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Have you ever walked into an office or store and ‘felt’ the atmosphere?

For example, it might feel:

·        upbeat, or
·        …oppressive.

Shoppers and visitors to your location can often detect or ‘pick up’ on the atmosphere of your business.

If you are a retailer, does your office ‘feel’ high pressure? Or does it feel disengaged? 

Balance is essential in life, and in an office. Either extreme – the high pressure, or the disengaged team member(s) – can be perceived as a turn off to a savvy shopper.

Another quick example.

If you are working in a manufactured home community, and a few residents were stopped at random by a visitor, would the report or feedback they give the guest be:

·        positive,
·        neutral, or
·        negative? 

What do you do when you have issues like those noted above at your location?  (Hint: there are proven ways to turn most negative community residents over-time into happy, cheer-leaders. Some people, frankly, you may never make happy, but you should still try).


MHMarketingSalesManagement provides high ROI contract services you can turn to in these and a variety of other industry-expert areas.  

Today – and at no charge to you – let’s oversimplify with the following tip, and focus for the final few moments of this session on just your team members.

Because your team members are an elemental part of what creates a good, bad, or indifferent atmosphere a your location. 

When you have a problem with one or more team members, there are fundamentally three choices. 

  • 1) Terminate. If this is the option you pick, then questions that remain are how, and when –> and what you do to replace them with someone better.
  • 2) Education/Reform/Mold them.
  • 3) Do nothing, and expect the problem to continue.

While you can have a combination of the three above, can you think of an option not covered by those three?

Spotlighting point #2, above.  All types of education, formal and informal, should always – always – be supplemented by follow-up reading and/or related videos, when available. 

MH industry field reps tell us they see a common problem in manufactured home retail and community locations.  It’s a lack of training and motivation among the industry’s team members.  Ouch.

But there are locations where the reverse is reported, and that’s equally revealing.  Well-trained teams not only perform better, but they tend to create a great office atmosphere.

Under performers can be costly to you, while performers pay in a variety of ways.

ThereAreOnly2WaysToLearnOwnOthersExperiencesLATonyKovachManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNews-575x235Formal training – be it in person, or via webinar based education – can super-charge your bottom line, by putting your team into the right balance between pressure and disengaged. Your team has to be able to “read” each prospect, and give them the tailored, individual support that particular prospect merits.

Done properly, prospects love it.

When you team earn commissions, they like earning more commissions too. Several big commission checks can do wonders to get their ‘serve the public with excellence’ juices flowing.

Third-party research reveals that educated, properly-engaged, and well-formed team members routinely outperform those who lack that same training.  Research also reveals that companies that invest in their team see less turnover too.

Click for more.

Let’s close today’s session with a tip that links back to a prior – and popular! – Monday Morning Sale Meeting theme.  Not only are readers, leaders – but those who read – and view the right videos – tend to out-perform their peers too.

Monday Morning Sales Meeting, What Warren Buffett & President Donald Trump Profitably Agree On

The combination of formal training and reading can transform the atmosphere at your location. 

As a closing thought, even if you have a formal trainer at your location – and sadly, not many in manufactured housing do – when your contract trainer works with management (instead of undermining management), that makes trainers better, and the results improve for all involved.

If you’re looking for training and inspirational presenters in 2018, give us a call. Our reviews suggest you’ll be glad that you did. Because we know manufactured housing, from a 360 degree perspective that can be profitable to your location(s). ## (Marketing, Sales, Management, Training, Recruiting, Development, Commentary.)

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