POTUS Trump: Everyone in Hurricane Florence Path Should “Get Out,” Plus MH Market Updates

CNNmoney9.11.2018ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsThe climate is always changing.  So if you hear someone blame Hurricane Florence on ‘climate change,’ ask them to consider this. One forecaster reminded his audience that ‘That this could be the worst storm in 60 years’ to hit that part of the Atlantic coast. What that means is that some 60 years ago, a similarly severe storm, long before contemporary talk of ‘climate change,’ occurred. That said, unless we have a miraculous turn of dissipation of the advancing storm, there is strong consensus that this will hit the Eastern U.S. Construction supply related and manufactured home producer stocks are rising, insurance stocks are falling, ahead of what could be a storm that devastates thousands of housing units.  That will be our focus again this evening.


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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • Is the tech stock rally coming to an end?
  • Bitcoin crash: This man lost his savings when cryptocurrencies plunged
  • Apple is about so much more than just iPhones now
  • What to expect from the big iPhone event
  • Short seller: It might be time for Elon Musk to step down
  • Tesla eliminates two color options for its cars
  • Wall Street is losing patience with Snapchat
  • Alibaba is helping Russia go big in online shopping
  • Ryanair bans journalists from shareholder meeting after a tough year
  • Tencent plays its cards wrong: Another game axed in China
  • The show is over for CBS’ longtime leading man
  • Moonves’ negotiated exit shows the power of #TimesUp
  • Stephen Colbert once again calls out Les Moonves for #MeToo allegations
  • Will Moonves leave with $0 or $120 million?
  • Watch: Norah O’Donnell reacts to Moonves exit
  • Kellyanne Conway: Trump’s press attacks are ‘not healthy’ for the country, but…
  • Bob Woodward’s publisher says it’s printing 1 million copies of ‘Fear’
  • Wells Fargo’s two-year horror story just won’t end
  • Stunning end to a historic run for Les Moonves
  • 20 cities, one year, and no Amazon HQ2 yet
  • Jack Ma: From English teacher to tech billionaire
  • IBM is betting big on blockchain. Is it worth the risk?
  • NFL could pocket billions from coming boom in sports gambling
  • Not even The New York Times’ top news editor knows who wrote that op-ed
  • Amazon’s cashier-free stores are coming to New York
  • A former Buddhist monk is trying to help the world relax with an app
  • Why big food companies are giving money to startups
  • Activist investor wants to replace entire Campbell Soup board
  • Op-ed fallout: The latest salvo in Trump’s love-hate relationship with the Times
  • Tariffs could make the Apple Watch more expensive
  • Tesla in turmoil: Stock plunges after executive shakeup
  • Weed, whiskey, Tesla and a flamethrower: Elon Musk meets Joe Rogan
  • Deutsche Bank’s top investor is selling out
  • Dell, Cisco and others make a last-minute effort to avoid new China tariffs


Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Florence a ‘huge concern’ for North Carolina pork producers
  • North Carolina could lose thousands of vehicles from floods, high winds
  • NCAA football games face cancellations as storm nears
  • Tech stocks drive stock market higher
  • Why employees are more productive at home than in the office
  • Home prices rising fastest in these states
  • Tesla is ‘no longer investable’ due to Elon Musk’s antics, firm says
  • Find out if you are truly in the middle class using this calculator
  • Here’s how much iPhone prices could rise if Apple gives in to Trump’s pressure
  • Boeing raises outlook for China plane purchases
  • Home Depot sales jump with storm approaching
  • Hurricane Florence could cause record-high insured losses in Carolinas
  • US airlines lift rebooking charges as Florence nears
  • Americans are making this big financial mistake[overlay type]
  • Americans are making this big financial mistake
  • Kansas City Royals legend George Brett: American troops are the real ‘heroes’
  • Subway’s $5 Footlongs may be disappearing for good
  • Is an economic recession coming? This market guru says yes
  • Controversial ‘take a knee’ jewelry ad boosts sales
  • How the financial crisis shaped Americans’ saving habits
  • How to spot cars with flood damage
  • Rudy Giuliani: 9/11 may be the worst day in American history
  • Winemaker David Hunt: ‘Blindness is an inconvenience’
  • Despite legal sports betting, black market is still king: DraftKings CEO
  • Tesla chief Elon Musk says price of some cars to rise, here’s why
  • Justin Tuck takes part in BGC Charity Day
  • KC Royals legends to watch game alongside deployed National Guard troops
  • Tesla chief Elon Musk says price of some cars to rise, here’s why
  • Volvo Cars says global trade disputes will delay its IPO
  • TallOrder donates portion of profits to Tuesday’s Children
  • College students reinvent furniture shopping experience with ‘couch-in-a-box’ business
  • What Trump’s executive order on retirement security means for you

Today’s markets and stocks, at the closing bell…


Manufactured Housing Composite Value (MHCV)


Today’s Big Movers

For all the scores and highlights on tracked manufactured home connected stocks today, see thBloomberg graphic, posted below.

Today’s MH Market Spotlight Report –


Don’t be surprised if the aptly named “hurricane sale” event being held by Legacy Housing in Eatonton GA is even better attended than reports to the Daily Business News on MHProNews have already indicated that it would be.


Potential landfall is hundreds of miles away from where the event will be held, based upon the most recent reports.

The President of the United States (POTUS) Donald J. Trump is urging those in the possible path of the storm to follow local officials’ warnings and “Get out.”


One estimate on AM 1430 radio said that some 750,000 residential housing units are in the storms potential path.  With a current Category 4 status, plus heavy rains expected, the devastation could be widespread.

That in turn will create demand for emergency housing, replacement homes, and rebuilding efforts.


Speaking of the government’s preparations for Florence, Trump said his administration is “sparing no expense. We are ready. We are as ready as anyone as ever been.” He added: “This is going to be a very large one … It’s tremendously big and tremendously wet. Tremendous amounts of water.”

Seated in the Oval Office, Trump surveyed poster charts of potential hurricane trajectories with Kirstjen Nielsen, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and Brock Long, the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Earlier in the day, Trump told reporters at Andrews Air Force Base that his administration is “absolutely, totally prepared” for the hurricane.

“We’re ready. FEMA is ready. Everybody is ready,” Trump said. “We have everybody standing by. We hope for the best,” he said. “There’s a chance it could be a very bad one, as you’ve probably heard … but we are absolutely, totally prepared.”

Speaking on a conference call with reporters Tuesday, officials from both FEMA and the American Red Cross predicted that electrical power and roads could be out for weeks in communities hit hard by Hurricane Florence.

“This is not a storm that on day three the roads are gonna be back and trees will be back green and power will be back on,” said Jeff Byrd, associate administrator for the Office of Response and Recovery at FEMA. Florence, he said, “is going to definitely knock out power days into weeks.””

The Daily Business News will continue to monitor the storm’s approach, and if it occurs, the aftermath.

Retailers and communities should think ahead, and consider the surge in orders that routinely hits factories, as it did last year when FEMA and other orders poured in, setting delivery dates months into the future.

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Bloomberg Closing Ticker for MHProNews…

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NOTE: The chart below covers a number of stocks NOT reflected in the Yahoo MHCV, shown above.

NOTE: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).


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