Howard Schultz, Potential Independent Presidential Candidate, Former Starbucks CEO, Blasts AOC, Senators Warren & Harris Plans, Plus MH Market Updates

CNNmoney1.29.2019ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsLiving in la-la-land is for the birds. This evening’s report is another example of why sourcing across the left-right media divide is not only useful, but necessary for any independent thinker. Our focus this evening will be former Starbucks CEO and billionaire, Howard Schultz’s thoughts on fellow Democrats plans, and why he is willing to run as an independent and not a Democrat.


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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • Apple’s iPhone revenue for the quarter fell to $52 billion. Follow our live updates
  • The number Apple doesn’t want to talk about
  • Here are the parts of Apple’s business that are growing
  • How to disable FaceTime after that newly discovered bug
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  • This week’s GDP report will be delayed
  • Sears lost millions over the holiday season
  • Pension watchdog objects to plan to save Sears
  • Howard Schultz and the promise of the CEO president
  • The US sanctions on Venezuela will have unintended consequences for the oil industry
  • Trump’s Twitter insult about ‘Team of Vipers’ might be helping Cliff Sims sell books
  • PG&E files for bankruptcy after California wildfires
  • Business is ‘praying’ for Brexit to be delayed
  • Boeing flies high and annual sales could top $100 billion
  • Bentley Continental GT is classic style in a modern package
  • This 14-year old found Apple’s FaceTime bug before it went viral
  • Pepsi Super Bowl ads surround Coca-Cola vending machines in Atlanta, GA.
  • The biggest rivalry in Atlanta on Super Bowl weekend has nothing to do with football
  • How Howard Schultz ran Starbucks tells us how he might run America
  • China slams US over ‘unreasonable crackdown’ on Huawei
  • Why America’s fight with Huawei matters
  • US v. Huawei: 4 striking takeaways from the indictments
  • Huawei’s smartphone sales soared 30% last year. It plans to overtake Samsung by 2020
  • Fake video is coming. The US government is racing to fight it
  • Lawmakers warn of ‘deepfake’ videos ahead of 2020 election
  • Go inside the Pentagon’s race against doctored videos
  • Here’s why it’s so hard to spot deepfakes


Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Apple rises on earnings, revenue beat despite iPhone, China concerns
  • Obama speaks at Boeing conference after $10 million donation
  • These workers may never receive back pay after shutdown
  • Stocks close mixed on earnings, trade concerns
  • Apple’s FaceTime could be spying on you. Here’s how to turn it off
  • Ocasio-Cortez slams Google, Facebook for role in climate change denial
  • Taxes and your wallet: What the average American pays
  • Philips shifting ‘hundreds of millions’ of production due to trade war
  • Kamala Harris’ plan to eliminate private insurance: What to know
  • US-China trade talks a Trump and Xi matter, Larry Kudlow says
  • Lampert’s Sears rescue bid a problem for pensioners?
  • PG&E owner files for bankruptcy protection
  • Walmart, Fanatics launch sports retail platform
  • Howard Schultz 2020?
  • Howard Schultz, 2020 hopeful, gave less than 1% of fortune to charity, tax records reveal
  • Schultz would guarantee Trump re-election in 2020: Chris Christie
  • Schultz slams ideas from Democrats Harris, Warren, Ocasio-Cortez
  • Steelmakers hit record profits under Trump tariffs, other industries suffer
  • NFL admits blown call in Saints-Rams game amid fan lawsuit
  • Cashless Super Bowl shopping? Visa, NFL are working on it
  • WWE takes on Super Bowl LIII halftime show with ‘Halftime Heat’ broadcast
  • California might lower its marijuana tax, here’s why
  • Ocasio-Cortez, Warren tax plans catastrophic for US economy: Larry Kudlow
  • ‘Made in America’ training sneakers for US military
  • Venezuela crisis: Cold War with Russia redux, Varney says
  • When taking Social Security at 62 could be wise

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On a day when the broader markets rose, and when there were more gainers than losers among manufactured housing industry connected tracked stocks, we look ahead once more to the developing 2020 contest, because of all of the business/economic implications.

Earlier today we published a report that featured extensive thoughts from progressive billionaire George Soros.  That’s linked here.  Interestingly, while Soros is still very much a progressive, on the points made on his recent speech shown in the linked report, the billionaire could have sounded like someone on a Fox News broadcast.

This evening, we’ll return to the stir that’s being caused across the political landscape by billionaire Democrat, Howard Schultz.  He’s also still very much a progressive.  But he lays out the fiscal facts that explain why the plans being floated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), or Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, or Bernie Sanders just won’t work.

While many say Schultz has no chance, the ubiquitous Drudge Report says he does have a path.


Some toplines from CNBC this evening:

  • The billionaire former Starbucks CEO says he could never run for president as a Democrat because the party has moved too far left.
  • If I ran as a Democrat, I would have to say things that I know in my heart I do not believe, and I would have to be disingenuous,” Schultz tells CNBC.
  • Schultz says the nation cannot afford the priorities of the far-left Democrats, including full government-paid health insurance and college tuition.


Schultz said the plans being advocated by some of the far left in the Democratic party would ruin the country.  In ten years, it would be approximately $40 Trillion dollars. The billionaire said the U.S. already has $21½ trillion in debt as a country.

Regarding President Trump’s comments about his possible candidacy?

I’m not trying to win the Twitter primary,” Schultz said.  Does that sound like its on?

The former Starbucks CEO is lining up professionals, per reports, from across the left-right divide that would allow him to run as an independent centrist. Democrats hate him for this, and while some on the right are smiling, others — not so much.


We’ll monitor how that goes, in an emerging field packed with Democratic hopefuls.  See the related reports, linked below.

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