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Some of these comments by video were captured live at one of several manufactured home industry professional events.



None of those shown on this page were paid or given any direct incentive to make the statements that they did. But they do have an incentive to see the industry grow, and so many are happy to share their views for that reason.



Several of these are prior, current, or are periodic clients who volunteered to tell others what their experiences were.


One of the largest manufactured housing LinkedIn groups is MHProNews’ L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, and he’s had hundreds of unsolicited kudos, recommendations, and endorsement. By contrast, only a fraction of a single percent were asked to share a comment.

Rephrased, Tony Kovach is one of the most endorsed professionals in the industry.




Kovach knows that misinformation abounds in manufactured housing. Rather than lament that, he set about creating the most robust platform in the industry to address those concerns head on. There is no known single manufactured home resource online that has more third-party video interviews with actual customers, and real professionals, that we have.



That’s a significant marketing advantage for his clients. Its also a place to educate the public, with videos like the one below.



These efforts have drawn praise from the leaders of companies of all sizes.



There is a need to educate the public, which aren’t just going to accept an obvious commercial. But an authentic video interview, that’s different. Most observers can tell the difference.



A little humor can be useful too.



There is humor during serious seminars, hosted and moderated by Kovach.



We’ve interviewed, featured, and produced videos with professionals from inside and outside of manufactured housing.



In the world of politics, we’ve spanned the left-right political divide, because quality affordable home ownership is a nonpartisan issue.

Former HUD Secretary Castro (D), current 2020 Presidential Candidate.



HUD Secretary Ben Carson (GOP), previous 2016 presidential candidate.



That said, there are those who have attempted to undermine his pro-growth work. Why? The answer, in part, lies in candid comments we’ve featured in video and other reports, such as the one below.



There is unchallenged evidence that some in the industry are working to keep the industry small for now. For example, here’s an 18 second clip with MHI’s president, urging slow growth. What? During an affordable housing crisis?



Our publisher and award-winning industry consultant was shocked by that, and began to dig deeper. We reviewed previous comments, to see what clues could be found. There were several interesting comments in the video below, that reinforced what Bob Crawford said in the video above.



Kovach’s publications have also publicly called out cases of alleged antitrust and other potentially illicit or illegal activity.



That said, some of those very organizations and/or their people have previously praised Kovach and these publications.




Ann Parman – Manufactured Housing Institute’s educational affiliate.




So, what’s the bottom line?

MHProNews’ has demonstrated that manufactured housing can be grown at the local market level.



The videos in this post, and comments past and present reflect the facts.




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