China’s 70th, Bipartisan Stance for Tough New Deal, or No Deal on Trade, Sobering Infographics

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MHProNews strives to take a wholistic, logical and consistent view that is fact and evidence based of our industry, nation, and beyond. As our evening market report periodically reminds investors and professional readers, most if not all manufactured home producers are using some level of products and components ‘Made in China.’ On this, that nation’s formal 70th anniversary of the communist takeover of China, it is an apt time to ponder the realities of China and the U.S., trade, military and more.

This will be mostly an at-a-glance resource that we expect to refer back to from time to time.

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A few points are important to make. This issue is so critical, that Democratic leaders as well as President Trump and many in the GOP agree on this topic. That in itself should make the significance of this topic clear.

The following video and dialogue features both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY-R), but also Senate Minority Leader (NY-D). While it is dated May 14, 2019, both have said similarly since. This is therefore provided as an apt summary to reflect the bipartisan nature of this challenge. It is worth noting that many Democrats and Republicans may not agree with how tariffs are beyond used, or who it should be used against (besides China), but there is nevertheless broad agreement that China must be dealt with now, not later.



Per AP: Senators from both sides of the aisle call on the Trump administration to find a solution to the trade standoff with China. “I think we all agree on is that nobody wins a trade war,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “We’re all hoping as others have suggested here that these particular tactics get us into a better position vis a vis China. Which has been our worst and most unfair trading relationship for a very long time.”

…Trump’s tariffs are meant to put pressure on China in trade negotiations. The two countries have held 11 rounds of talks over American allegations that China steals technology, forces foreign companies to hand over trade secrets and unfairly subsidizes its own companies in a push to challenge U.S. technological dominance.

We have to have tough strong policies against China or they’ll continue to steal millions of American jobs and trillions of American dollars,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. “I believe that we should aim things at China – all the tariff fights with Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan make no sense,” Senator Schumer said. “We ought to all be united and aimed at China. And I think we’d come to a very good solution quickly.”


Infographics China Data at a Glance

It is understandable why American firms were ‘lured’ into buying lower cost products from other countries. It would be hard to find an American that hasn’t purchased something – or many items – stamped made in China.




But that in turn means that products that some years back were made in America are now being produced in China.




It is economics 101 that too few have learned. When a job leaves America, there may be a ‘short term’ benefit for a company. But those who think long term must ponder these realities.



  • Investments in China and trade with Communist China strengthens their economy at our nation’s expense.
  • Any job that leaves the U.S.A. for China especially requires more military spending, which means more taxes and/or higher federal debt.
  • When workers are laid off in the U.S., that also costs American taxpayers more in terms of social services, SNAP, welfare and/or unemployment payments, etc.
  • Who is it that those businesses plan on selling their goods and services to; Chinese citizens? Especially with a product or service like manufactured homes, it isn’t like HUD Code homes are being shipped to China. Indeed, there are Chinese prefabs coming to the U.S.
  • And that doesn’t deal with intellectual and other theft.

Rephrased, it is a self-defeating proposition. This poor policy stance has endured under both Democratic and Republican administrations for years. It is time that it stop.



Not to be overlooked, without China’s support, North Korea and other global thorns might quickly fall into a more reasonable position. Recent in depth federal data compiled by the Congressional Research Service is found at this link here.




Bill Gertz with Sebastian Gorka on America First

There are hundreds of videos like this, so this was selected for several reasons, including that it is recent. Sebastian Gorka was a foreign policy expert that MHProNews has followed years before he became, and later left, the Trump Administration. In a new video, he speaks with author Bill Gertz explains how Communist China, under Xi Jinping, “is seeking to conquer the world.”



There are protests again in Hong Kong today. Those people have lived next to Communist China their entire lives. With those protests in mind, listen carefully to a comment made near the end of the video above.



Never Forget

China’s created a hybrid system that abandoned much of their socialist policies for more mercantile polices. But they are still a communist country. They don’t have a Second Amendment, or any of the Bill of Rights or other safeguards that we do in the U.S.A.

Our nation isn’t perfect, but we are a far better country than so many others. That’s why people pour across our borders, legally or not, because they want what we have.

That said, don’t forget what Kevin Clayton had to say about China and trade, see that along with other related reports linked below the byline, notices, and offers.

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mas kovach mhpronews shopping with soheyla .jp

Get our ‘read-hot’ industry-leading 

get our ‘read-hot’ industry-leading emailed headline news updates

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