Tim Williams on PBS NewsHour “Bad Bargain” story; More Clayton VMF 21st and other Looming News – Challenges and Opportunities

Let’s let each of the successful and respected industry leaders below, speak for themselves on their respective topics. Let’s begin with the Manufactured Housing Institute’s Chair…

Tim Williams, 21st Mortgage CEO and MHI Chairman.

Tim Williams 21st Mortgage and MHI Chairman Sounds off on PBS Controversy

Just hours before Tim Williams’ Industry Voices post on, Marty Lavin’s Industry Voices post on negative news hitting MH, linked below.

Marty Lavin, JD looking happy and trim in the dining area of his winter residence in Miami Beach, the 70′ custom Italian ship, the Spy Sea.

As an FYI, for those newbies who’ve not met Marty, he has decades of successful experience in MH Lending, communities and retail in MH.


Marty and the rear deck of the Spy Sea, berthed in Miama Beach, where he spends about 6 months out of the year.





When we say, successful, we’ll let his multi-million dollar custom Italian boat berthed in posh Miami Beach paint the picture for you.

Our take from the Masthead on the topics raised by Williams and Lavin

Jiu Jitsu January in MHVille 2016

17.5 Million Autos in 2015 vs. 70,000 Manufactured Homes?

Fort Worth, Texas this September 16-18 manufactured home sale

Staying A Positive MH Course in sometimes Negative World

2016 Louisville Show Previews, Updates on Media – Clayton Homes Drama

I’m glad that Tim Williams phrased it that way he did, ‘my friend Tony.’ Because we are the friends of MH pros and the MH industry’s friend too. 

There are times to march in friendly lockstep, and times for friends to speak up when one sees something is going sideways.  

When we shine the spotlight on an issue, it has one over-arching agenda. How we can improve our great, yet battered, industry. We’re recovering in MH, but nothing like we could.

The nation needs what we in MH have. We have a great story and a great product. MHC’s serve a critical need, we need more not less of them.  So it seems common sense to me that you don’t put your lamp under the bushel basket.  You raise it up high, so others can benefit from that light.

When the opponents of MH are unjustly shouting negative stuff, crossing the industry’s national associations arms and staying mute isn’t the approach that will advance our cause.

Don’t take my word for it. Think of The Donald – love him, hate him – he is the most talked about candidate in 2015 and in 2016. When Donald Trump gets hit, he hits back twice as hard. Last Thursday, he showed another side – a softer reply about NY City, but equally powerful.

The point is, one must reply.  Let’s think about such examples when our industry get’s unfairly whacked by outside voices.


Tim’s sounding off is a start, one we want to thank him for and encourage – and we invite others to join into that conversation.

As Tim’s own message indicated, there are plenty talking about this, but not enough have been willing to stand up and publicly express themselves. In a free society, that’s sad. Those who don’t read or only theoretically better off than those who can’t read.  Those who fail to express their valuable thoughts are robbing themselves and others in the process.

I have people telling me why they can’t speak up publicly, and for many of them with families who work for others, I truly get it.

But some have nothing holding them back. They know what’s going on and what makes sense.  

Finally, we don’t all have to agree, but a civil yet robust discussion is what the First Amendment was supposed to be all about.

I’ll have more to say on how we deal with the media and the educational/image topic, perhaps after the Louisville Show. For now, click here.

Next and final topic for today…

The Coming Crash – Bad News or Good News for MHVille?

Google News headlines
A Google News search of the Coming Economic Crash yields 600+ news stories.

Media world-wide are talking and speculating about “the coming crash.” There are those who say it will be worse than the crash of 2008. If you don’t like reading this, don’t shoot the messenger, because I’m only sharing with the mainstream media and financial experts are wagging their tongues about.

Are there those who think it won’t happen? Sure. Are there those who are saying, sell all your stocks now, while you can? Yes, there are.

So I’m not predicting. What we are sharing is a simple yet profound reality. Some in MH will be harmed by a crash, but others in MH will profit from it – some, perhaps wildly so.

The key is being prepared for what comes, or being ready to adapt.

Housing is a Necessity, and MH can thrive in almost any economic condition

John Howard’s home, Oshtemo, MI. See the video interview with this upscale owner, linked here or by clicking the photo above.

Sam Zell told hundreds of professionals that (paraphrasing) that troubled economic conditions, while sad for the nation and avoidable, can none-the-less be profitable for manufactured housing and MH Communities.

That’s been my own experience over the years on the retail and MHC side of MH too. We could adjust – market, promote and sell differently – and do well, even when others where sliding or closing in the same market.


It is my firm intent to support candidates in 2016 that will be good for the economy and also good for our industry. That means, lifting burdensome regulations, reforming the tax code and leveling the playing field so that all businesses can thrive.

Crony capitalists – or at the far end of the scale – socialists have this in common. Both get along better with big brother governments than the little guys do.

But as the Seattle Times/BuzzFeed assault on Warren Buffett and Clayton Homes, et al, underscores – the friends of big government can turn on you quickly. There is already talk among Democrats that the Sage of Omaha may not be quite as welcome as he was prior to Mike Baker and Daniel Wagner’s latest attacks.

Smaller government, more responsive to the people and kept as local as possible – low taxes, minimum regulations and maximum freedom – those ideals made America great after the Constitution was forged in 1789. What I learned from those who personally escaped from communism, the Nazis and their ilk is this. Along with those who were in power, among the others that get ousted once the tyrants come to power are those who cozied up to the rebels in an effort to gain power.  

So If Baker and Wagner et al win the war they’re allegedly fighting via the media – to change and keep America changed – sooner or later, they’ll be hauled off to the reeducation camps too. 

obstacles-are-those-frightful-things-you-see-when-you-take-your-eyes-off-the-goal- henry-ford-inspiration-(c)lifestyle-factory-homes-llc-posted-mhpronews.

Under the current regime, we’re losing more small businesses now than we are opening. With some 2/3 of private sector jobs coming from small businesses, that can’t last and we hope to have a good economy.

Let freedom ring. Let small business be unchained, and all businesses will thrive. And let it be tempered by the Judeo-Christian values that kept people from doing through a largely common moral bond what can’t be done by laws, force and fear alone.

Closing Plug for Louisville…

We’ll be in Louisville, at booth #215. Please swing by and check out what we’re doing. To learn what others plan, click this link here and scroll down. You’ll find products, opportunities and services that can grow your business in 2016. ##

While widely known for being the #1 B2B and B2C publisher, Tony is also the most endorsed marketing sales management pro in MH consulting, with years of successful experiences in retail and communities. Tony will be presenting at the Tunica MH Show on SuperCharged Sales and Marketing, click here for more details.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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