“Distracting Spectacles” Tech Billionaire Peter Thiel on New American Politics, Trump Campaign

peter_thiel_breitbartWhen the distracting spectacles of this election season are over and the history of our time is written, the only important question will be whether or not that New Politics came too late,” said billionaire Peter Thiel, whose tech investments include Facebook and PayPal.

Addressing the National Press Club about his support for the GOP nominee, Theil said, “The press always takes him literally, but never seriously, while the people take him seriously but not literally.”

Thiel believes that “Trump’s  agenda is about making America a normal country. A normal country does not have a half-a-trillion-dollar trade deficit. A normal country does not fight five simultaneous undeclared wars. In a normal country, the government actually does its job.”

Thiel believes that Trump is not an ideologically driven man, but rather is moved by practical, common sense issues and concerns. “He doesn’t think the force of optimism alone can change reality without hard work–just as much as it is about making America great,” Thiel said.

Breitbart reports the tech giant gave $1.25 million to support the Trump campaign effort.

Nobody would say Donald Trump is a humble man,” said Peter Thiel. “But, the big things–he is right about.”

Thiel points to interstate highways, putting a man on the moon and the Manhattan Project -which gave America the atom bomb – as examples of how government can be effective. That said, the tech guru thinks the federal government has been largely failing at that role for about 4 decades.

Not unlike Ron Paul’s concerns about an unholy alliance of Democratic and Republican elites, Theil says that Washington politics presents two false choices. Do more with more, or less with less.

What about doing more with less?” That option, suggests Thiel, is what businessman Trump will bring to Washington.

Theil’s sentiments at the National Press Club echo that of others in business, religious, economic, national security, political, housing and foreign policy circles on what motivates the Trump candidacy and its tens of millions of common-sense, populist and “America First” supporters.




A New Coalition of Normally Democratic, Independent and Republican Supporters

Border patrol agents are reporting a record surge of illegals into the U.S. along our southern border. Agents claim that federal officials are covering up the true numbers, to help Secretary Hillary Clinton’s recently sinking presidential campaign. Polls reflected the fact that Trump was surging prior to Friday’s FBI bombshell letter to Congress.



This is not historically unusual, when the party in office is faced with a string of bad news, as the Obama Administration has been, with the big spikes in ObamaCare, four months of sagging markets, violence at home and foreign policy embarrassments dogging Democrats.

The National Border Patrol Council and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) union have both endorsed the Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump. Unions typically support Democrats.

National Security expert, K.T. McFarland has pointed out the numerous failures of the Obama-Clinton years.


McFarland gives as examples Chinese and North Korea’s aggressive moves, to the Iran nuclear deal that gave a state sponsor of terrorism $150 billion dollars, ISIS spreading to 32 nations, Clinton’s failed Russian reset that has since led to Russia taking Crimea from the Ukraine and the Russians fomenting a border war within that former Soviet state.

McFarland has blasted the fact that U.S. forces in Iraq are now actually aiding Iran in taking over influence in Iraq, all in the name of fighting ISIS, which itself was formed because of the flawed way that Obama and Clinton pulled most U.S. troops out of that nation. McFarland is one of those who point to the irony of Democratic leaders fomenting more overseas conflicts, like Libya, something that Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein rails against Secretary Clinton at her campaign events. Stein calls on progressives to support her instead of the Democratic nominee.

An MH Industry Perspective

I respect everyone’s right to vote for whomever they desire – Libertarian, Green, write-ins, whomever,” says MHProNews publisher, L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

But Secretary Clinton stands against almost everything that manufactured housing professionals and industry associations have been working to change for years,” Kovach said.

As a matter of common sense and principles, it just stands to reason that a vote for the Libertarian, Green Party or Republican nominees are the far more rational choices vs. supporting a candidate who is under a cloud of corruption, that repeatedly says one thing, and does another. Clinton does it all for foreign and domestic special interests, who pay her family foundation and husband handsomely,” Kovach said.

The MH Industry and our nation have a unique opportunity to break the gridlock that has held us back in Washington for years. I’m not voting for a saint. I’m voting for an agent of positive change,” said Kovach, who asserts that scores of industry pros have told him they feel the same way, but who may be reluctant to publicly express their support for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

The GOP Nominee…

We’ve spent 5 or 6 trillion dollars in the Middle East, for what? We could have rebuilt America twice,” Trump says on the stump, “with the money we’ve wasted in those wars.”

The New York Times reported today that the FBI has found no connections between Trump, the Russians and WikiLeaks.


But Peter Schweitzer – author and narrator for the book and documentary video, Clinton Cash -has pointed out that it is the Clinton’s and their campaign chairman, John Podesta, that has ties to the Russians. While Clinton was Secretary of State, a deal was brokered that gave Russian interests 20% of the U.S. uranium rights, and brought millions into the Clinton Foundation and her husband, Bill.

On Fox’s Sean Hannity show, discussions by the host and guests have noted that in 11 years, WikiLeaks has never released a false or forged document. This came up in the context of CNN severing ties with Democratic National Committee chair, Donna Brazille, who illicitly gave Clinton questions in advance of Democratic debates, tilting the table against rival Bernie Sanders.



The picture painted from leaked Clinton speeches, to undercover videos and audios and some balanced media reporting reveal that Clinton is what most polls suggest people already think about her. She’s a liar who says one thing to the public, and something different to her backers.

Will the Obama coalition hold for Secretary Clinton in the Trump campaign’s late surge? Recent polling suggests that Trump has regained ground with women, blacks, Hispanics and millennials, groups that President Obama did well with in both of his races.

With the election a week out, more revelations from WikiLeaks promised, and with Clinton friendly media striving to reignite mud-ball issues against the GOP nominee, it is a wide open race to the finish line. ##

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