Senators say Repealing Dodd-Frank would boost economy

FoxNews reports the following quotes on Dodd-Frank in this recent interview by Greta van Susteren with Zachary Goldfarb with the Washington Post. SEN. RON JOHNSON, R-WIS.: The thing that would really get our economy going again is if we would repeal the entire Obama agenda — I mean, “Obamacare,” Dodd-Frank, all the regulations that he is shackling our economy with! That’s what’s keeping our economy from moving forward! SEN. RICHARD SHELBY, R-ALA.: Well, it tells you that what Dodd-Frank basically is, is a horror movie, a horror movie for the American economy, a horror movie for — if people are interested in taking risks and creating jobs. CHRIS DODD, D-CONN., FORMER SENATOR: In addition to all the pieces of this bill that make up the pages, I think our goal, our common goal was to contribute to that restoration of confidence and optimism and trust that the American people can once again believe the financial system is going to work for them and not against them. REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., MINORITY LEADER: This legislation is one of the pillars of President Obama’s building a new foundation for a stronger economy and a fairer society.

Editor’s Note: Manufactured Housing is clearly not alone in being impacted by legislation such as Dodd-Frank.  What is clear from this interview is that deep political divisions exist. It is also clear that recent economic and market upheavals have not been stopped by the existence of Dodd-Frank.  To get even more quotes, insights, the full interview and commentary, click on the video linked above.

(Video credit: FoxNews)

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