FOX Atlanta – How manufactured homes could solve the housing crisis

Almost all counties in Georgia have used zoning laws to severely restrict the creation of what we all remember as trailer parks. But today’s manufactured homes are nearly indistinguishable from site-built homes, yet they cost only half as much to build.

The savings come primarily from economies of scale and the elimination of waste in a computer-designed manufacturing environment that can operate 24/7 every day. Today’s manufactured homes are well-built, highly energy efficient, and designed to last a lifetime when properly maintained.”

5) The above begs these questions.

  • Why isn’t that item featured by the MHISC also on the MHI website?
  • How is it that smaller state association can do a better job of promoting the industry than MHI is doing? The most recent item visible on the MHI website’s ‘news’ segment from their home page is dated April 2024.

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6) Look at this item from the MHISC’s mainstream news teaser-briefs.