”Your Time is Up, White People” SA Politician Declares, Stirring Up Unrest Impacts MHVille, USA



It’s your own personal rights, property, and wealth that are in the crosshairs. If what is described from news accounts that follow hasn’t yet happened to you, odds are that someone at a meeting you or they attended know about just such an incident on some personal level.

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Meaning, this is an underdiscussed trend already at work in the manufactured housing industry – a.k.a. MHVille.

Today’s report will start out with actual incidents from a distance – across the waters, and further south. That sets the stage for global tendencies. Then, we will walk backward toward the U.S.A. and specific ways that this is troubling trend is already at work in manufactured housing, and/or in a city or town not too far from you. Because what is a maturing problem overseas, is arguably already underway here in the U.S.A. too.


“Your Time is Up” – Whites About to Lose Big

SOUTH Africa (SA) has set a date – March 2019 – when a much-criticized land grab called “expropriations” can begin after a politician named Cyril Ramaphosa declared: “Your time is up, white people,” said the UK Daily Star.

In France, riots are spreading. They began with protests over ever-higher gas taxes – so-called “carbon taxes” tied to global warming – the science of which is surprisingly still in dispute. ICYMI or need a refresher later on, see the 5-minute expert video and related report on that issue, and how it impacts MHVille, by clicking on the linked box below.


Climate Change, Energy, Riots, and Manufactured Housing in Green Era


In oil-rich Venezuela, after a decade of socialism, the infrastructure is decaying.  That oil rich nation is now importing oil. The state grabbed – “nationalized” – their oil industry after socialists came to power about 10 years ago. Americans investors are among those who arguably lost out. But among the real losers are the Venezuelans, who after a decade of socialist control that they voted for, are now so hungry, they’ve reportedly lost an average of 19 pounds. Once one of the most prosperous nations in Latin America, Venezuela‘s economy is now a basket case. The graphic below is part of a larger report found by clicking on the linked box that follows it.



How to Avoid Losing Billions, Huge Loses Reported by WSJ, Other Media


In my nation of origin, Iran, the American-backed Shah of Iran was toppled decades ago by promises to the Persian people their that ‘electricity would be free,’ and that the nation’s oil money would be ‘shared with all of the people.’ The empty promises of ‘free stuff‘ and ‘free moneynever happened. ICYMI, you can read more at the link below.


“You Made Me, Promises, Promises…” Historic Iranian, American Lessons in Freedom


Instead, the Persian people have arguably grown poorer and are now less free.

The current Iranian regime might have toppled during the 2009 ‘green’ movement against the mullahs in 2009, had then President Barack Obama deftly intervened. Mr. Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not do so.  Instead, years later he cut a controversial deal that released about $100 billion to Iran, per the New York Times.  Meaning, to the very government that has kept the Iranians poorer.

What some Iranian expatriates in the U.S. have understandably called ‘fascists’ that rule Iran, are using those billions in funds released by the U.S. and others in a guerrilla war against neighboring nations, which includes the killing of Americans service members.




What was former President Obama thinking when he gave to the leaders of a nation that lies to its people, and gets large, radicalized crowds to chant “death to America” or “death to Israel” as has been seen in globally seen televised marches?

And here is how it comes closer to MHVille.  Ponder how prominent people involved in MHVille – such as Warren Buffett or Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) PAC Chair Nathan Smith – are all-in with political leaders like the former 44th president, Secretary Clinton, and typically Democratic candidates that here in America are at times also promising something allegedly ‘free’ at no cost to voters.


Nathan & Mary Lee Chance Smith, Leaders in ‘Anti-Trump Resistance,’ Manufactured Housing Impact?


The money trail from billionaires Warren Buffett and George Soros has been previously documented, as it links to groups like the problematic MHAction and better known AntiFa.  Recall, that MHProNews is for free enterprise and limited government, but sees as problematic manipulations of the American system in unjust, thumbs-on-the-scale, or crony-capitalist ways. ICYMI, you can click the linked box below for details, because we follow the facts, money, and evidence.


MHI inexplicably elevated in their purported ‘newsletter’ a policy initiative by Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) that is arguably harmful to the interests of most of manufactured housing professionals. Furthermore, Senator Warren embraced those radical groups, the same ones that disrupted MHI’s own speaking event of HUD Secretary Ben Carson, MD.  What is MHI thinking?  What are Warren Buffett, his Berkshire Hathaway lieutenants that operate in manufactured housing, and leaders like Nathan Smith of SSK Communities thinking?


Expose! Why Has Warren Buffett/BH Funded Anti-MHC Activists, MHAction? Why Fund Attacks on ELS, Frank Rolfe, Blackstone Group?


Let’s give them their due.  Buffett, the Claytons, and Nathan Smith are intelligent.  So whatever they have in mind – since they continue to support the same leftist groups and policies – is there any doubt that their support to radical groups and radical politicos is intentional?

Award-winning manufactured housing legend Dick Moore, who helped launch the MHIdea independent retailer initiative, has said for the record that he was audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for political, not tax reasons, during the Obama administration.  Moore alleges that they did so as an attack of his written statements about limited government and free enterprise, among other topics he’s written about.


Here in America…AntiFa and MHAction

In the U.S., one of the better known radical groups is called AntiFa. In Manufactured Housing, it’s MHAction that has surpassed – for better or worse – the attention once given to the more mild-by-comparison national resident group, NMHOA.


Manufactured Home Resident Group President Cautions Against MHAction, Surprising Background Reveal to Manufactured Housing Action –

If you scratch deeply enough, people of good will can find some common ground with others of good will. There will be disagreements between people. It has been so, since ‘the fall,’ and is expected to continue that way until time comes to an end.


One MHVille pro called MHProNews HQ recently to say that he’s been personally accosted by an MHAction member multiple times.

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That activist MHAction member, per said MH Community owner, poked at the businessman with a walking stick – a cane – reportedly in the presence of several others.  The community owner in question feels caught, because he doesn’t want to say or do something that might cause the narrative to turn against himself.  The community owners doesn’t want him or his community to end up getting sued. So he says he is relatively passive during such incidents.

As noted, MHAction has disrupted the speech of HUD Secretary Ben Carson, MD. MHAction have protested – Blackstone, Equity LifeStyle Properties, and RV Horizons by name and/or in person – among others.





That radical group are holding organizing events. One MHAction event made the news in Illinois, pre-midterm election. Some pooh-pooh these as ‘not drawing very many attendees.’ Well, that may be true, but that misses the point. Such radical movements that toppled once-free Cuba started with only small groups too.  That same is true for each of the nations noted herein.  These radical movements begin small, gather steam, and then historically become quite potent.  One quality that they have is that they don’t stop until they win.



This issue may be racial in South Africa and in some areas too.  But as a woman of Middle Eastern origins, let’s note that can perhaps better be understood not so much in racial terms, but as “have nots” being stirred into action against those who have. But one must ask, who are those who are stirring the pot? And how does this pattern of activity get stopped?

The short answers are that at times, powerful forces are acting behind the scenes of such radical movements.  And as to how they are stopped, one potent answer is education and historic lessons.

First, those who are drawn into these movements are often already unhappy.  The manufactured home community owner noted above said that he sincerely believes that man who has poked at him with the walking stick is mentally unstable. Perhaps so, but either way, he’s been attracted into a group that is making false promises.  Time and again, around the world, those who make promises like those of MHAction have made fail to deliver.

In Russia just over a century ago, the Tsars (or Czars) were toppled from power by Bolsheviks who were socialists that became known as communists. The nation grew poorer as a result.  There are historical references to Western nations – including some with ties to Wall Street – supporting the Russian revolutionaries. Think about that for a few moments — successful Americans and westerner capitalists helping destabilize Russia by supporting socialists, who later turned against the West as cold war communists. Troubling, but true.



In the USA, as the Daily Business News on MHProNews has previously reported, there are more people on the political left calling for “Universal Income” – free money – “free health care” and “free education.”






The Democratic party today is arguably not the same as the party of Democratic President John F. Kennedy.  President Kennedy signed taxes cuts into law, and revenues to the federal government rose.  Former Democrat, turned Republican, President Ronald Reagan (GOP), led tax cuts and revenues to the federal government rose too, as the graphics above demonstrate.




The estimated $22 Trillion dollars spent on the War on Poverty, which turned 50, exceeds the total national debt of some 20 trillion dollars. The poverty rate was coming down in the U.S. through free enterprise, and the perhaps well intentioned, but still misguided, impact of poverty programs has not proven to move the needle of poverty, as the graphic above demonstrates. Or as MHProNews publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach said in a recent Masthead, ‘whatever you subsidize, you tend to get more of it.’

Currently under former Democrat turned Republican, the 45th President of the United States (POTUS), Donald J. Trump, tax cuts passed last year have already sparked precisely the same trend as occurred during the Democratic President Kennedy and Republican President Reagan. So why is that trend under-reported by much of the mainstream media?

Part of the solution for our industry and our nation is to cut regulations, taxes, and to cut the size and scope of the federal government.  To minimize disruption, that process takes time.




But that process of taking billions of dollars away from deep-pocket groups that buy votes to get what they want from the federal government is underway. It’s President Trump and those aligned with him – not MHI – that got the roll backs of S2155.  Some key powers behind MHI – such as Warren Buffett and Nathan Smith – are openly for more big government, while MHI claims to be working for reduced regulations?  Once the facts are laid out, aren’t some of MHI’s claims blatantly misleading?




That process of subsidized housing and the like has demonstrably cost manufactured housing billions of dollars a year, and has cost our nation trillions of dollars over the years. It also creates an avoidable underclass, which tend to vote Democratic, because they are the ones promising more ‘free stuff.’

Tye explained that public housing – an entitlement – often yields addiction. Ownership vs. renting or living in “projects” leads to integrity, a view he likens to those of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The manufactured home industry must realize that however imperfect any politician is – and they are all human, and thus all imperfect – the most pro-manufactured housing industry politico since 2000 is demonstrably POTUS Donald J. Trump.    The video on the report found on the page linked below shows the president, the first lady, Vice President Mike Pence, and other officials in Florida, touring a manufactured home community.  President Trump is mingling with residents, and talking about ‘the good people‘ living in that manufactured home community.


“I knew right from the beginning.” When President Trump, First Lady Melania, VP Pence Toured Manufactured Home Community –

” Best vote ever ,” said one manufactured home resident as he took a sandwich, water and thanked President Donald J. Trump. ” I knew right from the beginning,” said another resident in the Naples, Florida manufactured home community as he shook the president’s hand, and thanked him.


Where was there any similar trip by President Obama to a manufactured home community?

Instead, the Obama administration imposed heavy new regulatory burdens on the manufactured housing side of the affordable housing industry.  Apparently, those burdens are what Warren Buffett, the Claytons, their affiliated lenders, Nathan Smith and others involved at MHI want, because that is what campaign donations indicate they have often politically supported.

Protests of manufactured housing industry firms or leaders like HUD Secretary Carson – like the ones shown in the video below – are de facto being funded by big Democratic donors, like billionaires Warren Buffett and George Soros.



Do you see why a growing number of people within MHI are questioning their own organization? Why more are at MHI are seeing that trade body as a Berkshire Hathaway-led front group, instead of a lobbying group that is working on behalf of the majority of manufactured housing independents?


“It’s a Terrible Idea,” Comments from Manufactured Home Community Owners, Senior Management, and Investors


With that backdrop, now flashback to the video interview at Tunica with former president Danny Ghorbani, and current President and CEO Mark Weiss, JD, with the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR).  Do you see why MHARR’s staff leaders think that the Trump Administration is better for the industry than the prior one was?



Housing and the Policies of Much of the Left’s Leaders

Keep in mind that these leftist groups are making claims and promises about housing too.  As a community owner told MHProNews, the biggest competition for our industry for decades has been subsidized housing.  Those who promise that are running counter to the interests of the vast majority of manufactured housing professionals.  In as much as it traps people in poverty, it is bad for Americans too.  See what the manufactured housing advocate, the Rev. Donald Tye, Jr. said in his in-depth video interview, linked here.


Facts & Analysis – Senator Elizabeth Warren re: Manufactured Housing Institute Memo to MHI Members, 10-3-2018


As or more important, those promises from the left run counter to the interests of tens of millions of Americans who want to own, but are stuck in rentals instead.  See that report, by clicking the box linked below.


The American Dream, Arguably Among the Most Profitable, But Least Understood Stories in the USA Today

The American Dream is more than housing that someone owns, but that is a key element to it. Properly understood, this story could bridge much of the left-right divide. Properly told, and it would likely need to be a series, it could win a Pulitzer or other prize for reporting.


These are not matters of mere opinion, to be shrugged off lightly.  The facts, evidence, and money trail are being revealed, step-by-step.

Then look at who is rising on the left in the Democratic Party in America…

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Openly “Democratic Socialist” candidates are coming into office, like the already well-known Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-D), or her longtime forerunner, Bernie Sander (VT-I, but caucuses with the Democrats).







Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile said that the primary was rigged against Senator Sanders. Their is evidence to suggest that the powers of the federal government wee being used to tilt the election in favor of Secretatry Clinton.





We in MHVille can, should, and must learn from what is happening in France, South Africa, and Venezuela.

Propaganda is demonstrably being fed to the masses, and millions are ‘buying into it.’ In MHVille, MHI has arguably weaponized their information to their members. While it would be inaccurate to say that all news is fake, or that all MHI news is propaganda.  But there is more than enough of it that is weaponized or demonstrably inaccurate, so that our industry’s professionals – and the nation – are increasingly looking askance at MHI or mainstream news.

MHProNews’ parent operation demonstrated to MHI over the course of years options for lending, and ways to improve image at a low cost. For years, even though our parent operation as an MHI member showed the way to grow business, MHI leaders ignored those options. Why? Could it be that slow growth allowed more consolidation and at a cheaper price? ,

For those who may have missed it, please see the related report, linked the in the linked box further below, on News as Business. 

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