Straight from Top Democrat’s Lips to Your Eyes, Ears – ‘We Knew Recovery Plan Would Cause Inflation’ – Thank James Clyburn for Some Straight Talk – Sunday Weekly MHVille Headlines Recap


House Majority Whip James Clyburn (SC-D) is the number three ranking member among Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives. On Thursday’s “Jose Diaz-Balart Reports” on MSNBC that *every single* House Democrat knew their stimulus would cause record inflation and they did it anyway, noted Legal Insurrection. “All of us knew this would be the case… anytime you put more money into the economy, prices tend to rise.”

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Jose Diaz-Balart Reports,” House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) stated that “all of us knew” prices would increase “when we put in place this recovery program. Any time you put more money into the economy, prices tend to rise.” So said Breitbart News, noting that “Clyburn also stated that President Joe Biden put kids back in school and has ensured schools are “getting fixed up for climate change” and said, “I resent people who feel that we would much rather not have jobs and education so long as we can pay ten cents less for a gallon of gasoline.”

Per right-leaning Breitbart referencing that left-leaning MSNBC video clip:

Clyburn said, “Well, let me make it very clear, all of us are concerned about these rising costs. And all of us knew this would be the case when we put in place this recovery program. Any time you put more money into the economy, prices tend to rise. And we do know that price gouging takes place. … We knew that the moment we went to aid the Ukrainians, the Russians would do what they could possibly do to undercut this administration. So, they cut this deal with the OPEC nations to reduce the production of oil so as to drive the price of gasoline up.”

He later added that Biden “has restored the Americans’ confidence in this democracy. He came into office at a time when COVID-19 was running rampant throughout the country. People were dying, over a million people died. He arrested all of that. He put cash in people’s pockets. He put children back in school, unshuttered businesses. And we are now tackling our infrastructure, the largest infrastructure plan since Eisenhower’s interstate highway we have now put in place, broadband in every home, schools getting fixed up for climate change. And we are doing the things that are necessary to reduce costs for medicine and other things that people need. People are not going to be making choices now whether to take half a pill or half a dose of their medicine so as to buy groceries. We are taking all that into account. And this has been a great success of this President. I call this the great recovery as opposed to the Great Society. Lyndon Johnson gave us the Great Society program. And President Joe Biden has given us a great recovery, the largest infrastructure since Eisenhower, the largest progressive program since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. This is nothing to sneeze at, and the American people recognize that. And I resent people who feel that we would much rather not have jobs and education so long as we can pay ten cents less for a gallon of gasoline.”

For years, candidates from both major parties have spoken about infrastructure programs.  Left-leaning and the generally pro-Biden New York Times had a report on 11.9.2021 that said “How Biden Got the Infrastructure Deal Trump Couldn’t.” The Trump White House archive said the plan could generate 1.5 trillion dollars in investments, but that NY Times report said: President Donald J. Trump, who tried and failed” because enough Democratic members of Congress while he was in the White House successfully blocked it. That’s not to say the two plans were the same, they were not. But Democrats played politics with the bill that Trump wanted, delaying until Joseph R. “Joe” Biden took the White House before passing the legislation that Clyburn now said has helped fuel inflation.

Per the federal White House Trump Archive, his plan would use “$200 billion in Federal funds to spur at least $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investments with partners at the State, local, Tribal, and private level.” Restated, unlike the plan Democrats passed that fueled inflation, because only a fraction of the money would be borrowed by the Trump-Republican plan.

The Trump-backed plan would have generated more money in “infrastructure investments” than Democrats, with less borrowing and per the White House Trump Archive on February 12, 2018: “ELIMINATE REGULATORY BARRIERS: The President’s plan would eliminate barriers that prevent virtually all infrastructure projects from being efficiently developed and managed.” The U.S could have seen the promised good results of that plan years earlier and without the kind of raging inflation that ‘in the know” Democratic Majority Whip James Clyburn (SC-D) recently admitted they knew would be the result.

There are better and inferior ways of doing something. Trump’s infrastructure vision with lower gas, food, housing, healthcare, and other prices – plus less federal debt – ought to be obviously superior to what the U.S. is suffering through now under the Biden-Democratic plan.

With interest rates rising, and the federal debt skyrocketing under Joe Biden (D), interest payments on the federal debt service are going to eat up an ever larger part of the federal budget. The case can be made that the full range of harms done to the U.S. economy under Biden’s watch, plus other domestic and foreign challenges has yet to be felt.

Clyburn is no ordinary Democrat. Clyburn is widely credited with turning around the sagging Biden campaign in 2020 by giving him a rousing endorsement that rallied essential black support at a time that Biden was trailing other Democratic rivals. As a historian, Clyburn knows that someone has to look at history in order to see how ‘we got to where we are’ in a specific moment in time.  At a speech that Clyburn gave in support of Biden, he said the following.

One may or may not agree with Clyburn’s politics. But the wisdom of this statement by Clyburn is demonstrably true.

Clyburn is an educated, well-informed man who is holding a key office for his party.

Put differently, like it or not, Clyburn seemingly paltered, spun, and postured in his recent admission on left-leaning MSNBC. Why is Clyburn – along with his fellow Democratic politicians – accused of paltering instead of merely being mistaken? Because Clyburn asserted “we knew” inflation would result.

By contrast with what Biden-Democrats have thrust upon Americans, the effects of the Trump plan could have been dramatically different while still providing the promised benefits of better U.S. infrastructure. The reasons for that difference in benefits without the harmful inflationary impacts are noted above.

Indeed, comparing inflation under Trump to both Biden or former President Barack Obama revealed that both Democrats fueled inflation, only Biden has done even more so.

The question now is, how many blacks and other Democratic supporters will defect from the party that they normally support in the waning days of the November 8, 2022 midterms? How many blacks and other Democrats will jump ship, as did former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI-D)? Gabbard, without joining Republicans (Grand Old Party or GOP), endorsed two female Republicans, Tudor Dixon (MI-R) and Kari Lake (AZ-R) over their Democratic rivals.

How many Democrats will follow a similar path and vote against those who gave the U.S. disastrous inflationary, border, foreign and energy policies by supporting and voting for Republicans in races up and down the ballot? Time will soon tell.

But for those who believe that the American Dream is slipping away right before our eyes, there seems to be little choice but to support a Republican over a Democrat, especially when Clyburn’s (SC-D) shocking disclosures are considered.

It should be obvious that Clyburn’s admissions, sifting out the wheat from the chaff, are critical to understanding what Democratic leadership with serious big business and notable billionaire backing has down to the U.S.A.

To the point that Democrats have aligned themselves with large corporate and key billionaire support, the MHProNews Google-fact check revealed these results, that often cited left-leaning news sources.

There are RINOs just as there are DINOs. The billionaire class and their corporate interests wield enormous influence over U.S. politics. Who says? Warren Buffett. Something similar is often true in other nations too. Numbers have said for years that there is a two-tiered justice system in America, citizens must ponder the meaning of the Trump property raid by the FBI as a possible example of an excessive show of force that have been displayed against other Trump supporters in recent years, often with little or no result in terms of convictions for a serious crime.

It isn’t that someone has to know the future to recognize that certain policies will likely produce certain outcomes. About a year and a half ago, the Daily Business News on MHProNews began to warn our market report readers that inflation was coming. Indeed, it came. Some of the reasons for that were succinctly captured by Clyburn’s captured on video admission above.

Additional Information with More MHProNews Analysis and Commentary in Brief

As political independents, MHProNews editorially opposed Trump’s announced appointment to HUD of Brian Montgomery. That informed opposition to Montgomery, in hindsight, proved to be spot on. Montgomery may have been Republican, but the case is made in the report below that he was an Establishment Republican.


As political independents, MHProNews editorially opposed the shutdowns and several of the Trump-era but Biden-Democratic continued and doubled-down COVID19 policies.

U.S. Economic Hit by COVID19 in Photos, MHVille Implications, plus Doctor Sara Kayat on “Herd Immunity”
This report was posted on March 31, 2020. It was one of several that stood the test of time. By citing informed experts, facts, evidence, and applying common sense, a remarkable ability to spot truth vs. agenda-driven talking points has been proven time and again. See for yourself.
Posted on April 14, 2020, this is yet another example of reports that have stood the test of time.

Some basic research plus applied commonsense with historic lessons learned, cited in those reports linked above, given some of the reasons that this platform took those stances, while supporting other initiatives and the positive outcomes of the controversial Trump presidency.


America was far from perfect under Trump. Since the time that Adam and Eve were sent out of Eden, there have been no perfect lands anywhere on earth. But the USA was far better off under Trump’s term as hundreds of millions of Americans have soberingly learned. That is an awkward gift by Biden and Democrats to Trump and so-called “MAGA” or America First Republicans (as opposed to Establishment or RINO Republicans).

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that voting for any of those Democrats who rubber-stamp supported the plan that Clyburn said they “all knew” would cause inflation is to reward those who have punished most of our country with the worst inflation in some 40 years.

MHVille and Housing Harms and Disappointments

The housing markets are in turmoil due in good measure to Biden-Democratic policies.

Despite big promises months ago by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) and others who supported the Biden-talking points – that manufactured housing was going to benefit from these Biden-housing policies – where are those illusory benefits? Isn’t that just one of the points of evidence that the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) could reference when they say that MHI is engaged in PR rather than authentic advocacy that could advance our industry?

Manufactured Home White Paper Rips Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) ‘Exploitation’ Posturing on Behalf of ‘All Segments’ Industry–Media Release, Documents, Allegations, Analysis, Viewpoints

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Perhaps the largest experiment in manipulating public opinion control in the 21st century since George W. Bush (R), his cronies and a majority of both major parties succeeded in rushing America into Iraq only to find NO weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) is underway. While the methods deployed during Bush 43’s term have similarities to those being deployed by Biden-backers, there are some apparently quantitative differences. Perhaps the biggest among those is the widespread censoring by big tech, often echoed by elements of the mainstream media, of messages from dissenters against the Biden-Democratic agenda.

What that means in practical terms is that a common way for people to get or stay informed has been limited or lopped off. George Orwell’s tome 1984 (Nineteen Eighty Four) was not supposed to be a ‘how to’ manual for population control via propaganda techniques and information manipulation and censorship methods. Rather, Orwell wrote his dystopian novel in order to warn the English-speaking West – including his home country of jolly old England – of how he saw socialism and autocratic rule in practical terms. Recall that Orwell was a disillusioned socialist.

Biden, his handlers, Democrats and some periodic RINO allies are giving America a glimpse into just how bad it could be to become Venezuela, Cuba, or Communist China. While there are some that hit those notes, the GOP would be well advised to drive that home even more vigorously. Democrats have an advantage in several respects, including “information dominance.” Information dominance says ex-Democrat and former CNN reporter-turned satirical pundit Chris Plante is a key edge they have. Plante is on WMAL from 9 to noon ET M-F. Plante is occasionally being compared to the late Rush Limbaugh, although others are vying for that conservative talk radio crown too.

Biden promised to unite, heal, and “Build Back Better” the U.S.A. The healing is clearly absent, as Biden rubs salt on the nation’s wounds on a routine basis. Biden’s Build Back Better was clearly propaganda, as the only ones that seem to routinely benefit are his billionaire and big corporate backers. Those backers include personalities and businesses that have been periodically to routinely spotlighted on MHProNews and/or MHLivingNews.


But what Biden has largely ‘united’ – at least for now – is the majority of Americans of all backgrounds in opposition to inflation and the economic harms experienced during his arguably ill-begotten time in the White House.

Biden is oddly helping MAGA and Trump, albeit indirectly and unintentionally.

But the question is always, whose voters will show up to vote early or on election day? Polling suggests a ‘red wave’ is coming. Several of those polls routinely tend to lean Democratic. A red wave (i.e.: a greater number of GOP victories) certainly occurred for former President Obama in his first midterm election too. A blue wave hit Trump in the House during his midterms.

The test of decades of habits plus a widely dispersed narrative that routinely supports Biden-Democrats but paints deposed President Trump as something worse than Attila the Hun or Adolf Hitler seems to be key elements of the Democratic strategy. Certainly, abortion and other Democratic talking points are in the mix, but even the left leaning New York Times recent poll makes it clear that most voters find inflation and the economy far more important than abortion in this election cycle.

Oddly, Biden and some Democrats have called MAGA supporters “semi-fascists” or “fascists,” the Democrats are actually the ones that are fulfilling the definition that an authentic fascist – Benito Mussolini – used. Mussolini said that fascism can be equated with corporatism. For Mussolini, corporatism had a meaning beyond corporations, but included them along with other institutions.

Left-leaning Wikipedia said: Corporatism became one of the main tenets of fascism, and Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime in Italy advocated the collective management of the economy by state officials by integrating large interest groups under the state, which is a combination of crony capitalism and state capitalism:…“Per the ‘father’ of Italian fascism, “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” ? Benito Mussolini. Note Mussolini, like Adolf Hitler, were both socialists. They were not from the political right, they were from the political left. Note: while some dispute this quotation, saying they can’t find a reference of the Italian leader saying this word for word, be that as it may, Mussolini’s writings at a minimum support such a possible paraphrase.
  • Put differently, Democrats are projecting onto MAGA Republican candidates and Trump what they themselves are guilty of doing.
  • As MHProNews has been advising readers for some time, paltering, posturing, promises (nice sounding pledges that often fail to materialize) and projecting onto their opponents what they themselves are guilty of doing. Those 4 Ps – paltering, posturing, (empty or faux) promises, and projecting – are among the tools of manipulation that have become commonplace for numbers of Democrats, some select Republicans (exiting U.S. House of Representatives Liz Cheney (WY-R) and Adam Kinzinger (IL-R) come to mind).
  • Combined with information dominance, the Democrats will doubtlessly get millions of votes they might not obtain in the absence of years of habits, the lack of a more balanced media, the imbalance in social media that favors the left, and the levers of power that rest at the federal level in Democratic hands.

It is a contest between ‘actual experiences vs. propaganda and manipulation.’

Voters are told in gaslighting fashion ‘don’t believe your lying eyes or empty wallets.’ Voters are told not to believe higher prices at the pump, for rentals or other housing options, including manufactured homes. Voters are told that MAGA Republicans and Trump are a ‘threat to Democracy’ and are given a faux January 6 committee hearings to back that impression up. That the J6 hearings have had some benefit to Democrats is beyond question, despite facts and evidence that clearly debunks important aspects of their phony paltering narratives.

Once the election is over, as in past election cycles, and the post-election unpacking and analysis occurs, MHProNews can pivot toward more industry focused reports. Those industry-specific reports are still provide here in greater numbers, depth, quantity, and value than any other trade media serving the manufactured housing industry. Who says? The thousands of readers like you who vote with their feet day by day to generate record numbers of pageviews here on MHProNews.

In an era of often brazen lies and diabolically masked or buried truths, the need for a sound information and analysis resource is more important than ever. Years of dependable analysis, projections, and more are evidenced on MHProNews. For evidence of that, check out each of the reports for the week that was. See how often MHProNews and our sister site have proven to be correct, days, weeks, months or even years before some mainstream media operations that have millions to a billion-plus more in budget than our platforms have.

The truth is priceless. Lies, no matter how they are dressed up, are costly. Which is a reminder, why do people lie? Per the classic exchange in the movie Charade, it is because someone (or some group) wants something and they don’t think the truth will get it for them.


The truth isn’t always fun, but it is as necessary as the air we breath or the wisdom in not stumbling or jumping off a cliff or high rise building. Many major religions preach the importance of truth. It would be good for We the People to listen to that, and to reject those guilty of “deception and misdirection,” paltering, posturing, pretty promises (that don’t come true as pledged), and projecting onto an opponent what the guilty party is actually doing. The Mussolini definition of fascists is alive and well, but there are more of them in the Democratic Party in recent years than in the GOP. Trump has been primarying RINOs with great success. Team Biden recognizes that and thus the campaign to project onto MAGA Republicans what DINO Dems and PINO Biden are guilty of doing themselves.

Evidence and truth vs. the slick or big lie. It will be a midterm election for the ages. Do your part and vote wisely. If you live in Chicagoland, follow their mantra of ‘vote early, vote often’ (true mantra there, but just kidding). ##


Understanding Crony Corporate, Paltering Media, Washington D.C. Reality Check with B.S. Decoder Ring – Sunday Satire on National, Affordable Housing Issues, with Weekly MHVille Headlines Review


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Our son has grown quite a bit since this 12.2019 photo. All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested in our manufactured housing industry related concerns. But Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included the Constitution of the United States, bottled water, and other goodies.

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Tony earned a journalism scholarship and earned numerous awards in history and in manufactured housing.

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