Epiphany – Fascinating Affordable Housing Facts, Prima Facie Evidence, Sunday Manufactured Home Weekly Review 12.29.2019 to 1.5.2020


There are about forty nations on earth they have a higher rate of home ownership than the United States does.

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That startling factual statement is even more surprising when one realizes that several of those other countries have significantly lower per capita earnings than the U.S.

By widely bipartisan margins Congress under both Democratic and Republican Administrations studied the issues of housing affordability and the access to financing needed to achieve affordable home ownership. They passed specific legislation to enhance housing affordability. Manufactured homes were part of the solution and strong consumer safeguards were and are part of those laws.

A common definition of an epiphany is a surprise, a ‘eureka!’ or ‘aha!’ moment. But there is another meaning. Today, over two billion people globally celebrate the feast of the Epiphany, so it is fitting to ponder how faith and facts might find common grounds to address the vexing gaps found in America today. Properly fixing the chasm between renters and owners would create millions of good jobs. It could be achieved with minimal federal or local costs; indeed, it would generate more tax revenues. Sustainably raising the number of homeowners would narrow wealth inequality, meaning millions could be lifted out of poverty.

The majority would benefit; perhaps especially minorities — but so too people of all racial, ethnic, gender or religious backgrounds. These are not mere speculation or feel good statements. They’re the result of decades of university-level, nonprofits, state and federal studies. Research before or since influenced those widely bipartisan legislators in Congress to address the issues, as noted above and as will be documented further below.

Some who may be newer readers to this professional site might wonder: seriously? Could each of those statements be based on documented evidence?


If that sounds wondrous, almost miraculous, the tragedy is that some know this to be true and have worked hard to thwart good federal laws and the facts which underpin them.

A report will be planned for this week that documents prima facie evidence of violations of federal laws. It includes people relatively unknown outside of manufactured housing, but also will spotlight someone quite well known.

For those who can’t wait, the broad outlines for those claims are already found in the reports linked below found on MHLivingNews, a new report from the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) and also in researched reports published here on the Daily Business News on MHProNews.

There’s long been voices in the major and minor parties in the U.S. that have said that no one is above the law.

There’s long been voices that have said that the system in America has been rigged; we’ve spotlighted three below, but they are far from alone within or beyond their respective parties.

As political independents who believe in the God-given, Constitutionally protected rights that respect the dignity of all, we challenge people of good will to learn the truth and then act upon it.

Those truths are strongly opposed by people who are arguably corrupt and blinded by greed, ambition and lust for control over others.

  • Affordable home ownership is liberating.


  • Affordable home ownership creates more wealth while reducing poverty.

We don’t denigrate wealth honestly earned, but we do believe that those who have broken laws and manipulated the system in a manner harmful to millions ought to pay the price of their alleged crimes.

The laws needed to narrow the gap of housing affordability already exist. They have for years. We don’t need campaign promises by politicians that might be forgotten come 2021. We need public officials to look at what their predecessors – and in several cases, people from both major political parties who were in office when these affordable housing and financing laws were passed – to do precisely what the law requires.


  • In a sentence, we want good existing laws to be vigorously enforced.


It’s Epiphany. This is the date over 2 billion Christians commemorate the wise who found the baby Jesus and celebrated the ironically homeless Messiah’s coming with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

What more peace on earth and good will toward all humanity? Want more justice?

Understand the facts. Enforce good existing laws. Don’t let special interests with their Razzle Dazzle distract you. Those special interests have arguably unlawfully manipulated the system to their benefit while harming millions – an to a great extent, they have largely gotten away with it so far. That purported law breaking should not go unanswered.

Small to mid-sized businesses and their investors could flourish by enforcing good laws that already exist. Millions of more good jobs would be created. Our society would see many of its ills diminish. It could all occur in a manner that not only Christians, but also Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and those of other beliefs would find satisfying.

Does it all sound too surprising to be true? It’s both an American miracle and a tragedy. Learn the facts. Watch for the special report on The Masthead planned for this week. But get started with what we’ve already provided below. Because what follows is foundational for what comes next.

With no further adieu, happy Epiphany and may the wisdom and courage of those wise travelers inspire you and yours to discover a freedom grounded in faith that could and already does benefit the lives of millions right now. Let people of good will look with an inquiring mind at the potentially uplifting, troubling-yet-challenging reports that are found below. These cover the week of 12.29.2019 to 1.5.2020. But these reports also documented decades of research by cited sources from across the left-right divide.

From Manufactured Home Living News


What’s News from Washington, D.C. from MHARR


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Sunday 12.29.2019

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A Bit More About Epiphany

Some have said that the best argument against Christianity is the behavior of Christians. Of course, that argument works against the members of any religion, or those with no declared faith.

Jews and Christians share the book of Genesis as Scripture. In it one can read that Yahweh, the Creator of All, gave Adam and Eve initially just one command. Don’t eat of the fruit of one specific tree in the garden. What did those first parents do? With Satan’s prompting, they ate that forbidden fruit. The lessons are many. But one is that people often are tempted into breaking the rules.

But another is more subtle. What the devil promised Adam and Eve already possessed. In Genesis 3:5 (NIV, per Bible Hub) the serpent (devil) told Adam and Eve about taking the forbidden fruit: “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like Godknowing good and evil.”

Adam and Eve, Scripture says, were made in the image and likeness of God already. They didn’t gain by breaking the Divine Command, they lost. That started humanity’s need for a savior, a Messiah, the cause for the feast-day various branches of Christianity celebrate today was established, because God didn’t give up on Creation or humanity.

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For believers, a unique approach to fixing what went wrong when that one law was broken in the Garden of Eden was launched thousands of years ago.

The solution to lawbreaking in our day isn’t to stop making good rules or good laws. Rather, it is to enforce good laws wisely and justly. God gives grace to achieve that theologically; in the secular realm, lawmakers ought to encourage law-keeping by de facto rewarding following the law while simultaneously making law-breaking by whomever of whatever stature visibly punished.

Satan, Lucifer, the Devil – whatever you call the evil fallen angel – is a parasite. He perverts good law, often for perverted motives. Parasites at the dawn of humanity or today don’t build or create. Parasites leech, undermine and destroy. There are parasites in the spiritual and temporal realms.

There is wheat and chaff to be found in all humans. But if the chaff-like behaviors are serious enough, the law says they should be punished.

It’s long-passed time for accountability. As one of the reports linked above makes clear, there are over 560,000 homeless in America.  Millions more struggle with housing affordability.  That’s a problem, it is also opportunity in disguise to serve those needs in noble and profitable ways. Dig deeper into the facts and resources linked herein or below. The facts and solutions are there for those with the eyes and will to see.

For some that do so with the right disposition, this will be an epiphany.

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