“Trailer Park Boys” – Al Kemp, Canadian Manufactured Home Community Association Letter Reacts to Netflix Series



Al Kemp is the Executive Director of the Manufactured Home Park Owners Alliance (MHPOA) of British Columbia (BC). That Canadian trade group’s manufactured home community (MHC) members, say Kemp, has an average vacancy rate of one site for every two properties.

Rephrased, those BC community owners have ½ a unit vacancy rate per MHC.

That would put them in a very elite category in the U.S.

Kemp has been an outspoken critic of the Canadian “mocukumentaryNetflix series problematically dubbed the Trailer Park Boys.



The Daily Business News on MHProNews has spotlighted Kemp’s thoughts as recorded by mainstream media previously, for example, in the report linked in the clickable image/text-box below.


Millennials Need Affordable Housing, but “Trailer Park Boys” stigma slows Manufactured Home Acceptance


That prior report linked above is a useful read to understand the new letter and plans Kemp has shared with MHProNews readers. He begins by saying that “…at least in Canada – “trailer park” connotes exactly the type of persons portrayed in Trailer Park Boys.”

That evokes, says Kemp, the painful “long-standing stereotype” he believes harms the proper understanding of manufactured homes and their reality of their products or residents vs. the shameful portrayal of the “TPBoys” on Netflix.

Kemp’s insightful letter is found at the linked image/text-box below.


“Trailer Park Boys” Al Kemp, Canadian Manufactured Home Community Association, Reacts to Netflix Series

Hi Tony, The short answer is that – at least in Canada – “trailer park” connotes exactly the type of persons portrayed in Trailer Park Boys. This is a long-standing stereotype that was perhaps somewhat relevant 25 or more years ago.


Among the themes that MHLivingNews discovered was an issue with numerous manufactured home residents was the sting of the terms:

  • Trailer,
  • Trailer Park,” and of course,
  • Trailer Trash.”

Of course, just as some blacks refer to each other using what manufactured home advocate Donald Tye Jr. called the “n-word,” some manufactured home residents or even some professionals do likewise.

Anecodtale evidence suggests that the wrong terminology impacts price. But it also impacts people’s emotions, see the poet who rejected the use of the t-word with regard to her home, by clicking the image above.


A survey by Foremost Insurance suggests that the use of the “t-word” was not always so for numbers of those living in our industry’s factory-built homes and communities.




As 2018 winds down and industry professionals on either side of the U.S. Canadian line prepare for 2019 and beyond, there is an obvious need for tackling such #NettlesomeThings. See Kemp’s thoughtful letter at this link here, or the link above to understand their perspectives.

What Kemp refers to as the “TPBoys” is clearly not the only challenge that faces our industry. But it is a thorn in the side, that along with other factors, harms the understanding and acceptance of manufactured housing and those who own them. That spills over into other arenas.  It’s clear that after years of ignoring such issues that doing nothing isn’t an acceptable answer.


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Millennials Need Affordable Housing, but “Trailer Park Boys” stigma slows Manufactured Home Acceptance






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