Democratic Senate Minority Leader Schumer Blasts, President Trump Defends U.S.-China Phase 1 Trade Deal, plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

DowJones12132019ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesFor those who may not follow this business nightly report, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY-D) has been a supporter of President Donald J. Trump in his tough stance on China. When this Phase 1 Trade Deal was announced, Senator Schumer accused the president of selling out. Details on that point are found linking last night’s report further below. Naturally, President Trump and his spokespeople have pushed their own narrative on this as an important step. We’ll check in with voices across the left-right divide as they unpack what they think this may mean, what the safeguards are built into the deal and more. That will be our featured spotlight on a day when the markets were muted but modestly higher.


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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business.

  • Tackling misinformation
  • YouTube’s algorithms helped fake channels and videos rack up millions of views
  • Stocks whipsaw after China announces a ‘phase one’ trade deal with the US
  • Opinion: A trade war ceasefire is just what America’s economy needs
  • Cannabis’ largest trade show is somewhat ordinary, and that’s just what the industry wants
  • Why the Fed may need to slash rates to zero before the end of 2020
  • Meet the biggest bank you’ve never heard of
  • Atlanta Braves stadium will get obscure new name
  • The Newseum, a museum about journalism, is closing its doors after 12 years
  • Hasbro rolls out official Baby Yoda toys
  • NBC News digital employees vote to form union
  • Labor Board sides with McDonald’s in landmark case
  • She sued Tinder, founded Bumble and now, at 30, is the CEO of a $3 billion dating empire
  • This app completely disrupted the trading industry
  • SuperShuttle is shutting down for good
  • ClearSpace-1 will be the first space mission to remove an item of debris of orbit, planned for launch in 2025. The mission is being procured as a service contract with a start-up-led commercial consortium, to help establish a new market for in-orbit servicing, as well as debris removal.
  • A self-destructing robot is being sent to clean up space
  • These dog-like robots do backflips and play soccer
  • This shapeshifting robot could explore other planets
  • It looks like a fish but is actually a robot
  • Watch these adorable robots frolic in leaves
  • Mochi ice cream is finally having a mainstream moment
  • The best cookies you can buy in a store, ranked
  • Twinkies is being turned into a breakfast cereal
  • Nestlé launches $17 KitKat bars
  • Here’s how Skittles are made

Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business.

  • ‘Struggling’ farmers, manufacturers greet trade deal with cautious optimism
  • S.-China trade relations have a long way to go before farmers can recover from what they’ve lost from the trade war.
  • Stocks celebrate deal as S&P 500, Nasdaq notch record highs
  • ‘Skinny’ trade deal leaves US, China itching to start phase two negotiations
  • China confirms trade pact, Trump reveals more details
  • Supreme Court to decide whether Trump must release financial records
  • BABY MAMA DRAMA: Ex-stripper to expose Hunter Biden’s goods in court battle
  • EXCLUSIVE: Fed vice chairman responds to US-China trade deal questions
  • Honda rolling out self-driving car ⁠— here’s how much it costs
  • What Boris Johnson and Brexit’s big wins can teach Democrats (and Trump)
  • VARNEY: Why Boris Johnson’s win is a Trump win too
  • Top Democratic presidential candidates threaten to boycott next debate
  • The 141-year-old treasure this family has passed down for generations
  • Hack cripples major US city’s computer system, emergency workers warned
  • Governor declares emergency as city hospitals flooded with patients, water
  • Airline offering special perk to passengers wearing festive top
  • SEE PICS: Harvey Weinstein spotted without walker after struggling in court
  • Girl almost dies eating pie from major retailer
  • Amazon delivers threat to FedEx, UPS with surge in shipments
  • Cancer risk from menopause hormones may last decades, federal study finds
  • Giants release star player over derogatory slur on Twitter
  • GM to invest $1B in US plant as part of ‘aggressive plans’ for future
  • Lackluster retail sales signal sluggish start to holiday season
  • New robocall targets iPhone users with malicious scam
  • Detroit demolishes historic factory as Jeep factory moves in
  • US-China trade deal, Boris Johnson and USMCA win trifecta for commodities
  • Twitter cracks down on verifying political accounts
  • SICK KICKS: Amazon Ring hackers livestreamed themselves terrorizing residents
  • Skip long mall lines, now kids are making long-distance calls to Santa
  • Ford recalls over 500K trucks over fire fears
  • ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host shares update on Alex Trebek’s health
  • EU agrees to start British trade talks after Brexit deal approved: sources
  • Danny Aiello, ‘Do The Right Thing’ star, dead at 86
  • Timbaland drops $8M on new Florida mansion. Take a look inside
  • Amazon hands over $25M for Rihanna documentary: Report
  • Varney: December 2019 one for the history books
  • Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket launches thousands of student letters into space
  • Delta makes a big move in the private jet space
  • American counties with the best and worst economic growth
  • Black bears surge in Florida, but still illegal to hunt, state says
  • Tofurky ‘veggie burger’ censorship law blocked by federal court
  • Most US workers will receive a holiday bonus this year, study finds
  • Massive grapefruit spill brings traffic to standstill
  • Airport van service SuperShuttle going out of business
  • Ferrari wants women for its motor racing school
  • Remington, Sandy Hook trial sets date
  • This sprawling $65M estate has everything you need to live off the land in luxury
  • Military food supplier keeps job after subcontractor’s $45M fraud settlement
  • McDonald’s comes out guns blazing in fried chicken sandwich wars
  • Michael Pillsbury on China deal: ‘A real breakthrough’
  • NBC chief stepping down: Report


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Emerging Details, Concerns, Cautious Hope


For newcomers, manufactured housing has components that in several instances originate in China. Thus one reason to monitor and report on this issue. But the impact on the U.S. economy is another reason.

We’ve generally favored tariffs, as long-term readers know. That said, some but not all of our concerns voiced in last night’s report about the possible pitfalls involved are somewhat ameliorated. But the thrust of those observations and factoids stand. To learn more, including insights on the Senator Schumer angle are found from the report below.

U.S. China Phase 1 Deal Pending, But Former Trump Advisor Warns Against It, plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow maintained a cautious optimism around the trade agreement struck by China and the U.S. A video and bullets from left-of-center CNBC is below.

  • Larry Kudlow says the deal should lift business confidence, but “we will see how it works. We will see if the Chinese stay with their word.”
  • Kudlow noted that discussions over forced technology transfers may not be over along with talks about intellectual property protections.
  • “We will test those propositions,” he says.

  • CNBC’s Jim Cramer, plus two other experts sound off on the U.S. China Phase 1 Trade Deal,

Jeremy Siegel, Russell E. Palmer professor of finance at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, said the phase one deal was an end-of-year gift for markets.

Vincent Reinhart, chief economist and macro strategist at BNY Mellon, said the removal of negative catalysts would help take stocks higher, even as Chinese negotiators may be in a stronger position than investors think.



Finally, Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney of right-of-center Fox Business sounded off on their views of the trade deal in these terms.


MHProNews will continue to monitor this issue and its impact on manufactured housing, jobs, and the broader economy. For convenience, the report last night which included several cross link and deeper dives is found from the linked text image box below. Also, see the UMH Properties related report linked below last night’s China report.

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U.S. China Phase 1 Deal Pending, But Former Trump Advisor Warns Against It, plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

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