Public Reactions to HUD Secretary Carson’s “Innovations in Housing” Promoting Manufactured Homes


HUD Secretary Ben Carson is making good on his word on May 7, 2019 to promote manufactured homes as part of his prescription for a better America.

In a video interview with right-of-center Fox Business yesterday, Secretary Carson said the following.

Fox summed the video up on their YouTube page this way, “Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson discusses how the government plans to address cost and resilience issues associated with housing.”

As a potent exercise in gauging the public response, MHProNews copied the first of several public comments that were posted on 6.3.2019, the date the video was posted.

The numbers under a name of the posted comment are the numbers of likes at about 7:57 PM ET, on 6.3.2019. There were 126 Comments posted by that time, and 4,363 views, 264 likes (thumbs up) vs. 9 thumbs down.

Great job for US Sec Carson!

Manufactured Homes YouTube Video Channel He is doing a fine job. He gave an address on manufactured homes, which can be found at this link here. More details.

Maria Farfan
Apartment in Case require you make Triple your salary to qualify,like 2000 rent you need 6000 a month

We Smoke Bitcoins
Ben is a really great dude!

Laura Floyd
🤠🙏✝️💒👍. I trust you Ben.

Max Mustermann
sure …. the admin doners call for annuling all regulations and you trust the puppet that Trump placed to give them free reign over that 🙂


Manufactured Homes YouTube Video Channel
Max Mustermann Max, Secretary Carson’s predecessor had similarly good things to say about manufactured homes. But perhaps what would be more interesting to you is a bipartisan panel of legislators that had some potent and timely insights.

Carolyn Jackson
I love Ben. I hope he sticks around.

Never get tired of seeing Dr. Carson and hearing anything he has to say. Thank you.

Max Mustermann
… the very definition of a propaganda post 🙂 … no specifics … blind trust … calling to just agree 🙂


Manufactured Homes YouTube Video Channel
@Max Mustermann Max, it seems to me that you may not want to dig into the research that backs up his claims? Why not look at what the National Association of Realtor’s said last year?

Joke van der Have
Love Dr. Carson, smart and honest man. Thank you Dr. Carson.

Dr Carson is a brilliant man. Always great to see & hear him.

Debra Russo
Hello AGAIN Mr. Carson. Yes we need to see more of this man.

Debbie Belden
Dr Carson is brilliant in his common sense. Thank you Sir

Chatla Suresh
Is there a good stuff left? Why public property is given into private property?

Jean Grey
We stand with you Dr. Carson!!! Don’t let these goons get in the way of this important project!!!! #Americans First! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Carson’s ideas make sense, therefore government beuocracy will fight him on this.

Thanks for all you do Dr. Carson , America really appreciates it.

The above are vivid examples of the value of third-party comments about manufactured homes. The comments above are as posted, meaning typos are in the original. More on this event in the days ahead.

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