As Trade War Talk Heats Up New Infographic Helps Visualize World’s Biggest Exporters

CNNmoney6.21.2018ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsThere’s plenty of news on the trade front, which has once more contributed, per analysts, to a slip in the Dow.  Most manufactured housing connected stocks moved lower today as well.  So how do the world’s nation’s rank in terms of total exports?  How vulnerable are various economies, based upon those facts?  A new infographic and chart will help shed light on those topics, and is our spotlight feature this evening.


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Selected headlines and bullets from CNN Money:

  • Wall Street banks are healthier than ever
  • Goldman Sachs: Buckle up. Trade war fears will likely get worse
  • Your online shopping may get more expensive
  • Tech stocks are on fire despite global trade fears
  • Amazon and Walmart have a real competitor: Kroger
  • Here’s how KitKats are made
  • AT&T quickly rolls out streaming TV service after Time Warner deal
  • American media keeps falling for Russian trolls
  • Intel CEO resigns after ‘past consensual relationship’ with employee
  • The health care industry needs workers. So it’s turning to former factory and retail workers
  • Daimler warns US-China trade war will hit its profits
  • Turkey hits United States with retaliatory tariffs
  • Corey Lewandowski dropped by speakers bureau after ‘womp womp’ comment
  • ‘Stranger Things’ caused an Eggo boom. Now sales are waffling
  • This is why there are so few pictures of migrant children
  • Airlines ask the government not to fly separated children on their planes
  • Tesla sues ex-employee for hacking and theft. But he says he’s a whistleblower
  • Report: Prosecutors subpoena National Enquirer records in Michael Cohen investigation
  • Gun sales plunge for Smith & Wesson
  • Walmart ‘disturbed’ its former building is migrant shelter for kids
  • Shale exec: US will be the world’s biggest oil producer by the fall
  • Amazon, Berkshire and JPMorgan announce CEO of their health care company
  • CEOs call out Trump’s ‘heartless, cruel’ border policy
  • Seth MacFarlane, Judd Apatow and other Fox talent slam Fox News’ border coverage
  • China’s economy shows signs of slowing. A trade war won’t help
  • Why investors should bet on individual stocks
  • Facebook’s stock is at an all-time high
  • Wells Fargo’s ethics hotline calls are on the rise
  • Gatorade is going sugarless for the first time

Selected headlines and bullets from Fox Business:

  • China threatens to target Dow giants next in trade war
  • Dow slips 196 points as trade jitters continue
  • Trump proposes Postal Service revamp
  • Startup that makes robots for Walmart just raised another $29M
  • Bossa Nova said it plans to make hundreds of robots a month to meet new retailer demand.
  • Steel maker JSW to build new plant, invest $500M after Trump tariffs
  • NBA Draft rookie pay scale: Here’s how much each player will earn
  • GE’s Dow yank is ‘heartbreaking’: Bob Nardelli
  • US dairy farmers ‘deeply concerned’ about exports situation
  • States can now force online retailers to collect sales tax
  • Mark Meadows to FBN: I am not running for House Speaker
  • New 1040 tax form will be the size of a postcard
  • Intel CEO Brian Krzanich out over relationship with former employee
  • Internet sales tax ruling a win for brick-and-mortar retailers
  • Smith & Wesson owner sees weak gun sales in year ahead
  • American Outdoor Brands reported a sharp decline in 4Q and full-year sales.
  • Genesis, Kia, Hyundai lead the way in initial quality
  • How a for-profit company aims to help refugees by giving them jobs
  • Intel CEO Brian Krzanich out over relationship with former employee


Today’s markets and stocks, at the closing bell…



Manufactured Housing Composite Value (MHCV)



Today’s Big Movers

For all the scores and highlights on tracked manufactured home connected stocks today, see thBloomberg graphic, posted below.

Today’s MH Market Spotlight Report –

There are those who think that the Trump Administration’s policy on tariffs, trade and negotiations are madness. Others, think it is overdue, and necessary.

We’ve seen recently expert takes by those who believe that the U.S. does have the upper hand.  A signal from some German automakers may reflect that possibility.

China is number one in exports, the U.S. is number 2.  What that suggests in part is that China needs us, more than we need them.  Yes, costs would go up those products were produced domestically, but after decades of so-called free trade – what the president calls unfair, stupid trade – will result in more U.S. jobs over time, and higher wages too.

Lumber and metals in manufactured homes are among the items that are imported, as well as some finished goods.  But they are needed in conventional construction too, so the margin of savings should remain similar.


The logic of this statement can be applied to a variety of cases. For Lavin’s thoughts on trade, click here.
To see or download a larger version of this chart, without the headline, click here or the graphic above.

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