Strange vs. Moore, Trump vs. Bannon?

LutherStrangeVsRoyMoorePOTUSTrumpVsSteveBannonBreitbartDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsAs tomorrow’s special election to fill the vacated seat by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ previous AL Senate seat looms, the heat and “controversies” from left-to-right wing media is rising.  So too is the spin that routinely fits a given media’s typical perspective.

Recent polling seems to indicate that appointed-Senator Luther Strange – whom President Donald Trump is backing – is trailing Roy Moore – whom former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and other conservative pundits supports – for the GOP primary for that seat. 

The race is being spun by some on the right as “the swamp” (Strange) vs. the anti-establishment conservative (Moore, by the right’s Breitbart followers).  Many Trump supporters clearly see that differently.

Here’s the unreported news flash.

Whomever wins, POTUS Trump and Breitbart’s leader Bannon will both win.

Whomever wins, is the odds-on favorite to win in the general election – both per L. A. “Tony” Kovach, MHProNews’ publisher.


Whatever your politics happens to be, given them credit because its due. President Trump and Steve Bannon have superior political instincts,” said Kovach.

For example, both understand that the mainstream media love to create controversy within the GOP, as if the party was hopelessly fractured and dying. In fact, if fundraising is any indicator, the GOP is leading Democrats by a wide margin since the president was sworn in, mostly due to the POTUS Trump base,” Kovach said.


Robinson vs. Kovach?

MHI’s Sr. VP and General Counsel Rick Robinson made an interesting admission last week in his presentation at the 5 State Convention in Deadwood, SD.

Robinson confessed that he thought that Secretary Hillary Clinton would win the electoral college, and he thought Trump would win the popular vote.

The actual outcome was the opposite.


By contrast, Kovach stated in writing several times last year that candidate Trump could win, and he did, despite the long-odds given by the mainstream media.  He used sources across the spectrum, and looked at the internal polling before making that call.

Featured image credit, Hurricane Harvey Relief.

Who Will Win Tuesday? 

Alabama is a manufactured housing production hub, as Daily Business News readers know.  AL is one of several states keenly involved in producing homes for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Dr. Keith Ablow. Credit, Fox News.
Photo by Mark Simon, of L. A. “Tony’ Kovach engaging with SAAs in NY. 

IMHO,” Kovach said, “Dr. Keith Ablow was quite right earlier this year when he said that the president knows how to routinely outmaneuver the media at their own game.  Everyone slips and makes mistakes, but just watch and see.  For those who understand the various players, this controversy is a win for both the president and Bannon, as well as for Strange and Moore, who are getting more coverage than this might otherwise draw.”

The president has said he will support whomever the winner is of the GOP special primary. So far, the president has won every special election since he was sworn into often.  Stay tuned. ## (News, analysis.)

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