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Given that federal policy, regulations, and the economy all impact investments and our manufactured home industry, having a clear sense of what the Oval Office’s perspective is makes sense. The White House sends out daily briefings to media, including MHProNews. These press room items routinely seek to counter what they and other sources say is about 92 percent negative coverage by much of the mainstream media. 


1600 Pennsylvania Ave staff does this in an interesting fashion. With Resolute Reads, they quote other publications, sometimes from the very sources that rail against President Donald J. Trump and his administration the most.

As an example, the quote in the headline comes from a recent Resolute Reads, which will be found further below.

It is clearly up to individual readers to sort out fact, opinion, fiction, and exaggerations in any pronouncement from any source. But to do so requires a baseline of facts and dispassionate, objective thinking.

Here on MHProNews in recent years, we have clearly labeled our articles as news, fact-checks, analysis, and commentary. This is rather unique in media in general, and our industry in particular. 

That disclosure made, we use a follow:

·        the evidence,
·        known facts,
·        historic context,
·        money trails, and
·        ask the investigative questions, such as ‘Cui bono?’ Who benefits?

While we share the White House view, as long-time readers know, we cover other sources across the left-center-right divide; thus “We Provide, You Decide.” ©


There are times that the Trump Administration, as have other previous presidencies, misspeak, exaggerate, or are self-promoting. That is to be expected.

That noted, the fear-mongering by presidential opponents since the president took office is stark. While it isn’t new, the extent of it is arguably the most pronounced in the modern era. The fear mongering routinely comes from political opponents, who include some Republicans, but also numbers of Democrats, minor parties, and independents.

In an era of agenda-driven news, we believe that stating obvious truths, reporting what others have said, and doing reliable fact-checks are a useful service to our readers. We are sometimes first on a topic in manufactured housing. But we are routinely the most accurate and reliable source of independent information. That is what has made and kept us the runaway resource in manufactured housing for years.

With the preface, and with no further adieu, here’s a recent version of the White House’s Resolute Reads.  It is laced with economic and other policy information that will be useful to thousands of industry professionals.



Record 157,878,000 Employed in August
CNS News
“The number of people employed in the United States hit a record 157,878,000 in August, the 21st record set under President Donald Trump,” Susan Jones reports. “The unemployment rate held steady at 3.7 percent. For blacks, the unemployment rate dropped to a record low of 5.5 percent last month. And for Hispanics, the unemployment rate was 4.2 percent in August, which ties the record low set earlier this year.” More: “Job creation continues strong in August”

The Washington Post’s Lost Summer
Washington Examiner
“It’s been a lost summer for the Washington Post,” White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham and Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley write. “Despite record-setting accomplishments in record-setting time, data shows the news coverage of Trump has been 92% negative. The most egregious and dangerous forms of this bias thrived this summer at media outlets like the Washington Post, which routinely masquerade opinion as news.” What the media “forgot:” President Trump’s summer of winning!

Ivanka Meets Guaidó Aides, Announces $120 Million in US Aid for Displaced Venezuelans
McClatchy DC
“Ivanka Trump met with aides to Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaidó in Colombia on Wednesday to underscore support for a ‘democratic transition in Venezuela’ and offer $120 million in U.S. assistance to neighboring countries under strain from a refugee crisis,” Michael Wilner reports. “We stand with the people of Venezuela in their struggle to restore democracy, freedom and rule of law,” Ms. Trump said. Ivanka Trump helps launch new Academy of Women Entrepreneurs

USMCA Good Deal for Union Workers
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
By protecting American jobs and labor, the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) is a better deal in every sense than NAFTA, the outdated pact that currently governs North American trade. “NAFTA enabled giant corporations to outsource jobs . . . Unions have railed against NAFTA for three decades. Now, their allies in Congress finally have an opportunity to scrap that deal and replace it,” Deena Flinchum writes.

NBA Legend Jerry West Honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom
-Fox News
“President Trump awarded basketball legend Jerry West the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, on Thursday, continuing a run by Trump of recognizing American sports greats . . . [The President] said West ‘richly deserved’ the medal, citing the West Virginia native’s years as a decorated player, executive, and supporter of the nation’s war veterans,” Frank Miles reports.

Trump Administration Awards $1.8 Billion in Grants to Combat Opioid Epidemic
The Wall Street Journal
“The Trump administration on Wednesday announced it was awarding $1.8 billion in grants to help states and communities continue to battle the opioid epidemic, part of the administration’s broader effort to drive down overdose deaths and addiction,” Stephanie Armour writes. “My administration is determined to use every resource at our disposal to smash the grip of addiction,” President Trump said.

There is no inaccuracies in any of those quoted statements, based upon other sources that we track. 

That’s a wrap this pre-dawn installment of manufactured housing’s runaway, most-read Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use,” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” © Thank you for making and keeping us #1. ## (News, analysis, inspiration, and commentary.)

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