OMHA’s General Counsel Elizabeth Birch Raises “Viability…Perception of Manufactured Housing,” Birch and Tim Williams Respond to Allegations – plus, Manufactured Housing Stock Updates

DowJonesAvg4.12.2021AtCloseYahooFinanceNewsLogoMHProNewsOf course, Tim and OMHA support others in the industry who are working hard to build the viability of and the perception of manufactured housing.” – Elizabeth Birch, General Counsel, Ohio Manufactured Home Association (OMHA), part of emailed comments to MHProNews received at 4:58 PM ET on 4.12.2021. The “viability of and perception of manufactured housing”…?

Here, in the midst of what could be declared without the merest hint of shame or irony one of the most comprehensive affordable housing gluts in American history, pernicious forces are skulking in the (backdrop): consolidating power, subsuming an industry rife with lack of oversight, and preying upon the vulnerability of the impoverished in a gross, incestuous symbiosis.” Samuel Strommen, Knudson Law, “The Monopolization of the American Manufactured Home Industry and the Formation of REITs: a Rube Goldberg Machine of Human Suffering” under the categories of “Antitrust & Consumer Protection.”

That juxtaposition of that pull quote from Birch’s letter to MHProNews and that pull quote from Strommen set the table for several items from Birch’s letter, including that peculiarly reference: “…viability of and perception of manufactured housing” Her matter-of-fact statement begs the logical question: why should manufactured housing’s viability be at risk during an affordable housing crisis?

Or this: if the Berkshire brands and MHI are doing such a superb job, as OMHA’s Tim Williams has claimed, why are there perception issues?

Manufactured housing is underperforming. That has regrettably been true for years. It has been admitted by MHI leaders. It is tacitly if not directly admitted by Birch’s letter in that pull quote. More from Birch and Williams with added context further below in our featured focus segment tonight.

Terry’s historic point is apt. But it also begs the question. Why has MHI failed for so long to break through on issues that would aid public acceptance? Why has MHI tolerated Warren Buffett’s donations to organizations that in turn have embarrassed the industry? Or why has it been a fairly small number of parent companies that are MHI members that routinely spark the bad news that creates headwinds for the industry? Why have Democratic lawmakers ripped the brands that Williams and Birch are defending?

There should be an accountability regarding manufactured housing’s underperformance. What explains the causes of what Birch says are: “…viability of and perception of manufactured housing”? What are the cures for the industry’s woes?  That this matters to investors, professionals, advocates, public officials, and others should be clear.




Part of the traditional role of media is to hold public, corporate, nonprofit, or others to account when evidence merits the need for accountability. Just as a coach for a sporting team is held accountable for the squad’s performance, so other leaders are too.

Given the affordable housing crisis, while far more costly conventional housing is roaring, seeking answers and accountability for manufactured housing underperformance for over two decades is only natural. It would be a dereliction of journalistic integrity to ignore the big issues in our profession.

When a strong response occurs, military aviators as well as journalists are apt to say that it is an “over the target” reaction. While not responding to a pre-publication request he acknowledges was made several hours before publishing, the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA) Executive Director Tim Williams made a pair of swift messages in sequence shortly after publication and apparently after he read the report.

One of those emails from OMHA’s Williams was sent to the Manufactured Housing Executives Council (MHEC) and MHProNews.

In the emails, OMHA’s Williams seemingly wants to have it both ways.

  • He complains that he is periodically asked for comments by MHProNews.
  • Then, he complains about the timing of this request for comment, and essentially demands his response be published. You logically can’t have it both ways…

Williams today denied the charge that he did “PAID” writing for a pro-Trump group.  One of his message copied Elizabeth Birch, OMHA’s attorney.

As noted, the other email OMHA’s Williams sent addresses Birch but also addressed the MHEC Execs list, which is the Manufactured Housing Executives Council (MHEC). That list reportedly would include dozens of state and national manufactured housing industry association leaders, and perhaps others.

While Williams denies being compensated for writing to “a” pro-Trump, he does admit that he did do such writing. That hardly undermines the source when Williams’ himself partially confirms part of what they alleged.  That noted, the original report was nevertheless updated at about 2 PM ET today to reflect his stated denial. Williams and Birch were so advised, while also noting that other substantive questions addressed to Williams and raised by the article were left unaddressed.

Those other, and substantive elements of their respective follow ups, are our featured focus this evening. Because the argument can be made that while the OMHA exec doubled down on defending Berkshire Hathaway brands and MHI, while failing to address the evidence that was laid out against specific industry leaders.

Then, Birch’s letter has its own purported problems that will be examined below.

Put differently, Williams’ and Birch’s responses are likely to increase the attention to the very allegations against Clayton Homes, 21st Mortgage, other Berkshire Hathaway, and MHI connected brands/leaders that OMHA’s executive director is once more not willing to directly address. If so, isn’t that good if the viability and perception of the industry are at stake?

  • Doesn’t that failure to address the specifics make them and those they are apparently covering for look worse?
  • If the OMHA exec had a reasonable defense or explanation for allegations of serious wrongdoing that harmed his members and thousands of others, why did they fail to make such a defense?
  • Additionally, MHProNews has once more asked MHI’s outside attorney to weigh in. Why the ongoing silence from those sources?

So, the featured focus will deal with substantive issues. But briefly, on the denial by Williams.

MHProNews once more double-checked the source and the claim about Williams doing “…ghost writing for Trump affiliated groups.” The tip or statement was specific. MHProNews accurately reported that concern. Given that Williams did not reply prior to publication when asked well in advance leaves the burden on himself, not this publication.

This point from Wikipedia: ghostwriter is hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author.”

As Wikipedia stated a “ghostwriter is hired” – clearly implies payment or compensation. Per Meriam Webster, “hired” is a “transitive verb. 1 : to engage the personal services of or the temporary use of for a fixed sum…” A fixed sum would mean a certain amount of money or something else of value. Words have meaning.

Put differently, MHProNews report around noon today was faithful to the source. We gave more than one opportunity to Williams to address the issues, which he essentially admits.

It is fair – perhaps even obvious, given the charge – to say that Williams likely knows the source that tipped MHProNews. That in itself should merit an OMHA investigation into every aspect of the allegations, not just that one.

Given that Williams admitted that he did write for “a” Trump-affiliated group, it is hard for him to deny that the source was at a bare minimum partially accurate.

While Williams has demanded that the source be revealed, that violates journalistic principles, as he should know.

But perhaps more to the point, while the allegation of ghost writing is itself of interest for reasons and under the disclaimers noted in the original report earlier today, in some ways that is far from the biggest issue raised in the report linked below. That Williams and Birch are so focused on that ghostwriting for free or pay rather than the broader concerns is curious. To see that context, here is the report in question.


Tim Williams, 21st Mortgage + Tim Williams, OMHA – Each Accused of Conflicts of Interest, Legal Issues – One Accused of Betrayal of President Trump’s Interests – Analysis

Regarding those larger issues, OMHA’s Williams obliquely addressed while arguably dodging. Some of those follow up comments from him to MHEC, Birch, and MHProNews, more from attorney Birch – plus analysis and related commentary – will be part of our featured focus for tonight.


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On a mostly up day for manufactured home connected equities, let’s advance toward our featured focus on Williams, Birch and their fascinating responses to MHProNews report earlier today.


Quotes That Shed Light – Industry, American, Social, National Issues

One of several points that linked from the article that Birch and Williams’ – for whatever reason – failed to address. They focused instead of allegations of Williams being paid to write for others. Williams admits doing the writing, but denies being paid.


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Featured Focus –
Where Business, Politics and Investing Can Meet


OMHA’s Williams has made a formal denial, and while sent after we published the MHProNews report in question, a reasonable part of that denial was added to the original report linked here. However, our original source stated something quite differently than what Williams claims. Showing both the allegation and the denial is fairness in journalism. That also fits the guidelines suggested by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Tim williams ohio manufactured home associatio mhpronewsAdditionally, Williams has commented several times on the record to MHProNews over a period of years. Among one of those comments, he said the following. Typos are in the original. “Thanks Tony for the opportunity to comment. I made slight revision in red. You can quote me with the revisions below. I appreciate your willingness to accurately report this issue. Too bad MSM doesn’t get it right many times.” MSM, is short for mainstream media. The fact that Williams has been on both sides of our reporting is arguably no excuse for him to make allegations that are unjustified and purportedly misleading.

There are more than one such statements by Williams, often public, that praises our fairness and accuracy in reporting. They stated something quite differently than what some of his message today said.

For instance, from Williams: “Tony, it is hard to believe it has been 9 years of publication [for MHProNews]. Congratulations! I have always appreciated your efforts to accurately report our Ohio industry news over the years. Your desire to seek clarifications when an Ohio issue may need such keeps the record straight. Now, if we could just see the same penchant for accuracy among the main stream media, Manufactured Home Living would be characterized as the quality and affordable homeownership option it truly is.”

Once more, while someone can certainly change their views, it seems that Williams is trying to have it both ways. Williams admits he was asked, and he complains that he was asked previously but failed to comment about certain concerns. Sorry, but fairness has been applied.

With that backdrop, let’s examine more of what Williams and OMHA’s general counsel Birch said via email.

Dear Mr. Kovach:

I am responding to your “alleged” / “allegations” and “unnamed sources” involving Tim Williams of OMHA and to remind you that ignoring you is not the same as “confirming” any of the allegations you spread throughout your articles. Ignoring you is not the same as agreeing with you or hiding from the truth.” Actually, MHProNews’ original report made a similar point. Not responding is the right of every individual.

That said, in the absence of a response, that only leaves an otherwise unchallenged allegation. In fact, when Williams did respond, he partially confirmed the allegation made. That buttresses MHProNews’ source’s claim. While there is now a dispute following Williams’ belated denial, that alone does not undermine the allegation.


This is one of several evidence-based allegations that Strommen made in his seminal report. Williams and Birch apparently ignored the report which has this reference along with other claims that include MHI sources that made similar statements. These impact Ohio Manufactured Home Association members, but also those in dozens of other states.

Solving issues together is far more constructive than personal attacks for no other discernable reason…” wrote, Birch late this afternoon today. Per Zig Ziglar, the way to solve a problem is first to identify what the problems are. Then, once the problem is understood, the root causes should be addressed. Birch and Williams can hardly complain when Lesli Gooch admitted what Strommen alleged.


Of course, Tim and OMHA support others in the industry who are working hard to build the viability of and the perception of manufactured housing,” said Birch.

In the article in question, MHProNews outlined a range of voices, some from within MHI, others from outside of that group. The consensus of those quoted also happens to fit the known facts, which even Gooch admitted to in writing.  The problem that leaves Gooch, Williams, Birch and others are the allegations that the system has been rigged to limit lending. That and more were ignored in the by Birch and Williams. Why?

See his context and the full ‘debate’ context in the report, linked here.
When MHI or others claim that progress is being made on DTS, just ponder what Skyline Champion’s President and CEO Mark Yost had to say.

While Gooch denied that from Ryan, she has had to admit what other MHI members have said. Namely, that lending by the GSEs is minimal.  MHProNews is laser focused on the facts, evidence-based claims, and then provides relevant expert analysis. But that was not the only issue raised, another was MHI’s failure to move the needle on zoning and placement. Once more, Gooch admits that this is an issue.


See a planned special report that is upcoming soon. To learn more now, click here for insights on the Bryan, TX example. That is one of several such cases MHProNews has exclusively exposed in manufactured housing trade media.

Birch said that there is no basis to investigate [Tim Williams for conflicts of interest] and you have failed to present anything but “allegations” from “unnamed sources“. That is arguably as false and misleading as what Williams did. That posture would ONLY be convincing to those who did not read the entire original article with care. Because, as noted, perhaps the least important claim was about the ghostwriting – which Williams admitted to doing! What Williams denied was being ‘paid’ for that ghostwriting.

Birch and Williams – is it not a conflict of interest to harm the interests of manufactured housing independents?

Sadly, that current state of play in this exchange leaves both Birch and Williams arguably:

  • Overly focused on the ghostwriting allegation, that was promptly and appropriately addressed as an update in the end of the article.
  • By contrast, they failed to apologize for Williams’ purported misstatements and head-fakes.
  • The most important issues are Williams’ – and essentially, now Birch – defending and/or deflecting from the concerns that the industry is being monopolized by manipulating the finance market.
  • Even Tim Williams, from 21st, and Kevin Clayton were quoted accurately and at length in a fashion that supports the allegations made.

Why is manufactured housing underperforming? Instead of authentically dealing with evidence based realities, too many are turning a blind eye, or worse, giving cover and deflect from the case for demonstrably real and troubling issues. See the original report – with the 2 PM update at the end – at this link here.  Because the evidence-based case an be made that Williams’ and Birch’s responses, ironically partially confirm the ghostwriting, while claims far more serious leveled by numbers of CITED sources were once more ignored. Who is trying to head fake whom? Our reporting and analysis stand as updated, while their responses are being hereby called out for purported head fakes and red herrings.

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                  • NOTE: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).
                  • NOTE: Deer Valley was largely taken private, say company insiders in a message to MHProNews on 12.15.2020, but there are still some outstanding shares of  the stock from the days when it was a publicly traded firm.  Thus, there is still periodic activity on DVLY.



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