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Legacy Housing has a history, just as you have your history, or we as a publisher or individuals have our history. If the last 1,000 years of human or business history shows us anything, it is this.  It is inevitable that no history of a person or organization is perfect. Thus the principle of the wheat and chaff logically ought to be applied to every individual, organization, or industry.


That includes us as trade media. We have publicly pivoted when we discovered our misstep, and that is what the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Code of Ethical Conduct calls for; see that SPJ summary linked here.

A Legacy Housing official provided MHProNews with certain insightful information, which is shown further below. But they have no clue about this introduction. If it there is something that MHProNews readers and sponsors past and present should know by now it is this. We are independent; mindful of a sponsor’s interests, but equally mindful of the truth.

We don’t accept business from a company or organization that we don’t sincerely think that we can serve well, and we decline business from those who think they can dictate to us editorially or otherwise.  Ideally, professional life should be about mutual victories.  The praise of dozens and dozens of uncompensated third parties should speak to our track record of success. In fact, it has often been competitors who have praised us too.  Our content is logically what makes us the industry’s runaway #1, most-read trade media.

With that disclosure, let’s dive further into the Legacy surprise.

Our sources tell us that Legacy is an example of a company whose principle founders stood up to an alleged threat from Clayton Homes, and stared that threat down by years of steady, persistent, effort, fighting, and day-by-day example of ‘just doing it.’ We’ve had compliments from their direct competitors for precisely those kind of qualities. 

In a future article, MHProNews will give specifics about the surprising and largely untold-to-the manufactured home industry story about Legacy Housing’s rise. That story may just make a few professionals in Omaha, Knoxville and Arlington axis and their allies nervous. If so, that’s on the OKA axis. So be it.

In our humble view, that Legacy story needs to be told to federal antitrust regulators, state attorney generals, and others. That’s another topic, for another time.

For investors and industry professionals, whatever you think you know about Legacy, once that story is told, you will know much more. Their story may inspire your firm to aim for more.  Because the upside in our industry is staggering, as the report liked below reflects.

Recent Events Opening Opportunities in Manufactured Housing for Business, Investors, Affordable Home Seekers?

Let’s stress again that they know zero about this preface to their content supplied below. Only MHProNews parent company’s management decides our content. We take paid ads and do contracted professional services for firms that we don’t ask to agree with our articles or analysis. That takes the pressure off everyone. As one of our slogan’s says, “We Provide, You Decide.” ©

While many in the industry, and the industry as a whole, have taken a slide since a year ago, Legacy’s public filings and statements make it clear that they are still rising, despite the industry trends. That too should make the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington axis, surrogates, and allies think twice.

That factoid should inspire industry professionals to learn more – ideally, first hand – about Legacy.

One more surprise about Legacy. In about a week of banner ads in MHProNews, they had well over 200 click throughs from readers like you to their RSVP (sign up, registration) page alone. There were far more to articles and information dealing with their upcoming event. Some professionals make a quick decision, others take their time. It promises to be a great September event for Legacy Housing in Texas. Based upon what we know of their history, they arguably don’t mind bucking the system in MHVille.

They are a company rising for clearly identifiable reasons. They should inspire others to do similarly.

Following their banner ad below is the content Legacy supplied.   It has some surprising insights and deals.


Note: Updated >>> http://legacyhomeshow.com/


Show Specs:

– Debut of 2 brand new models – 18×68 3/2 1120 sq feet and a 32×64 3/2 1865 sq feet

– 14 Home models setup for display

– Over 40 pre-built Overstock units ready to buy.  Singlewides $2000 off invoice, Doublewides $4000 off invoice

– Our big oilfield 16×80 5 Bedroom / 5 Bath will be on display

– It is like Mobile Home Christmas in September!  Many of our retailers & parks use our sale to purchase homes they need for the entire next year where they save thousands of dollars. 

– We will be on-boarding new retail outlets to offer Legacy’s Easy Retail Financing
– We are signing up new Dealers with free inventory flooring for 6 months. 

– We are signing up new Park/Communities with no down payment financing.


 What is different about Legacy’s Home Show than other manufacturer’s shows.  

– Legacy’s Home Show is all about incredible show specials paired with great industry speakers doing some free educational seminars.  We have an insurance seminar & Q+A for park/community owners, bulk leasing seminar & Q+A for park/community owners.  We are offering $250 travel credit for all home buyers (outside TX) that travel to our show to purchase homes, Free hotel rooms for home buyers.

– Tons of Great Seminars – We have a Local Google Search marketing seminar that will give tips & tricks for park owners to boost their local SEO & Google Map SEO  We have a Marketing Seminar that will give business owners the tips & tricks & How-To for successful Text Message customer marketing, We have a Facebook Group Marketplace Seminar that will go over how to integrate Facebook into your weekly marketing plan & what works.  

– State of the Industry keynote w/ Legacy’s Executive Chairman Curt Hodgson

Note: Updated >http://legacyhomeshow.com/

That’s our second take today on manufactured home “Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

SoheylaKovachDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsMHLivingNewsSubmitted by Soheyla Kovach for MHProNews.com.
Soheyla is a managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and MHLivingNews.com. Connect with us on LinkedIn here and here.

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