MHVille – “When Hell Freezes Over”

World War Three could lamentably begin.

Global warming (cooling or whatever their latest belief is…) could hit tomorrow, and we could all melt or freeze.

ET Aliens could invade Earth, or a huge comet hit us that NASA forgot to mention.

Hell could freeze over…

…or not.


The point of the above is that baring something outside the norms:

  • our nation.
  • and quite likely our factory-produced home industry with it,

are poised for a big rebound.



Because there is a new administration coming to Washington, with a fresh set of eyes that wants to fix things, rather than talk or endlessly lobby about national issues.

Tim Connor, CSP.

I don’t care whether you are a liberal, conservative, independent or something else – the bottom line with this year’s election was simply more of the same or something new, different or unique,” said Tim Connor, CSP to MHProNews in a guest column, linked here.

If President-elect Trump continues his current paths, don’t be surprised if we see the largest economic revitalizations for the U.S. in years; one that that could eclipse the growth of the Reagan/Kennedy eras, and it would perform that way for similar reasons.

It’s basic, common-sense economics.

  • Reducing regulations,
  • modifying (lowering) tax rates,
  • incentives for business off- or on-shore

will be magnets for what is still the globe’s largest economy.

That reads $4 Trillion dollars cost to our economy, and frankly it isn’t just a Democratic caused problem, because the Bush Administration also created plenty of costly regulations too. Dramatically reducing bad regulations doesn’t ‘cost,’ it saves and pays. Credit: George Mason University.

The announced $50 billion dollar SoftBank deal may be the first of many such examples.

It’s common sense.

If high taxes and regulations are among the factors driving businesses out of the U.S., then lower taxes and more business friendly regs should serve to bring them back.

Is that oversimplified? Yes. There are also factors such as skilled workers, wages, transportation, and energy costs; to name a few.

Which is why:

  • encouraging “all of the above” energy – making the U.S. more competitive,
  • ending the union/public education monopoly,
  • doing infrastructure and border/immigration reform,

are all pieces to a puzzle that could do what a well-known campaign’s slogan touted: Make America Great Again.

We tend to forget that it wasn’t regulations and high internal taxes that boomed the U.S. economy in the 1800s and 1900s.  It was low taxes (save on imports) and low regulations that encouraged domestic growth.


Racist? Sexist? Homophobic? Xenophobic?

Did SoftBank’s Masa Son (photo above) give you the sense that he felt that President-elect (PE) Trump was racist or xenophobic?


Does billionaire Peter Thiel give you the feeling that the president-elect is homophobic?

Does Dr. Ben Carson give you the sense that he thinks Trump is anti-minority, or attracts racists?

Dr. Carson, top left, Donald Trump, top right. If you, me, or anyone else gets targeted with a billion-dollar smear campaign, any of us can be made to look pretty darn bad. It will take time and performance for President-elect Trump to overcome the claims of racism, sexism, etc. Proof and time will win Americans over.

When one looks objectively, the reality of our incoming president-elect is very different than the negative spin that he was hit with by political opponents and their henchmen.

The multi-billion-dollar smear campaign of the election cycle certainly had an impact on Trump. Certainly, the Billy Bush hot mic episode didn’t help him; but did you notice that all those ladies who accused him during the closing weeks of the campaign suddenly vanished once the voting was done? 

The president-elect is pragmatic. He is right when he says healing the nation’s divisions will take time.

Regarding the cover story, President-elect Trump told Fox News that the nation was already divided, and that he will work to bring it together again.

Doing what he promised is the best possible tonic that will cure the fears and frustrations of the bulk of the nation. Some of those who voted against him are already coming on board with the recent good economic news that has come from the efforts made in NYC’s Trump Tower.

Think of these early victories:

  • rising U.S. stock markets, responding to his tax, regulatory and infrastructure plans,
  • saving jobs at Carrier and
  • the $50 billion dollar SoftBank deals,

all of them send a strong signal that U.S. economic growth lies ahead.

There is simply nothing that compares to the ability of modern manufactured homes to deliver quality, appealing and affordable home, at a price that the U.S. Census Bureau says can be half that of conventional construction. It is the most cost-effective form of unsubsidized housing in the U.S.. So, free market solutions can be useful for the MH Industry.

More hiring, means lower spending on social safety net programs.

Trump’s high-profile jawboning of United Technologies (Carrier’s parent) and Boeing could signal smarter federal spending.

Watch for Dr. Carson to dig into waste at HUD and free enterprise solutions. That could be very good news for MHVille.

PE Trump’s touted “Rule of Law” principle is another example of how MHVille could benefit.

Pam Danner, addressing MHI members. Note: Ms. Danner has been offered opportunities to respond to MHProNews questions, comments and issues raised. Photo credit, MHProNews.

If HUD gets a free-enterprise secretary and appoints a HUD Code MH program administrator to replace Pam Danner that makes “Enhanced Preemption” a reality, then happy days will be here again for thousands of more home buyers every month (speaking of enhanced preemption, please see what JD Harper had to say on that topic, linked here).

To the Brink…

The Masthead sees the painful facts as follows. America was frankly at the brink of serious decline, prior to Secretary Hillary Clinton’s concession to President-elect Donald Trump.

Foreign and domestic policies alike were a mess.

It is no more racist to praise Dr. Ben Carson for having and using a brilliant mind – and thus being a potentially good fit for HUD – than it is to analyze President Barack Obama’s handling of housing, healthcare, Dodd-Frank and a slew of crony-capitalist and international debacles.

Credit: QuotesGram.

It’s character and performance – not skin color – that matters, to paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Credit: QuotesGram.

Objectively stated facts are facts, be they about a woman or man, and regardless of race, faith, party, etc.

The gender and race cards aren’t dead, but they have been so over played by the left and their allies that in the rise of Trump, the cry of “racist!” and the like has been revealed as mere tools of manipulation.  The race/gender/other cards are like a modern reminder of the boy who cried “wolf!”


Much of the elite media is scrambling, along with elitist Democrats and Republicans.  Trump is Tweeting and YouTube-ing his way into a new communications era.

The anti-Trump portions of the media face a number of challenges, as the president-elect can tweet, YouTube and hold big rallies as ways of communicating directly with the public without their filters. Who will win?

Tim Connor is correct. Trump will succeed, because his ego and drive-to-win demands that he deliver on his promises, and because he truly does seem to love America. The president-elect has not taken the oath of office yet, and has already placed a big down payment on becoming the greatest jobs creating president the nation has seen, just as he promised.

The SoftBank and Boeing announcements yesterday – and rumors of a another possible big deal with Taiwan – each signal business and investors that a new Sheriff is coming to town.

Jim Clayton, founder, Clayton Homes, Clayton Bank. Credit, MHProNews.

Jim Clayton aptly named him, “Donald the Disruptor.”

DC has long needed the Disruption being started by “The Donald.“

The president-elect and a team of free enterprise, pro-growth, America First thinkers – like Dr. Ben Carson – could shake this nation up in very good ways.

Some Will be Hurt…but for How Long? 

The media is far from dead. But there will either be:

  • doubling-down by what we will call the pro-Clinton/anti-Trump branches of the media,
  • or they must take a more “fair and balanced” approach.

Crony Capitalism isn’t Dead

The America First, pro-growth, jobs creation Trump Agenda may not look the same as the failed Solyndra types of cronyism. Because there is likely to be a test the new sheriff has for what deals make sense, and which don’t.

What will be the Trump test?

The Masthead thinks the indicators tell us that the Trump Tests will be simple.

  • Is the proposal a good deal for America?
  • Will it be a good deal for job creation?

Watch for the barriers of entry for business and new endeavors to be lowered.

All of this could bode very well for manufactured and modular housing.

Does-Truth-Matter-To-the-extent-we-allign-ourselves-with-the-truth, we thrive-to-the-extend-we-deny-it-we-suffer-dr-keith-ablow-photo-fox-poster-credit-MHProNews-com-

Beyond Hell Freezing Over, There are Caveats

We won’t look today at some of the questionable messaging of the past year or so, led by a certain non-profit group that brought no tangible, positive results to manufactured housing by their efforts in the last two years.

Protecting and promoting the good name of MH will be critical.

The point is, the truth well told can set us free. MH Fairy Tales that are slanted, poorly told or tortured can still harm MHVille.

As the president-elect said at his North Carolina thank you rally, the next chapter is ours to write.

Let’s think this transition through, and then act decisively. Because an opportunity like this to serve millions more Americans in a pro-growth environment may not come again.  Lots of new jobs will lead to more homes of all kinds being sold.

We welcome Dr. Ben Carson at HUD. We have been supporting Mr. Trump in clear and public ways since the spring.

While the calendar and white stuff falling up north says we are moving into winter – but baring hell freezing over – America is heading into a new Springtime.

Let’s pray for the health and safety of our incoming president and his team, so they can put America First and Make America Great Again. ##

MH Industry Publisher and consultant, L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

(Image credits are as shown.)

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.


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