“You Traitor!” “F-cking Asshole!” ‘POS’-Senator Lindsey Graham (SC-R) Accosted by Airport Protestors – VIDEOS – MHIndustry Reactions to Events


Recently re-elected South Carolina Senator “Lindsey Graham just made the mistake walking by me and a mass of angry patriots at the airport in DC. All America wants is for you to AUDIT OUR VOTE and purge this election of this massive corruption…and you won’t do it. We’re not letting this “slide” so expect more of this.” So said the tweet by Mindy Robinson @iheartmindy, the screen capture of which is linked here. If the tweet below is later delated by Twitter, see that or this link.



Breitbart brought that to MHProNews’ attention, quoting from that video the following:

  • A protester can be heard screaming, “Lindsey Graham you are a traitor to the country. You know it was rigged, you garbage human.”
  • It’s going to be like this wherever you go for the rest of your life,” a woman said prior to chants of “audit our vote.”
  • A protester also called Graham a “piece of sh-t,” “son of a bitch,” and “f-cking asshole

Near the end of the video a male voice is his heard saying, “You don’t represent us anymore.” Police are shown in the video escorting Senator Graham through the airport.

Thursday 1.8.2021, Senator Graham expressed embarrassment and disgust the following, per left-of-center PBS and right-of-center Breitbart.



Graham mused how “…the United States Capitol could be taken over by domestic terrorists while we’re in session, transferring power from one president to the other, that a band of people, who are terrorists, not patriots, literally occupied the floor of the House, drove the Senate out of its chamber.”

And the question for the country is how could that happen 20 years after 9/11?” he asked.

He continued, “Sen. Schumer has called for the Sgt. at Arms of the Senate to resign. I echo that. Anyone in charge of defending the Capitol failed in their duties. If they would have been in the military, they would have been relieved of their commands and most likely court-martialed. So, the first thing that has to happen is to hold those accountable for failing to defend the nation’s Capitol while the Congress was in session.”

Graham called for a joint task force to be created to identify the perpetrators of the riot, while dismissing calls for invoking the 25th Amendment against President Trump, telling reporters that he does not believe it is appropriate “at this point.”

HUD Secretary Ben Carson, in separate reports, claims that no 25th Amendment removal discussion are underway. As was previously noted by MHProNews, Vice President Mike Pence has said that invoking the 25th Amendment is not happening.


Perhaps for that reason, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that possibly as soon as Monday, January 11, the House may take up articles of impeachment. If so, that would be with only some nine or less days before “President-Select” Joe Biden* and Senator Kamala Harris presumably take their “oath of office” on January 20th.

Learn more at the link here: https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/pro-trump-lawmaker-derrick-evans-arrested-by-fbi-in-manufactured-home-charged-in-u-s-capitol-building-breach-video-plus-manufactured-home-investing-stock-updates/ Keep in mind that people are deemed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.


Surprising or Expected?

Newsmax reported that the Rasmussen poll, “one of the most accurate polls of the 2020 election, finds President Trump’s approval is actually rising after Wednesday‘s protests.”

As Democrats move to impeachment and a few “establishment” Republicans call for the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, the Rasmussen poll finds 48% approve of the President’s job performance.

A source close to the polling firm tells Newsmax that the rolling survey saw Trump’s approval soar to 51% on Thursday night. The 45th president’s approval has been up overall, jumping from 45% just before Christmas.

Americans are disgusted that cities burned for months and Washington and the media did nothing,” Newsmax’s source at Rasmussen said, “But they still like Trump.”

Not unrelated, President Trump was recently rated the most respected man by Gallup, beating both former President Barack Obama and “President-Select” Joe Biden*


Another survey says that about 3 out of 4 Republicans believe that the future of their party should look like people that fight back like President Trump has done. So much for the theory that Americans believe that the 45th president ‘is a con and a fraud…’

Representative Fallon told NewsmaxSaturday Agenda” on 1.9.2021 that the GOP opposed lawlessness last summer, and they oppose the lawlessness at the Capitol on 1.6.2021. “The left are professionals of outrage,” said Fallon. He said it was “absurd and ridiculous” to make it out like President Trump in any way encouraged what occurred. He said it was highly unlikely that there was sufficient time to get 2/3rds of lawmakers before Biden is inaugurated. Fallon said the focus should move to causing what occurred in the last election to “never occur” again.

However noble that may sound, what many lawmakers who say similarly are not stating clearly is this. How will the GOP accomplish that, with all of the levers of power, save perhaps the U.S. Supreme Court, in the hands of Democrats after January 20th?

Note that during the very first objection debate in Arizona is when the disruption of the U.S. Capitol occurred, per this CSPAN video. Other video footage that has since emerged show what appears to be law enforcement officials outside of the Capitol building allowing – or even what has been described as ‘guiding’ – protestors in. Following the Capitol breach events, the move to challenge certification failed. The debates that were planned were cut short, abbreviated or abandoned. Once more, the normal forms of ‘redress of grievances’ guaranteed by the Constitution were abridged or denied.  Good fortune for the Biden-Harris ticket? Bad luck for the Trump-Pence ticket? Kabuki theater?







Talk Radio King Rush Limbaugh’s Take…

During his radio show Friday 1.8.2021, Limbaugh noted the push for impeachment purportedly on the single count of ”Incitement to insurrection” is coming because the “entire Washington establishment” is “scared to death of Trump.”

The four-year coup, the four-year effort to get the election results of 2016 overturned, there are all kinds of people who broke the law, all kinds of people who are quaking in their boots,” Limbaugh said. “They’re worried silly that Trump is gonna unleash some of these classified documents.”

It may be a coincidence, but Limbaugh made those comments some time after MHProNews emailed Limbaugh the following report, linked below.



The National Pulse on 1.8.2021, said that “Following increasingly totalitarian moves and speech from Democrats, the media, and Big Tech platforms, the company controlled by Jack Dorsey and linked with the Chinese Communist Party has removed the duly elected, sitting President of the United States.”

While many have only recently begun to name the names – corporate and individual billionaires and others – MHProNews has been saying for years that the power of Big Tech was too great. MHProNews – not alone, but citing sources across the left-right divide – specifically called for the breakup of specific big corporate players. One of the graphics we created was this, which dates back to early 2019. But prior reports made similar arguments over the course of several years. Antitrust is a possible tool, but only if honest public officials are wielding the power.  Will state AG’s act?



“This market power arguably impacts every business of every kind in the USA. That’s not limited to Google, it applies to various degrees to Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Netflix (FAANG) and Microsoft too. MHProNews sees value to including Berkshire Hathaway in breakup calls being investigated on Capitol Hill. #DeFaangBM.”

Limbaugh said about what we will call “the Establishment” here that, “They’re worried to death that he’s got a card or two to play here yet, including the pardon power.”

Imagine if he decided to release a bunch of classified documents right before the inauguration ceremony,” the Presidential Medal of Freedom award winner said. “Two long, nervous weeks for the Democrats,” Limbaugh said. “Major potential power vacuum. They are scared, folks. Do not doubt me on this.”

US Army Combat Veteran Cory Mills commented on the situation seen Wednesday at the Capitol: “I’m p*ssed off at what I am seeing on American soil, I’m pissed off that I fought in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting this terroristic behavior only to see it on our soil.” – via The Chris Salcedo Show, weekdays at 5PM ET on Newsmax TV. Mills said he hopes the president will invoke the Insurrection Act. Note to readers: videos like this, per an arguably Orwellian warning from YouTube, may disappear in the days ahead. Hopefully, Newsmax will post these videos elsewhere, where they won’t easily be de-platformed.



Burning of the Reichstag.”

After saying he condemned what occurred on the Capitol, Dirk Morris said that what we witnessed is a modern variation on the “Burning of the Reichstag.”

Those who do not have a sense of history may be lost as to the possible meaning of the events of this week. The very real possibility of President Trump prevailing this week in Congress were short cut by the ‘riot’ that ‘stormed’ the Capitol Building. Was it led by insiders and paid Antifa types, as a former FBI agent has alleged and/or as former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerick has asked? How many millions missed hearing what would have been a robust debate? The President and some 75 million plus of his voters, plus tens of millions of others were robbed of that debate, one more peaceful option for redress of grievance torn from them.

There is an effort by the left to criminalize saying the election was illegal, said former Clinton and Trump adviser, Dick Morris.

Morris said that impeaching President Trump twice – something that has never occurred before and wasn’t merited either time – aims to discourage him and anyone like th3 45th president to ever think about challenging the powers that be again.

Joe Pinion on Newsmax said that social media has officially gone to war against conservatives.”

Ride or Die was originally a biker term meaning if you couldn’t ride you’d rather die. It has now changed to mean anyone (wife, boyfriend, best friend), that you will “ride” ANY problems out with them or “die” trying. The “ride” doesn’t always have to be a negative either,” says the Urban Dictionary.  

Bruce Levell, director of the National Diversity Coalition for the Trump Campaign said on 1.9.2021 to Greg Kelly on Newsmax – “Ride or Die.” Levell explained that meant “In it for better or worse,” “No matter what happens.” He said the president has had ups, downs, and back up again in business. He accepted and dealt with those realities. He said if the President thought he really lost to the Biden-Harris ticket, he could accept it. That is not what Levell thinks the president and millions of his followers believe occurred. The video below is a slice of history that arguably sheds light and applies to what we are experiencing in America today. It is 90 seconds. Millions died following the events spotlighted in this video.




MH Industry Reactions

MHProNews could sum up reactions by manufactured housing industry professionals to recent reports as follows. Some have mocked MHProNews – perhaps pro-Biden supporters – said things like “You [Tony] are crazy,” or claiming that our content on recent election fraud allegation topics was “inappropriate” or even “dangerous.” When those naysayers were asked to explain those by giving examples, those and others like them went mute or declined doing so.

In striking contrast where those who appreciated the content. Readership on both MHProNews and MHLivingNews rose just before, on 1.6.2021, and since. That sharply increased volume of readers and high level of page views speaks volumes because most people vote with their time, browsers, devices, and readership.

That noted, here are some specific statements to MHProNews always but not often via text.

Give me liberty or give me death,” wrote one company leader. This writer replied, “It may come to that…” and that professional promptly replied, “I know.”

Another industry leader mused 1.6.2021 was the “Storming of the Bastille…”




A longtime industry leader said:

  • Faith     – pray and stay with God  
  • Family   – immediate and related
  • Friends  – real and not phonies
  • Flag       – country and constitution    
  • Forget   – about bothersome things

This longtime professional said, “If Christians, specifically conservative Christians don’t start standing up and becoming vocal about our beliefs, this new era of politics will not end well. It very well could be the start of banning religion through constitutional changes. People laugh at that thought but we also laughed at Joe Biden’s campaign…”

Another business leader said about Google, Apple and other big tech moves, “If they delete that app the will face antitrust suits imho,” to which this writer replied, Antitrust from whom? Joe Biden who they put in office?” That person followed up with “He [Biden] said he would have an independent justice department. You don’t believe him?” My reply, “Was his lips moving?”



The report linked above may or may not have influenced Rush’s comments – they were provided to his team prior to his comments on air. In fairness as our report above noted, there are others saying similar things. MHProNews has hardly alone, though our framing of the case is unique.

It is obvious that most elected officials let voters down. What is more ominous is the evidence of video of what looks like police or law enforcement at the Capitol building waving people in. When former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik – who said he was in Washington D.C. for President Trump’s speech – believes there is much to investigate in the use of deadly force by an officer and by how the Capitol was so easily ‘breached.’

It must be noted that sober minds have observed that this breach event was used to shut down, short circuit, abbreviate the public debate of election fraud. After it occurred, what little debate was left occurred later and in a more limited, muted form that was originally planned. Is that good luck for Democrats and Establishment Republicans? Or was it a plan that some were aware of, and others unexpectedly found themselves dealing with?

The reactions of possible Trump/GOP supporters to Senator Lindsey Graham (SC-R) in the airport – who President Trump campaigned for in 2020 and who many believe betrayed the commander in chief, the president’s and the senator’s own voters – speaks volumes. What would have happened if Graham had no police escort?

MHProNews has said for some days that the threat of violence is going up if the voices of tens of millions of people are not heard. That is NOT said to encourage violence. Rather, it is said to state a historic reality that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who preached non-violence, argued that silencing and ignoring millions of Americans will tend toward violent actions.  That means, lawmakers, elected and appointed officials, should go out of their way to LISTEN to the will of millions. If the election was not stolen, why – time and again – where honest discussions of the evidence short circuited or avoided?

Violence is impractical and immoral.”
I would hope that we can avoid riots because riots are self-defeating and self-destructive.” Both of those quotes by King make it clear that his meaning was not to encourage riots or violence, but rather that it occurs when lawful voices are silenced.  That said, it is foolish to ignore the lessons of history and of human nature. There is no disconnect in saying that being a consistent voice of peaceful and lawful efforts, if ignored, may lead to violence. That is not throwing a match on the possible fuel for a fire. Instead, it is a warning that the fuel is there and if the proper steps are not taken, the match may be tossed by people like those in the Capitol building this week, and a fire may erupt. 
Is Forbes acting not only illegally but also stupidly in this instance? Are they going to violate the civil rights of current or possible workers? How is this different than the types of behavior in and before the 1960s? Such behavior, if not addressed, could result in legal – and sadly, possibly violent responses.

To the point raised by the veteran in the video above about the Insurrection Act, while that is an option, it seems unlikely now. President Trump himself has said there will be a transition of power.

Chris Salcedo, using the words of both President Trump and “President-Select”
Biden* contrasts the two. How is former Obama-era VP Biden living up to his
campaign promises?

Does he have a hidden meaning there? Possible. Time will tell.  But what is increasingly obvious is that pro-Trump supporters – and even people who served in the Trump Administration have and will suffer.


In the absence of the Insurrection Act and/or #DeclassifyItAll, the president, his family, and millions of his followers face difficult days ahead.  See the related and linked reports above.

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Some cheer others jeer Malcom X, but this quote is an insightful example of separating the wheat from the chaff. While quite different than Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcom X had some interesting thoughts on media.


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Despair or frustration are not solutions. Hope without action, or ignoring reality,  are not a solutions either.

Native Americans, in several cases, tried to deal with public officials in good faith. When they were ignored, it often led to violence. The examples of this are many.

Sound information, understanding, repair of the Republic, and prayer are the ‘intellectual and spiritual weapons’ that can prevail.


On 1.9.2021 at 5:52 PM ET this tally is now 71,858,713 actions taken. Other platforms for contacting lawmakers have also been obtained untold millions of contacts/messages. Then there are calls to lawmakers and public officials. Those are a lot of voices to ignore. It is begging for trouble. Let’s note that it is a ticking time bomb that President Trump cautioned could lead to #MAGA ‘playing into the hands’ of their opponents. All that said, human nature is what it is. MHProNews still encourages peaceful contact with officials and for officials to not do what Lindsey Graham and so many others did, namely, ignore their voters.



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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested with the discussion of manufactured housing related issues on our 12.3.2019 meetings. But Texas Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. MHProNews has worked with people and politicos across the left-right divide.

By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for MHProNews.com.

Tony earned a journalism scholarship and earned numerous awards in history and in manufactured housing.

For example, he earned the prestigious Lottinville Award in history from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied history and business management. He’s a managing member and co-founder of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and MHLivingNews.com.

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