FEMA MH orders rise to 1650 to serve area flooding victims

E:\1 SK MHMSM\Daily Buisness News\Souris_River_flooding_photo_credit_KFGO_posted_Manufactured_Home_Marketing_Sales_Management_MHProNews.com_MHMSM.pngKFGO reports that the number of homes that FEMA now has targeted for Minot and Burlington ND has reached 1650. Flooding of the Souris River this summer drove hundreds from their homes in this area. 600 of the FEMA homes, which are built to the HUD Code and are thus legally manufactured homes, will be placed on a 210 acre site planned east of Minot. The target is to have this phase of the project completed by September. Residents will then be moved in by groups of 50. Another 50 homes will sited on 10 acres near Burlington. Other locations are still being determined for the balance of the FEMA homes.  FEMA orders such homes from HUD Code manufacturers.

(photo credit: KFGO)


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