clarity that the people who were opposed to Richard Nixon had because it was so clear that these were criminal acts he was involved in,”  Brokaw said.

The smoking gun tape, the Oval Office tapes, that kind of hard evidence of criminality to bring down a president who was successful in the Middle East, who was successful with the breakthrough to China, Vietnam is a whole other issue,” Mitchell noted in reply.

And don’t forget about the first Russian SALT talks, you know, ones he opened up and got them going,” Brokaw said, adding, “There are no more taping systems in the Oval Office.”

That we know of,” Mitchell replied. “That we know of,” Brokaw echoed. Indeed, would anyone be surprised if there was a recording system in place in the Oval Office?

House Democrats announced Tuesday they were moving into the next phase of their impeachment inquiry by establishing a process that at least appears more balanced, although Republicans deny that it provides President Trump the same rights as Presidents Nixon or Bill Clinton enjoyed.

But what Concha didn’t mention is this. Even if there was a quid pro quo, its likely irrelevant in a legal sense. Every foreign aid deal is tied to conditions. Conditions – one party giving this in exchange for another party doing that – are by definition a quid pro quo.

It’s another round of Russia collusion, with this similarity. It is dependent on partisans blindly following the allegations, and those who are under-informed being gaslighted.

Is it any wonder, with this political climate, that the GDP numbers have slipped, and consumer confidence is modestly dipping too? That may well be the point, along with the goal of making President Trump a one term holder of his office.

The president and his supporters are pushing back. Stay tuned for more D.C. kabuki theater.


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