“Too Fast, Too Furious” Said POTUS Trump, “I Am the Chosen One” on China, plus Manufactured Home Investing Updates

DowJones8212019ManufacturedHomeStockOverviewUpdatesMarkets surged upward again.  On his way to address veterans in Kentucky, President Trump stopped to speak to reporters. As is often the case, he gave fodder to both his fans and his foes.  We will examine the meaning of those quotes above, and unpack the latest on rates, trade, and more in our focus ‘after the closing bell’ report today.


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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business.

·        The Fed stays flexible

·        Central bankers are open to change amid conflicting economic signals, minutes show

·        Bond market flashes recession warning but stocks end the day higher

·        Trump calls handpicked Fed chief ‘a golfer who can’t putt’

·        ‘Stranger Things’ star announces beauty line

·        How a hacked US nightclub Twitter account was implicated in China’s information war

·        Walmart sues Tesla after it says solar panels caught fire on store roofs

·        Walmart, a longtime seller of firearms, is reevaluating its position on guns

·        One of America’s biggest gun retailers considers ending gun sales

·        GE’s comeback was in full swing. Now it’s in a dog fight with the Madoff whistleblower

·        Fans fear for Spider-Man’s future after Sony and Marvel fail to reach rights agreement

·        Target and Walmart are thriving. But almost every other department store is struggling

·        Is a recession coming? Here’s how to tell

·        Stocks are on a comeback. Dow rises 225 points


·        An Instagram hoax is fooling nearly everyone

·        Instagram got us hooked on likes. What happens when they’re gone?

·        It wants hackers to go after its new shopping feature

·        Users can now flag misinformation on Instagram

·        This couple has 7 Instagram-famous pets

·        Why you should be interviewing even if you aren’t looking for a new job

·        Why drug tests are becoming less important

·        Fired? Here’s how to handle it in a job interview

·        Got a job offer? Here’s how to negotiate a counter offer with your current employer

·        How much interview feedback should you give?


Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business. 


·        US strikes Mexican tomato trade deal in win for consumers

·        US home sales climb as mortgage rates plunge

·        Allstate CEO warns of financial ‘cancer’ on America


·        Text message spam “is a triple threat,” according to the Federal Trade Commission.

·        Del Monte to close two US plants, layoff hundreds

·        Why Spider-Man’s future is unclear right now

·        Apple’s Tim Cook Trump’s favorite tech CEO, here’s why

·        Strong Target, Lowe’s results boost stocks[overlay type]

·        Strong Target, Lowe’s results boost stocks

·        These 8 XFL teams will be kicking off the league’s 2020 season

·        Dolphins owner Stephen Ross exits NFL social justice committee amid Trump support backlash

·        Trump considers abandoning proposed $4B in foreign aid cuts: Report

·        Will Dick’s Sporting Goods test show it should stop selling guns?

·        Selling something online? FBI warns to watch out for this scam

·        James Bond takes ‘No Time to Die’ – a look back at the top 10 box office earners

·        Trump’s China tariffs to take bite out of U.S. economy, CBO warns

·        Apple Card takes ‘digital-banking battle’ to new level

·        Trump slams ‘politically correct’ auto companies, ‘foolish executives’

·        Save money by setting your thermostats to this temp

·        Christie Brinkley’s financial empire: Could she add a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ crown?

·        The monopoly concerns over big tech

·        BigEyedWish.com’s Ian Wishingrad on the mounting antitrust and privacy concerns over big tech.

·        The big business of hemp

·        FBN’s Grady Trimble speaks with a hemp farmer about the industry’s growth in the rural U.S.

·        Tariffs driving up RV costs, impacting profits


10 Market Indicator Closing Summaries – Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…


Tonight’s Business/Market/Political Impact Spotlight –

Still from video below.

There is confidence.  Then there is messianic-level confidence. Those who don’t go passed the headline that are ‘never Trumpers’ will be all the more convinced that he is a narcissist.  Those who think the 45th president can do no wrong may cheer that statement.

What is certain, despite the best efforts of his numerous enemies, he is the one that faces China and a range of other issues. In fairness and objectivity, deficits that were ‘okay’ for the 44th president’s administration are no longer acceptable. Frankly, rising debt and deficits is an area that MHProNews has concerns, but we did during the Bush and Obama administrations too.   The president, per sources, enjoys tweaking the media and creating a buzz with controversial statements.  Millions of his followers love it too.

That said, let’s turn to left-of-center CNBC’s report and two videos that dive into the headline issue.

·        President Donald Trump on Wednesday declared himself “the Chosen One” as he defended his administration’s actions in the ongoing U.S.-China trade war.

·        The president’s remark followed a string of criticisms aimed at his predecessors, whom he claimed had ignored China’s alleged malpractice on trade.

·        “Somebody had to do it,” the president says, and “I am the Chosen One.”


CNBC characterized the president’s comment as self-aggrandizing remarks, which followed a string of criticisms aimed at his predecessors, whom he claimed had ignored China’s alleged malpractice on trade. 

Arguably, POTUS Trump rightly critiqued his predecessors. It has never made sense to ship American jobs and American wealth to China, which in turn has used it to build up their military.  Our military has to grow in response, and the vicious cycle continued.  It was long overdue for a change.

This isn’t my trade war, this is a trade war that should have taken place a long time ago,” President Trump told reporters outside the White House.

Somebody had to do it,” the 45th president said, adding: “I am the Chosen One.”

I was put here by people,” the president said. “I was put here by people to do a great job. And that’s what I’m doing.

Earlier Wednesday, POTUS Trump retweeted a right-wing pundit’s flattering, messiah-flavored comments about the president’s support in Israel.

The Jewish people in Israel love him like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God,” said Wayne Allyn Root from NewsMax TV.  Root is Jewish.

It must be noted that President Trump ought to be seen as a triangulator. NewsMax would love to get a larger market share.  President Trump has been harsh about Fox News’ polling and some of their on-air-personalities recently.  No doubt, the tweet was useful for 45 on several levels, but already has and will be used to slam him.

For the second part of the headline, the president made is case for a rate cut by the Fed.  That’s covered in the video below.



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