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The financial and news site, right-of-center Zero Hedge republished a report on tiny houses that will be shown below. Before getting to that, MHProNews reached out to several Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) member companies for their insights on tiny house numbers by their firm.



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Adventure is an MHI member. So too is another HUD Code manufactured home builder that told us that they are shipping about 200 of what they call tiny houses a year.

That factory-builder is making a deliberate push for those “tiny house” sales and has been for years, and that word comes from a well-placed source in the firm that is deemed reliable.

A Clayton Homes contact said they are unable to say the precise number of tiny houses being shipped by Clayton, but suggested that the number was low.

A well-placed industry contact in the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) orbit told us that they are not aware of any significant number of Clayton Homes building and shipping tiny house. “If they [Clayton] are [doing any numbers of tiny houses], I’m not seeing them.”  Update on 12.31.2020: a source with ties to Clayton said that they never made more than 2 ‘tiny houses’ a week.

Cavco Industries and Skyline Champion contacts declined comment, as did Clayton Homes, all of which were asked directly.

With that backdrop, the following via Zero Hedge is going to be more relevant. Their report will be followed by additional information, MHProNews analysis and commentary. Clayton declined comment.


Great Reset: Tiny Houses Pushed As
Solution To Climate Change

Quotes are precisely that, including deeper dives like this report. 

TUESDAY, DEC 29, 2020

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News

Social engineers are pushing tiny 200-sq-ft Ikea houses as the solution to climate change in another example of how our living standards are set to be lowered.

In an article entitled ‘Ikea tiny homes can help fight climate change by giving small footprints a big toehold’, Carl Pope, former head of the Sierra Club, gushes over the micro-homes (basically trailers) that sell for $47,550.

Housing is an important source of climate pollution — directly responsible for about 5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States plus their electricity. Given Ikea’s emphasis on recycled and reusable materials, the company seems likely to accelerate some important shifts in the housing market. Ikea will also almost certainly take advantage of what it learns in the “tiny” segment of the building market to establish a foothold in the broader, potentially highly green, manufactured building space,” writes Pope.

While solar panels would struggle to heat larger homes, this isn’t an issue for the tiny homes, so long as you’re content living in a box.

“The use of rooftop solar panels to generate power and the replacement of propane heating with a heat pump run by those solar panels is likely to become the standard in many states for manufactured homes,” he adds. “They will gravitate toward all-electric mobile homes because propane is a significant factor in the threat of fires to mobile home parks.”



“When utopia is achieved, we will be forced to live in tiny playhouses — for our own good, because living in a rabbit hutch will improve the weather,” writes Dave Blount.

“Winter could mean praying for sunny weather so that the heat comes on. That way we will be cozy and snug when we are placed under house arrest the next time a virus comes around.”

As we previously highlighted, last year CNN promoted the idea of young people living in ‘pods’ in the center of huge cities where they have no privacy.

Houses are now becoming so unaffordable for debt-stricken millennials that young people are also now literally living in decorated sewer pipes.

They’re called OPod Tube Houses and literally consist of reclaimed bits of industrial piping renovated inside with other left over pieces from building sites to make them into micro apartments. ##


Here is a video by CNN about pod living. Their teaser says, “PodShare is building co-living space where tenants pay to rent a “pod,” or bunk bed, in one of its San Francisco or Los Angeles locations.”

The New York Post had this alternative view of backyard pods.


Both of the above are variations on tiny living.  But what is interesting from this Zero Hedge report is the connection made between Tiny House Living and the Great Reset.




Additional Information, MHProNews Analysis and Commentary

First, it is not just voices in the U.S. – including, but not limited to, MHProNews – that have sounded the alarm about the Great Reset, using their own words and videos. See the report linked below for the robust picture with several items from The Great Reset’s own webpage.




Beyond the U.S., there are voices pushing back against the Great Reset. See this mainstream news video from Australia.



Note that the video above shows Joe Biden, his Build Back Better slogan, and connects that to the Great Reset, just as MHProNews and others have too.  There is a wide range of looming threats if former President Barack Obama era VP Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris (CA-D are allowed to take office under the cloud of serious allegations of fraud.  To learn more, see the related reports.  But to get a how-to on #StopTheSteal, see the report linked below.


Note that there is word that Senator Josh Hawley will be joining dozens of House Republicans in challenging the acceptance of Biden-Harris electors from states that have serious allegations of election fraud at levels that would change the vote.  If you aren’t seeing what is coming, this is shaping up as a power grab that would include your private property. See the report above for a simple form you can complete and send, or call and message your lawmakers in your own words.

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Greenwald’s news and analysis article, shown linked below, confirms much of what this trade publication has been reporting on for years.  To learn more, check out the linked and related reports above and below.



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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested with the discussion of manufactured housing related issues on our 12.3.2019 meetings. But Texas Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. MHProNews has worked with people and politicos across the left-right divide.

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