“Poverty Apartheid,” “Hidden Homeless” – Living in Vehicles Symbolize Growing Problem of Lack of Affordable Housing

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The quotes above are pulled from the videos below.  They spotlight the tension and a growing awareness of the problem of not only the homeless living in cardboard boxes, tents, or on the street. But there are also the ‘hidden homeless’ who are living for an extended period of time in vehicles.

KOMO’s viral “Seattle is Dying” report spotlighted an issue that has been spreading for years.  For those who’ve missed it, see the report linked below, which includes the video, and the manufactured home perspective on this issue


An aspect of the over 550,000 which Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) statistics say are homeless in America is the growing numbers who are living in vehicles.   The videos illustrate the problem.

The video reports from Seattle and San Jose, above and below, provide a flavor for how this is playing out in several cities.

Symptoms of a Broader Problem?

These tragic-but-true tales of vehicular homelessness are arguably symptoms of the underlying problem of perhaps well intended, but nevertheless mistaken public policies and NIMBYism.

There is a clear need for affordable housing that is located as near as possible where people work. The lack of affordable housing, per National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) researchers cited in the article linked below, costs the nation an estimated $2 trillion dollars annually in lost economic activity.


While manufactured homes aren’t going to be the solution to each and every such scenario, wherever there are vacant lots – infill or potentially available for development for affordable homes – the HUD Code industry’s form of factory-building could prove to be a crucial option for millions who are not able to afford conventional housing. Industry advocates, professionals, investors, and others need to grasp and share such information in order to highlight how manufactured homes are not a problem, but rather a solution that has proven its value.  Who says? Decades of third-party, academic research.

There are decades of third-party academic level research that debunks common stereotypes about manufactured homes. There is no need for ‘more research,’ rather what is needed is to apply existing federal laws that could rapidly begin to solve the problems. Application of the law would be accomplished primarily by private capital in ways that would reduce the pressure on housing costs. As HUD Secretary Ben Carson and NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun are two of many who have made the obvious point that only more construction, more housing, will solve the current problems. Secretary Carson and bi-partisan leaders have promoted the manufactured home solution as a key option. See links here and here.

The industry’s professionals and investors can be part of the solution by taking pro-active steps. Bad policies, special interests, and NIMBYism foster these sad spectacles of people pushed to the streets or vehicles. Good policies, which ideally includes education, can be the cure. More affordable housing is needed.  The most proven permanent form of affordable housing are manufactured homes. See the related reports for more information.

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