L.A."Tony Kovach
Publisher, Industry Expert, and Chief Consultant.

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach started his manufactured housing career in sales in 1981. He rapidly rose to management and lead turn around efforts at a number of retail centers before opening his own in 1986. By the third year in business, Tony’s center was in the top 1% of all retailers in the U.S.. Tony profitably sold his retail center and entered consulting, including successes outside of manufactured housing in the RV and campgrounds industry. About a decade ago, Tony began working in marketing/sales/management turn-around and infills for previously struggling manufactured housing communities. He uses proprietary, proven systems which: While many of the services are preformed by Tony’s himself, his team includes web-tech/IT, social networking and other marketing specialists.

Professional Services

Content Creation

In modern marketing, content is king. Consumers are more sophisticated today, they want to know more before they contact you. The more you can help your prospective customers know before they call you, the more productive each of your contacts will be. We’re #1 in our niches in manufactured housing publishing, so we have your target audiences and know the market. >We Sell More Profit$. Call us with your needs and interests.

MH Videography & Production

We know manufactured homes and factory-built housing.We have and know your target audience. We do a wide variety of video styles, and offer your options that no local or regional video production company can match. Interviews aimed at Business 2 Consumers - which create high impact - hear a client description of the system, appeal and growth it’s generated from their business, click here.Classy, Low Key, High Energy, etc. Tell us what your goals are, and if you have a concept in mind. Or call us for an initial creative consultation, and quotes.

Public Relations

Good PR is about reaching the right audience, with the right message, and at the right time. There is earned media. There is owned media. There is paid media. You want to maximize all of your media opportunities to maximize your profits. We know this industry, and your prospects. In many cases, you can get more good PR for the same or less than what you’re paying right now.


SWOT = Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats operation of every size has obstacles and opportunities. wise doctor doesn’t diagnose himself. Successful professionals hire consultants to have new eyes spot the missing pieces for even more success. Problems are opportunities in disguise, for those who know how to understand, address and solve them Sell More Profit$. us with your needs and interests

Sales Training

If you’re people are worth keeping, then they’re worth investing in. Third party studies prove training yields more results, increases job satisfaction, and cuts down on turnover. Sales training is about opening the minds and energizing talented people to do their best. We have a proprietary process, that generates results. You supply the talent, hungry to do better and willing to learn, and we’ll show you results. If you need to recruit new sales talent, we have a proven system for that too. Please click here. Listen to what others say about our system, then reach out and discover the best in manufactured home and community sales training.


Attorneys have told our publisher that he has made a fine witness in cases that we've been successfully involved in. If you need an expert witness for litigation, and you have an appropriate budget, contact us to retain L. A. 'Tony' Kovach's services. While no one knows everything, Tony Kovach has perhaps the most recognized breadth of industry knowledge available today for such legal services.

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