FTC AntiTrust RAID, Signal$ for U.S. Monopolistic Giant$? Plus MH Market UPdate$

CNNmoney3.14.2017ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsJapan’s FTC raided Amazon offices their over antitrust issues. That’s not to be taken lightly in the U.S., because President Trump and politicos and economists across the left-right media divide have been increasing their concerns. This report follows on the heels of a string of legal, class action, and antitrust news – including concerns over Berkshire Hathaway and Clayton Homes, et al. 

Third party views of the growing antitrust topic will be our spotlight tonight.


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Selected headlines and bullets from CNN Money:


  • What Toys ‘R’ Us closing means for shoppers
  • Interest payments on US debt could top $1 trillion
  • Wells Fargo’s CEO is getting a 36% raise
  • Bill Gates to meet with Trump at the White House
  • Amazon didn’t kill Toys ‘R’ Us. This did
  • Harper Lee’s estate sues over Aaron Sorkin’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’
  • Seth Rich’s family on Fox News lawsuit: ‘They took more from us with the lies’
  • The right way to fire an employee
  • Against all odds: Sears posts a small profit
  • Trade war would wipe out gains from tax cuts, analysis says
  • ESPN’s John Skipper says he resigned over cocaine extortion plot
  • The death of the big toy store
  • Americans spend more on health care, but have shorter life spans
  • Toys ‘R’ Us will close or sell all US stores
  • How to retire by 40: 3 proven tips
  • Smart money moves to make in your 20s, 30s and 40s
  • What’s the penalty for filing taxes late?
  • What’s the best place for your money in the next five years?
  • iHeartRadio owner files for bankruptcy
  • Boeing would be on the front lines of a trade war with China
  • Senate votes to roll back parts of Dodd-Frank banking law
  • Cisco is the market’s comeback kid

Selected headlines and bullets from Fox Business:

  • Wells Fargo may have auto loan problem as CEO rakes in $17M
  • Dow gains 116 points; S&P falls in choppy session
  • Toys ‘R’ Us investors in talks to salvage some US stores: report
  • US hits Russians with sanctions for election meddling, cyber attacks
  • Amazon most ‘ferocious’ company in US: Peter Thiel
  • Theranos’ chaotic descent, as told by employees
  • Ford teases new off-road SUV as product plans revealed
  • Snuggie buyers take comfort: FTC mailing out $7.2M in ad scam refunds
  • Walmart sued by former exec alleging cheating to compete with rival Amazon
  • Dollar General bucks trend, to open 900 new stores
  • Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes settles with SEC: anatomy of a fraud
  • NATO deadbeats: US still carries financial load
  • Taco Bell to offer more education benefits to employees
  • Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies regroup after $60B collapse
  • As Toys ‘R’ Us shutters its stores, these outlets look to move in

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Today’s markets and stocks, at the closing bell…


S&P 500 2,747.33 -2.15(-0.08%)

Dow 30 24,873.66 +115.54(+0.47%)

Nasdaq 7,481.74 -15.07(-0.20%)

Russell 2000 1,576.62 -7.69(-0.49%)

Crude Oil 61.19 +0.23(+0.38%)

Gold 1,316.20 -9.40(-0.71%)

Silver 16.40 -0.14(-0.86%)

EUR/USD 1.2304 -0.0062(-0.50%)

10-Yr Bond 2.83 +0.009(+0.32%)


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Today’s Big Movers

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Today’s MH Market Spotlight Report – 

Bloomberg reported that one of Warren Buffett’s biggest concerns is a breakup.  Read that as, ‘antitrust,’ or civil and or federal legal action based upon various kinds of monopolistic practice concerns.  Given the latest reports today, Buffett’s concern could have good reasons.  Because the U.S. isn’t the only place that anti-trust laws exist, and actions in the EU, the state of Missouri and elsewhere are part of a rising tide of legal interest/action in what historically used to be called “trusting-busting.”

For a year (+/-), the Daily Business News has been spotlighting the growing concerns about monopolies and regulating and/or breaking up big business.

While big tech tends to get the focus from mainstream media, the Nation is the most recent to address the issue of monopolistic practices by Berkshire Hathaway, which specifically including Clayton Homes in manufactured housing (MH).  So it isn’t just MHProNews or MHARR, there are a range of voices inside and outside of MH that are raising these issues.

They’re not alone, as voices across the left-right media and political divides have been raising the warning flags about Clayton and monopoly for the last few years.

Through that lens is tonight’s spotlight, which specifically focuses on the raids in Japan of Amazon’s offices there, by their version of the FTC.  Keep in mind, that President Trump has discussed Amazon as a monopoly in a number of occasions, per media sources.

While antitrust is no slam dunk, especially with giant companies, there are numerous voices raising the alarm.

Peter Thiel, Mornings w/Maria

MH Professionals need to be aware of these issues, as possibly looming and disruptive forces, as well as from the vantage point of concerns about how the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) may be sucked into discussion of being part of a monopolistic scheme. While Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet (Google) and Apple all touch most of our lives daily, this issue could hit home in manufactured housing in the coming months.

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The Masthead

Hindsight is twenty-twenty. Warren Buffett doesn’t need to convince me or gain my agreement with him on that point. On that and the value of history, Mr. Buffett and this Masthead writer would agree. Buffett and we agree too on the value of research, reading, asking, listening, probing, and understanding.

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