What’s the Potential? Imagining Manufactured Housing Industry That’s Understood and Respected


There are scores of interesting to hot topics in manufactured housing. Some think that the industry’s potential is 500,000 to 1,000,000 new HUD Code manufactured homes annually or more.  What has to happen to achieve that level of performance?


In no particular order of importance, here is a partial list that much of the industry on paper would agree on.

·        Placement and zoning related issues.

·        Financing – establishing opportunities for a more level playing field between all HUD Code manufactured homes and conventional housing.

·        Increasing sales, which depends on the above, but also is influenced by the bullet that follows.

·        A widespread Understanding manufactured housing to the point that it would be respected.

As Terry Decio said prior to the merger of Skyline Champion.


Terry’s point is apt. Why is manufactured housing so misunderstood? What can be done to correct the problems that flow from that misunderstanding?

With that simple notion, ponder this. Each of those bullets rely in some form or fashion on proper information and acceptance.  Here’s how Brad Lovin, of the North Carolina Manufactured Housing Association framed the problem of mistakes in media, research, or other reports.


Publishinghandpickedinformationcanbeworsefortheimpressionitmakesonmanufacturedhomesandourindustrythanstatingentirelyfalseinfo bradlovinncmha

Rephrased, that is part an informational or educational issue.

That said, ponder this quote from Tim Williams, which was sent to MHI leaders, elected and appointed, including the question in brown type from our publisher. Because Williams is arguably correct. If Williams’ principle were followed, wouldn’t Lovin’s, Decio’s, and similar concerns held by thousands in our industry steadily be abated? Wouldn’t a correct understanding of our industry lead to a steady, sustainable surge in new HUD Code manufactured home sales?


This graphic was sent earlier today with the message below to Tim Williams, Joe Stegmayer, Tom Hodges, Nathan Smith, Richard Jennison, Rick Robinson, Lesli Gooch, and others at and with MHI.

Tim, and Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) leadership, 

While we welcome you and/or your colleagues on-the-record feedback on any of the items linked below, I’m asking for your position on one very specific question. 

Given that the manufactured home industry has long suffered due to problematic reports, MHI says it represents all aspects of factory-built housing, and has a full time media person, why hasn’t MHI implemented this very common sense policy suggested by yourself?

Please email your answer(s) for our accuracy in handling. We plan to report either way, so a timely response is valued. Thank you.



William’s and MHI’s Reply?

Almost half a day later, nada. No surprise. MHProNews has posed this before, so MHI has had plenty of time to ponder it before today. 

This will lead up to a new item planned for next week. Watch for it.  Why it matters is revealed in everything from new home production/shipment totals, to their so-called code of ethical conduct, bad news being generated – often by MHI connected firms – and more.  See the related reports for more.

All problem solving begins by understanding. Who says?  Among others, the renowned Zig Ziglar. 

ProblemSolvingZigZiglarFirstStepRecognizetheProblemExistsNextIsProblemOurResponsiblityProblemSolvingVeryImportantDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThere is all the useful information that HUD Secretary Carson, the National Association of Realtors, or numerous sources have provided that could be used to promote a better understanding of manufactured housing.  What’s the delay in putting Tim Williams’ own words robustly to work at MHI?

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